Pump Question

Have I mentioned before how much I love starting off my morning with a good workout?

Oh, I have?  Ok, moving on then… 😉

I got up bright and early to hit up the gym for some cardio + BodyPump.  On my way there, I cured a few tummy rumbles with one of my fave Clif Z Bars.  I know they’re kid bars, but I wonder if I would have liked them as a kid? Hmmm… :)

I started off with 25 minutes on the elliptical while reading my Shape magazine, followed with a killer BodyPump class!  I really love when the instructors mix up the tracks with some old ones, and today’s selections totally ROCKED!  They had me “pumped” (no pun intended…well, actually yes, it was) 😉

OK, so I have a question for my fellow BodyPumpers…

Do any of you get really sore in your upper shoulders/neck area?  I don’t mean sore from the lifting aspect, but sore from holding the bar up there?  Sometimes when I’m doing my squat or lunge tracks, my shoulders end up reeeeally tense, and the next day they’re often very tight and uncomfortable.  I definitely DON’T want to give up my BodyPump, but I hate always having this soreness.  Does anyone else have this problem, or am I weirdo???

After the gym, I had to stop quick at Target (aka, the easiest way to drop $50 when only going in for one item) which is conveniently located right near Starbucks.  I swore I heard “Courrrrtneyyyy, turn heeeerrree”…so I obliged 😉

It was oh-so-tasty!  Sometimes they’re just “alright”, but this one was definitely a winner!

To go along with my latte when I got home, I toasted up a whole wheat Arnold Sandwich Thin and topped it with some Maple PB & banana slices.

The banana was suuuuuper ripe, so it was nice and sweet & mushy…just how I like ’em! :)

I realized last night that I totally forgot to show you my exciting package that came in the mail yesterday!!!

A couple weeks ago, I ended up winning one of the giveaways on Tina’s site, Trading Up Downtown! 😀

I received these bamboo serving utensils, a cute palm-tree lined salad bowl, and a Nuval t-shirt!

How FUN, right?  Thanks Tina!! :)

Jay and I have a few more errands to run today, including a stop over at my parents’ house.

Hope you’re all having a Super Sunday! 😀

***Speaking of GIVEAWAYS…

make sure to check back tomorrow for a pretty sweet one headed your way!! 😯


  1. says

    I’m the same way I went to the gym bright and early this morning and did spin and yoga! I’ve done bodycombat but I haven’t tried bodypump yet, I want to though soon! That palm tree bowl is so cute, have a good day!

  2. says

    i do bodypump too (as of 2wks ago!) and i really like doing the squats and lunges holding the weights since the weights have a nifty little hand hold :) i say stop using the bar and just hold the weights!

  3. amy says

    I do bodypump and weight train regularly and yes its normal. You can either get a neck pad to put on the bar or be sure its resting on the widest part of ur back and not ur neck area.

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