I feel like I remember every last moment of our wedding ceremony.


I feel like I could tell you all of the little details.


I’m sure that I can’t, but thankfully, we have a wonderful wedding video (which I look back on quite often) to relive all of the memories of that special day that I may have missed.

But I still remember a lot

I remember seeing Jay’s face as I made my way down the aisle and immediately feeling at ease.


I remember being completely amazed by the fact that I did not shed one tear walking down the aisle with my dad.


This, in fact, still amazes me to this day. I worked myself up with tears for weeks leading up to the big day, but I attribute my lack of water works to the nerves.


I remember the feeling of knowing that I was sitting in a room filled with people who mean the most to me and Jay.


I remember our priest, who gave not only a beautiful sermon, but had the entire church laughing on more than one occasion.



I remember when Jay went to put the ring on my finger and actually put it on upside-down, making both of us giggle up on the altar in front of everyone.


I remember feeling extremely anxious and impatiently waiting for the words “you may now kiss your bride.”


I remember feeling on top of the world as I walked back up the same aisle that I had just walked down not an hour ago, as a single gal.


Only this time, I was Mrs. Horan.