All-Around Awesome + New Stuff

So far, I’m not only doing pretty well on the to-do list…

  • Sephora pit-stop
  • Search for a Thanksgiving tablecloth and curtains for our office
  • Stop at the bank
  • Cook up a batch of soup (<—hopefully a new recipe comin’ your way!)
  • Solid study time
  • Pay bills
  • A few blog updates
    • An afternoon “date” with Kristi at a Grand Opening of somewhere exciting(!!!)

    …but I am also just having an all-around awesome day. Let me go ahead and show you why.

    First up, I headed to the mall in search of a Thanksgiving tablecloth and my Bare Minerals foundation. Done and done. (But would you believe that even after this post last week, I managed to run out of my foundation and had to use a backup today. Talk about ironic.) So since I got those errands accomplished so quickly, that left a little more time to do some other mall “browsing.”

    Then again, if I’m actually buying things, then I guess it’s not really browsing, huh?

    The first stop I had to make was into a new accessory store that recently opened called Charming Charlie. I had been hearing amazing things from people about this place and they seriously were not kidding.


    I hope that this is what my heaven looks like. Holy accessories! The store is pretty much color coordinated, including jewelry, shoes, handbags, hair accessories, and more. The place is just incredible.


    And as if it wasn’t already awesome enough, I then finally came across a white watch. I had been searching for a white watch just like this for months now, but didn’t feel like paying $75.00 or more for it. This particular watch is one of the “jelly” watches and cost a mere $14.97.


    I am now the proud of owner of this beauty.

    I also managed to find another amazing deal today which was even more exciting than the watch…I FINALLY found myself a pair of brown riding boots!


    I happened to pop into Macy’s this morning and came across this pair of BareTraps brown riding boots. I’ve been looking for a pair of brown riding boots for months now but have been kind of picky about the pair I wanted to invest in.

    This particular pair was originally $99.00, on sale for $79.00, and then with a coupon, a store credit, and a gift card, I scored these babies for a whopping $30.00! I’m in love. Smile


    (In case you’re interested, I couldn’t find them on the Macy’s site anymore, but they are on sale at Boscov’s right now for $59.99, FYI!)

    As if my day wasn’t already going awesome, my last stop of the day was basically the icing on the cake…or shall I say, the toppings on my fro yo?


    A few weeks ago, my friend Kristi and I got talking about our love of fro yo, and when we saw that today was the grand opening of a TCBY on Western Ave. in Albany, we decided to make it a “date.”

    It was actually quite a surprise to walk in and see the self-serve machines and the toppings bar – I had originally thought that TCBY was just a regular “give your order and they make it for you” kind of place? Either way, I’m not complaining.


    I loaded up with three different flavors of fro yo: white chocolate mousse, coffee, and cookies & cream.


    The toppings selections were nothing you haven’t seen before: caramel, cookie dough chunks, Oreos, and Heath Bar bits.


    What can I say…I’m a creature of habit when it comes to this stuff, and it was the perfect way to indulge on a Monday afternoon for sure.


    Now I’ve got to get back to that list, starting with the soup and then some studying. Hopefully the afternoon is just as productive as the morning!

    Questions for the Afternoon:

    What’s the last good bargain that you found somewhere?

    Would you rather have fro yo as an afternoon treat, or an after dinner dessert?