Day in the Life #3

by Courtney on October 2, 2014


As I sat down to write last night, I found myself in the mood to put together another one of my day in the life posts. Since I didn’t decide I wanted to write one up until yesterday evening, I didn’t really wind up taking too many photos of the morning and afternoon…buuut, since most […]


Slightly Silent Saturday

by Courtney on December 29, 2012


It’s been a great little Saturday over here today. Hopefully YOUR Saturday has been just as great.


Could Not Have Come At A Better Time

by Courtney on March 5, 2012


Well heyyyyy there! Wooo WEE has it been a long morning. Hope everyone’s day is off to a great start and you’re all recovering from a fantastic weekend. Before anything else, here’s what you may have missed around these parts… Nobody Is Perfect Already One Year Ago Practicing For The Big Debut So as I […]


Review: Core Fusion Power Sculpt

by Courtney on December 10, 2011


This morning, I told you all that I tried out a new workout video: Exhale: Core Fusion Power Sculpt The workout consists of five 10-minute segments, which you can obviously use to focus on those certain areas. Or, you can do the complete 55-minute program, which also includes a 5 minute bonus stretch workout. First, […]


Not The Smoothest

by Courtney on December 10, 2011


Good morning! Happy weekend! Sorry it’s been a while since our last little rendezvous; after work yesterday, Jay and I ended up joining some of his co-workers and a couple of our friends out for Happy Hour. We had great time, had some great beer, some good food, and a few good laughs, sans camera. […]


Tough Workouts, Beach, & Happy Hour

by Courtney on July 10, 2011


Hey everyone! How’s your weekend going?? Did you check out those Bamango Muffins from earlier? Seriously, they look incredible, don’t they??? Well, so far, today has been a great day down here in VA Beach! Jay and I decided to start our day off on the right foot by hitting up the fitness center located […]


Girly Movie Date + Peppermint Mocha Love

by Courtney on November 24, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving Eve everyone!! I enjoyed a nice extra couple hours of sleep this morning before heading down to the basement for a workout. I actually found this workout last night while reading through an old issue of Shape magazine, so I adapted it to suit me: 0-5 mins Warm Up 4.5(mph) 5-8 Run at […]


Finally…Not Running Against The Clock

by Courtney on November 6, 2010


There’s nothin’ like a Saturday when you have time to do a little bit of everything, without having any time constraints! So far, my Saturday has looked a little something like this… I slept in without using an alarm, and it was fabulous. I think I got about 10 hours of sleep, which I needed […]


Insane Incline Run

by Courtney on October 19, 2010

Insane Incline Run

Happy Tuesday evening my friends! Keep reading for today’s Insane Incline Run! I just got home from a fabulous trip to the gym, AND I have a new workout to share with you. Aren’t you psyched? You may remember, a few weeks back, when I attempted a couple new cardio workouts out of an old […]


What I Got Is What I Want

by Courtney on October 1, 2010


It’s Friday Night! WOOO HOOOO! I’ve been BodyPumped… (which I’m definitely going to be feelin’ tomorrow – boy, have I missed it!) I’ve got my glass of vino… I’ve got some delicious sushi (a California Roll to be exact) that I picked up from another trip to The Fresh Market… YUMM! I’ve got my sweats […]