Wednesday Mash Up

Return of the Mash Up

by Courtney on October 19, 2011


Today brought about the return of a very special workout… The Wednesday Mash Up! Before committing to the challenge, my workouts were on a fairly consistent schedule every week, but Wednesdays were always the day where things were left pretty open for me to choose from. Some weeks, I enjoyed this freedom, and other weeks […]


Missing Motivation

by Courtney on August 24, 2011


Since I was feeling hungry pretty much right after I woke up this morning, I figured I would just make some breakfast and then take care of the workout once everything digested. Really, I should know by now that this plan of attack is usually not in my best interest because if the workout doesn’t […]


Wednesday Mash Up

by Courtney on August 17, 2011


Good Morning! How’s everyone doing this morning? Phew, let me tell you…I just finished a great workout. Remember that whole love/hate relationship thing with Wednesday workouts? Well, today was definitely more on the “love” end of things. Similar to last week’s choices, I ended up doing a mash up of four different workouts: 2 mile […]