Babies in Swimsuits & Yoga with a Buddy

by Courtney on June 24, 2014


Hey, thanks so much for all the “congrats” yesterday, you guys! I don’t think it’ll ever feel “natural” to glance down and see my face in a magazine or splashed across a TV screen, so I’m still sort of soaking it all in. So weird, so cool. Since yesterday’s post was a bit different from […]


More Yoga, Please

by Courtney on June 10, 2014

Yesterday morning, I got up around 5:30am and slowly managed to roll into my workout clothes. Not quite sure what I was going to do for a workout, I shuffled out to the living room to do a quick browse of my collection of DVD’s. The fact that I even managed to get up without already […]


Back in the Saddle

by Courtney on October 30, 2012


After taking just about three days off from any sort of working out, it felt great to jump back in the saddle today. Gosh, it really is crazy how things can change, isn’t it? I love the fact that I wasn’t going nuts over not getting any workouts in. In fact, I actually enjoyed those […]


Get In On This Challenge!

by Courtney on October 1, 2012

october yoga challenge

Hey, friends! How was your weekend? Fun-filled, I hope! Here’s what was happening around here… Sunday Happenings No Joke Brunch & Birthday Surprises Things Making Me Smile This Week {9/29} But really, I’ve got other things to talk about this morning. Fun things. So we did this back in June. But now, I’m bringin’ it […]


No Biggie

by Courtney on September 6, 2012

Well gooooood morning to you all! How’s everyone doing on this lovely Thursday morning? Despite the fact that for the second night in a row I’ve woken up wide awake at 4am, I’m not too shabby. Luckily last night’s wake up call only lasted about twenty minutes – as opposed to Tuesday night’s hour and […]


Determined To Get Up

by Courtney on August 29, 2012


I was absolutely determined to get up and moving nice and early today. I know I’ve mentioned it to you all a few times recently, but I have been having the hardest time getting up with my alarm. Snoozes of 30-45 minutes have been the norm…so not cool. Apparently, I was quite motivated to get […]


An Update on My Exercise Routine With HA

by Courtney on August 27, 2012


Sometimes, a simple salad does the trick. Other times? A big, beautiful, complex salad full of delicious and surprising flavors is just what the doctor ordered. Today happened to be the latter. As I was rummaging through my fridge this afternoon, I knew I was in the mood for a salad, but kept coming across […]


Are My Plants Done?

by Courtney on July 17, 2012


A little yoga to kick start my Tuesday morning? Don’t mind if I do! I’m starting to get a little bored with the yoga DVD’s that I already own, so I decided to flip on the Sportskool Exercise channel and see if they had anything to offer. Much to my surprise, they actually had about […]


Crazy Good

by Courtney on July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July, friends! source Isn’t that photo just beautiful? I’m looking forward to a fun-filled day up on Saratoga lake with friends later today, but first, I had to start the day off the best way I know how: a good workout and a great breakfast. Today’s workout was 40 minutes of yoga […]



by Courtney on June 24, 2012


Hey guys and gals! How’s your Sunday been going? Things have been pretty low-key over here for most of us today, which has been fine by me. He’s honestly only moved from that spot once, and that was because he heard his food spoon. I headed out earlier for a few errands, got the grocery […]