Burlington, VT!

So guys, Burlington is such an awesome place!  I’m so bummed that my camera barely had the battery to document my food (I actually had to use my camera phone for a couple, so I apologize for the shabby photos!)

Friday night we decided on a place called American Flatbread for dinner.  We had gotten a couple really good recommendations from people so we decided to go for it!  Unfortunately, we didn’t do a good job documenting this time!  We started with sharing their Evolution Salad which was good.  The raspberry vinaigrette was yummy!

Then it was time to choose a flatbread!  The flatbreads are “made with 100% organically grown wheat milled right into a white flour with restored wheat germ, flitered water, kosher salt, and fresh yeast”.  We ordered the Revolution Flatbread, which is “homemade organic tomato sauce, caramelized onions, mushrooms, cheeses, and fresh herbs”. (We subbed organic green peppers for the mushrooms)

Oops!  Forgot to take a pic first!  So the pizza was ok…I guess I’m not really a big wood fired pizza person.  Jay really enjoyed it though!  I had 3 pieces, which needless to say, was not a lot of food…I knew we’d be in need of something later on!

Aaaaand, after walking around a little more and checking out a couple different pubs and bistros, we stopped into 156 Bistro.  Boy did they have some DELICIOUS appetizers!  We were both definitely hungry, so we got Spinach & Artichoke dip with fresh bagel chips, and a half order of Truffle Fries.

Oh.My.Gosh.  These truffle fries were OUT OF THIS WORLD amazing!  Can you tell?? 😉

We DOMINATED these things!  We were having such a good time sitting, chatting, having a good time, and before we knew it…they were demolished!  We definitely went to bed stuffed, but satisfied!  A good way to start our weekend! :)

Saturday morning, after much deliberation (quick fact: I’m HORRIBLE at making decisions), Jay and I finally decided on Mirabelle’s for breakfast to start our day.  Mirabelle’s is a pastry shop and breakfast-lunch shop in downtown Burlington.  It was so cute inside!  I’m so bummed a don’t have a picture to show…but if you’re ever around, I would definitely recommend it!  At first I was craving pancakes, but knowing we’d be having a bigger lunch too, I decided to take it easy (sort of).  I decided on their steel-cut oatmeal with brown sugar and raisins.  In place of toast, I got one of their low-fat raspberry muffins that I noticed immediately upon entering! (Sweet tooth in action again!)

It was totally yummy!  I probably had about 3/4 of what you see here.  The hubby had a good-lookin’ plate himself!

Hey, a good lookin plate for a good lookin guy!  Hi hubby!!!

After breakfast, Jay and I walked around Church Street, which is the main pedestrian only street in downtown.  Lots of super-cute shops, boutiques, and local artistry.  I was THIS CLOSE to buying a pair of my favorite Seven for All Mankind Jeans, BUT I knew buyers remorse would set in quickly after, so I withheld.  I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled online for sales! 😉

After working up a little more of an appetite, we decided (aka, Jay decided, thank goodness!) on the Red Onion Cafe.  It was jam packed with people from the time we got there until we left.  The place was HOPPIN!  When I saw the huge crowd, I knew we were in for a treat even before we got our food.  And then, we got our sandwiches…

DELICIOUS!  I got turkey & provolone with lettuce, tomato, RED ONION, pickles, and cucumbers with a sun-dried tomato mayo (usually I go for mustard to save in the calorie department, but hey, we’re on “vacation” :) )  Jay got a chicken salad sandwich which was just as yummy!  And for dessert: Heath Bar cookie.  We brought it home to eat, so I’ll be consuming half of that shortly I’m sure.

WOW that was a long post…good thing we don’t always go out of town! :)


  1. Jay says

    Blog looks great Babe!!! Thanks for putting a horrible picture of me up there. I had such a great weekend with you in Burlington!! Love You!

  2. Molly P. says

    I hope my boyfriend is as understanding as you, Jay, when I start up my own blog! haha :) He’s definitely going to be featured in some of the pictures, horrible or not.

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