Wedding Party

Jay and I are blessed to have some amazing friends and family in our lives.


This girls I had standing up with me on my wedding day are no strangers to this blog. They are an extremely important part of my life, and I love each and every one of them to pieces.

Heather, Joelle, Sarah, Kathryn, Rachel, and Eileen (and of course, my cutie-pie flower girl, Talia) – thank you for being the amazing friends that you are!


I can also honestly say that the guys that Jay had with him on our special day are just as equally important to me as they are to him. Having them with us meant the world to me.

Brian, Joey, Josh, Jeff, my brother Dan, and Joe – thanks for not only being awesome friends to Jay, but to me as well.


Not a bad lookin’ group, right?


If nothing else, we sure did have a group that knew how to party!