yogurt mess

Back To Basics

by Courtney on December 20, 2012


Well heyyyyy there, friends! Long time no talk about the usual stuff around here, huh? I’m pretty sure I’m done with any updates and/or new news for right now, but I must once again thank you for your amazing support and comments. Jay and I are both just so excited, and we’re really looking forward […]


Quads On FIYAH!

by Courtney on March 7, 2012

Hey friends! How’s everyone’s Wednesday going so far? I just finished up my shift at work and am so happy to have the rest of the day off. I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but it is absolutely gorgeous outside here today! Aaaaand it’s totally making me want to go out and […]


More Cowbell

by Courtney on March 29, 2011


Hey there everyone, sorry for such a late post this evening. Truth be told, I’ve had a little bit of a rough day, so I’m just going to give you guys a quick little run down. Hope ya don’t mind! Workout Things started off great this morning, with an excellent mix of cardio + yoga. […]


Cody’s Video Debut!

by Courtney on December 29, 2010


This morning, I spent a good twenty minutes laying in bed before actually getting up. This never happens. I’ll tell ya…a girl can really get used to this vacation stuff! Workout Eventually, I got myself moving and headed down to the treadmill for a workout. I’ve been experiencing some knee pain the past few times […]


He’s Pretty Handy To Have Around

by Courtney on November 20, 2010


Ladies & Gentlemen, we’re on a ROLL in this kitchen!!! Mind you, I say “we” very lightly…I helped move the fridge over and possibly picked some nails up off the floor. Other than that, it was all Jay. I guess he’s pretty handy to have around. Ohhh this is not going to be easy! And […]


The Mess Of All Messes

by Courtney on June 7, 2010

“Yogurt” Mess that is!   But more on that in a second… So it occurred to me over the weekend, while going through some old reader comments, that I still have a couple “Ask Me Anything” questions that need to be answered!  Yikes!  They totally got lost in the shuffle… So here’s a question from Courtney @ Pancakes […]