A Dress To Impress

Happy Fashion Friday!  Boy, I’ll tell ya, I am loving Friday! 😀

Ok, so you may have read earlier, or yesterday, that I have completely changed my mind on the original dresses that I bought for tomorrow’s wedding!  (How’s that for indecisiveness?!)  They were totally cute, but yesterday I ended up returning the black, white, & yellow dress…I decided I just didn’t really want to wear black…it’s almost summer baby! 😎 

I still have the dress with the flowers on it, which was actually the winner of votes from you guys!  No worries though, as it might come in handy sooner than I thought… 😉

So, without further ado, I present to you, the NEW dress selections!!

Dress #1 – Evan Picone Sleeveless Racerback with Tiered Skirt

Front View

Back View

Dress #2 – Intrigue Spaghetti Rope Straps with Pleated Skirt & Back Tie

Front View

Back View


I am in love with BOTH of these dresses, and neither of them really have any cons!

  • I can wear my snazzy floral shoes with either dress.
  • They’re both equally comfy.
  • Both materials are light and flowy.
  • I’ll be able to dance the night away without “pulling and yanking” every 5 minutes.
  • The yellow color is very different for me and would totally be a statement piece.
  • The red dress (which Jay calls my “salsa dress”) has a killer neckline to show off shoulders.


You guys rocked last time, so I need your help again this time! :)

Leave me a comment with your dress vote, and if you wish, tell me why you like that one…

Dress #1 or Dress #2?!?!?


  1. Sarah says

    Courtney, they both look beautiful on you! I really dont know which one I like more.. the color on the first one is beautiful but I love how different the yellow one is for you! SO I say keep them all! You may need lots of different dresses for upcoming events :) (dont yell at me Jay)

  2. says

    I like the pink one, it has a different look to it – it’s very flattering and definitely makes those floral shoes POP! OW!

  3. says

    while i agree that the first makes the shoes pop, the second one definitely makes you pop 😉 it is a head turner.

    definitely, definitely # 2! although with #2 there is the fear of looking better than the bride :) but that’s it’s only downfall.

  4. says

    I love them both, especially since you get to wear those fabulou shoes with either! I like the back of dress 1 a lot though! Both are wonderful though and you will look great!

  5. says

    The yellow one! I like the cut of it better, and the color packs a punch!

    Thanks for coming by my blog! I’ve never tried freezing the banana ahead of time, but i might pop one in the freezer tonight!

  6. Elle says

    I vote #1 also! I think it looks more dressy for a wedding. Although, I would keep them both. I always run into the problem of needing a cute dress for something and can’t find one. Since they are both winners, keep them!

  7. says

    you really look gorgeous in both dresses, but i think you should do the yellow one. namely because not everyone can rock yellow, and it’s such a standout – remember when renee zelwegger wore that canary dress to the oscars and got on the best dressed list? no? well i do!

  8. Nicole says

    I’m going to shake things up and say it depends on how you wear your hair. If you’re going with an updo, choose the pink one to show off that fantastic neckline and back detail. If it’s hair down, go with the yellow as the front is a bit more basic and pretty hair would be just the perfect accessory! Either way, you’re going to look awesome!

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