Smoothie in a Flash

Goooood Mornin’ Folks! :)

This morning was quite a rushed morning.  I don’t know what happened…I was on time with my routine and then all of a sudden, I had 5 minutes before it was time to leave and I hadn’t even finished making my delicious SMOOTHIE.  So this baby had to be whipped up in a flash! 😛

I almost went with a green monster (had the spinach out and everything) but last minute I changed my mind (surprising, I know) to go with a simple strawberry-banana blend.

Well, sort of…I actually added a new ingredient today…cantaloupe! 😛

Strawberry Banana Cantaloupe Protein Smoothie

1 frozen banana, sliced

– 6 frozen strawberries

– 2/3 cup vanilla almond milk

– 1/2 scoop Strawberry whey protein powder

– <1 cup fresh cantaloupe

– 1 ice cube

Totally LOVING this blender, by the way! 😉

On the side, I also enjoyed a delicious slice of homemade Blueberry Banana Bread with a tiny smear of honey butter.  It totally hit the spot!

And as if this was not enough to satisfy me, I completely forgot that there was a breakfast at work this morning!  I stayed away from the heavy dishes, (which all looked so completely tempting), but I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave empty handed. 😉

I snagged a tiny piece of cinnamon swirl bread and a blueberry muffin, both of which were sooo moist & sweet.

I’m now feeling pleasantly STUFFED, so hopefully everything will stick with me until lunchtime.  I’m going without my usual mug of coffee this morning (GASP!) since I had no time to make any or stop anywhere to get some, so keep your fingers crossed for no caffeine headaches!

Are you a coffee drinker?  Do you prefer coffee or tea?


  1. says

    That’s too funny- I had the same kind of morning- I was completely on time..and then I had 2 minutes to get out the door & OF COURSE I had forgot to hit ‘start’ on the coffee pot, so I ran downstairs turned it on & thankfully it was fast enough so that I could get a cup before I left. otherwise I would have to get it at work, and although it’s only $1.06…I’d rather save my $ & have my own :)
    I do love coffee- I don’t have to have it everyday, but some mornings I did it more than others.

  2. peanutbutterfingers says

    you know what’s crazy? i never used to drink coffee until i started working. i drank it because my office was so darn COLD! :) now i love it though i also loooove tea.

    • says

      I’m the same way! There’s just something so comforting about sipping on a warm coffee during the morning (or iced, since my classroom is about 85 degrees this time of year!). And I really don’t crave it on the weekends the same way I do during the week.

  3. says

    I’m going to start making smoothies, starting NEXT week (I have a 5k race on Sunday and I don’t want to mess up my stomach lol) – so I have a question. Do you slice the banana before you freeze it, or after?

    I’m not a huge fan of coffee – I can drink syrupy latte’s at Starbucks, but it’s so strong and gives me terrible “gut rot” :/ , my co-worker seems to think it’s the caffine that affects me so much.

    I like tea, but I’m picky with that. I rarely drink it because with my Orange Pekoe, I have like 3 sugars in it.. Oops.

    • says

      I peel the bananas then freeze them, and I slice them after their frozen. They actually aren’t that hard to slice (compared to the strawberries I tried slicing the morning and almost lost a finger to!) I used to just add the banana in whole, but it took forever to process, so slicing it definitely seems to make things go quicker!
      Good luck on that 5k next week! I’ll be eager to hear what kind of smoothie you try :)

  4. *Andrea* says

    i love coffee! i get withdrawal if i don’t have it – like seriously i will get cranky and get a headache. so i stopped having so much (like 2 lattes or 3 cups per day i was averaging) and try to limit it to 1 cup a day. usually i have 2 though 😉

    smoothie looks great! i am a sucker for sweets like banana bread and muffins and homemade baked goods… banana bread is probably one of my favorites though. especially with walnuts and/or chocolate chips! i need to try adding fruit like you didthe blueberry banana bread looks great!

  5. says

    I crave coffee like a fat kid craves cake. I love it..the taste, the smell, the warmth, the slow time drinking it. Mmmm… yum! I do like tea as well, but coffee will win the battle every time!

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