Crockpots Rock My Socks

I just love having company over for dinner! 😀

Tonight, Joe & Kate made their way over for dinner to help us make a dent in one of my favorite recipes: Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Chicken.


This good stuff had been cookin’ away all day in the Crockpot, and was ready for the taking! Aren’t Crockpots the best?!? :)

Along with our chicken, we enjoyed some other yummy dishes:

Sweet Potato Fries


Lemon Garlic & Herb Corn on the Cob (courtesy of Kate!) :)


Suuuuuper Cheesy Mac & Cheese


And the most amazing Corn Bread on the planet! 😯


The corn bread + mac & cheese actually came from my local grocery store, Price Chopper. Every Wednesday, they offer a $10 “Meal Deal” and today was the first day I decided to go for it. Not only did we get these two side dishes (which I knew would be perfect for tonight) but we also got a 3-liter of water AND we have a whole roasters chicken waiting for us in the fridge! Talk about a bargain. :)


My plate for tonight:


You can also add another piece of cornbread to that mix…I probably could have eaten the entire tray of it. 😳




And of course, what meal is complete without a little DEEEEEssert???


Kate is the BOMB. She brought over a homemade Apple Gallette to share with us tonight. Does that not look fantastic??? Well let me tell you…not only does it LOOK fantastic, but it TASTED phenomenal!! I have to get the recipe from her. 😉


Alrighty folks, my tummy is officially stuffed and it’s past my bedtime…see ya’ll in the morning! :)


  1. Haley Bailey says

    OK – I’m a southern gal raised on pulled pork barbecue and I know that you were born and raised in New York so I will cut you some slack. However I will share with you a link to the best crock pot pulled pork recipe I have ever found! This is extremely close to the real deal: My recommendation is to add a bit of liquid smoke for the authentic slow roasted taste!!! OK – I have now made myself hungry!!!

    Oh – this is my first post but please know that I LOVE your blog!!

  2. Rachel says

    Hey, so I am very intrigued by the $10 meal deal you bought from PC. Do you know if the meal choices vary from day to day or week to week? I was so excited that I just looked at the Nisky PC ad, but couldn’t find anything info on this awesome steal. Help me out sister!

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