Morning Commute Company

Gooooood Morning & Happy Hump Day!

This morning I have quite an odd agenda ahead of me…I’m going to be going to work with the hubby! 😯

Actually, yesterday evening when I met up with Jay, I left my car so we could just take one to the kitchen designer. Well, by the time we realized that my car was still down there, it was almost 9pm, and neither of us felt much like trekking back down to get it. SOOOOO, I’m hitching a ride with him down to his work this morning to pick up my car. How fun…unexpected commute company! Yesss. :)


I really wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for this morning…all I did know was that I couldn’t WAIT for another mug of pumpkin coffee! 😀


This stuff just rocks my world. Period.

I finally decided on a couple simple pieces of whole wheat bread from The Fresh Market – half with PB & banana slices, half with some Raspberry Polaner All-Fruit.


Mmmmm, you can never go wrong with PB + B! 😀


I’m bringing the peach with me to work for a mid-morning snack.

Alrighty folks, I’m off! Have a Wonderful Wednesday!

Question for the Morning:

Favorite flavor of coffee?


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