6:00am, What??

“Courrrrrtneyyyyy, where are youuuuuu?????”

YIKES! Hello friends! I cannot believe it is already 2:15 and this is the first chance I’ve had to finally sit down to blog. Don’t worry, I promise I’ve still been thinking about you all. :) Either way, Happy Friday! Are you doing your Friday dance??


Up & Movin’

Well, this morning was the first time my alarm has seen 6:00am since June 24th. (Ahhhh, how I love being on vacation for the summer!) I set it bright and early in an attempt to make it to a yoga/tai chi class at the gym. Do you think I made it? Of course not. I dragged my rear end around for way too long this morning. Oops. No worries though, since I realized I was actually more in the mood for a sweaty cardio sesh instead. Before leaving the house, I snacked on half an Arnold Sandwich Thin + Blizzard Butter.


At the gym, I got my “sweat” on with 30 minutes on the elliptical, followed by a 3 mile run on the treadmill, and it felt AWESOME. I was a little nervous about running, with the latest hip pain and all, but I found that once I started moving, things really didn’t bother me. Hopefully it stays that way as the day goes on (fingers crossed). I completed my 3 miles in 28 minutes, which included a 5 minute warm up, so I was quite pleased with my time. The Warrior Dash won’t have nothin’ on me come September! 😯

Breakfast – Brown Baggin’ It

I actually showered and got ready at the gym today, since I had some things to do early this morning, so I had to “brown bag” it for breakfast. I packed up a banana and an apple, along with the other half of my sandwich thin spread with a much bigger spread of BB.


One of my stops this morning involved a visit to see my Mom. The past few weeks, I’ve been feeling really down about a couple things, and sometimes nothing beats a good, solid chat with Mom. We talked a lot about growing up, being responsible, being patient, and following your heart to get where you want to be in life. She definitely helped me gain some insight into a few things that I previously hadn’t wanted to even consider, so I left feeling a lot better. Thanks for helping and listening, Mom. :)


I decided I needed a lunch date today, so I called the hubby to see if he was available.

Lucky me, he was! He’s so handsome. 😀


And I was a happy lunch date. 😉


Since it’s an absolutely gorgeous day out, we decided to go to one of our favorite places for the summer, JT Maxie’s. They have a great outdoor patio that is just perfect for days like today, and have a pretty extensive menu, full of appetizers, salads, sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and entrees. When it comes to “healthy” options, there really aren’t too many, but I never let that discourage me. I just annoy the waiter/waitress to death with numerous substitutions and omissions to my order. ;)  Jay totally loves when I do it. :roll:


I ordered the Mediterranean Chicken Wrap which is grilled chicken, lettuce, diced tomatoes, & roasted red peppers. I ordered mine with no cheese and dressing on the side (because even though the menu says “a splash of Italian dressing,” they really mean a bucket) 


I ate one half of the wrap, the filling out of the other half, and about 1/3 of the fries. I debated on being really good and ordering a side salad, but Maxie’s has some of the best fries around, so I went for the splurge but kept moderation in mind. It was a win-win! 😀

Right now, I have a date with my oven & my mixer. Jay has a softball game tonight and I promised the boys I’d bring them a treat tonight. Hmmmm, what to make, what to make??

Question for the Afternoon:

What’s good for the weekend?!? 😎


  1. says

    I’m going to a cooking demo food blogger event at Carrabba’s sponsored by FoodBuzz. I hope it’s fun – I’ve never really liked their food but maybe it’s changed in the five years it’s been since I’ve eaten there. :)

  2. says

    Ooh! Maybe white chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies with a hint of lime, then possibly making ice cream sandwiches out of them?

    Boy I’m ambitious.. haha! But it does sound kinda refreshing, no?

  3. Laura J. says

    Moms always know what to say to make you feel better :)

    Those sweet potato fries look AMAZING! Yay for spontaneous lunch dates with the hubby. Love those :)

  4. says

    Momma’s are perfect sounding boards and free therapy. My mom and I have a standing phone date every Sunday just to talk. Makes my week so much better.

    And random dates with husbands are great too. Going out just to enjoy time with the one you love makes the day so much brighter :-)

  5. says

    Oh my gosh, I always annoy my boyfriend at restaurants too! We sit down with the menu and he’s like, “Are you going to ask to change the entire dish like you normally do?” Haha but I agree with you and think they secretly love it =P

  6. says

    Chats with Mom are always the best 😀
    Hope all is getting better though! I’ve missed your blog while I was gone..don’t mind the catching up & millions of comments 😉

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