Wedding Fever

C’monnnnnnn 3:00!!

Today starts the beginning of a super, fun-filled weekend…but first, I just have to make it through that little thing we all like to call work. The positive side to today’s work day: It’s a professional development day, which = no students + a big pot luck lunch. Yummmmm. The negative side to today’s work day: I had to be to work by 7:45am. Ooooof. :roll:

Once I make it through the workday, it’ll be time to rush home, pick up my goods, and get ready to start celebrating!

Tonight is Joelle’s rehearsal + rehearsal dinner, which is sure to be a great time. Heck, how can I not have a great time with these ladies!





After tonight’s rehearsal, tomorrow will be the BIG DAY for Joelle & Kyle. I’m so excited for them!


But I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just as excited to get my dancin’ shoes on and celebrate!


I tend to get a little silly. 😛


And sometimes I show off my singing skills. (If you’re nearby, plug your ears…)


I’ve even been lucky enough to catch the bouquet & have my future hubby catch the garter! Yup, guess who was next to get married after THIS?? 😉


And somehow, I almost always end up with somebody’s sunglasses on. Can someone please explain to me how sunglasses always make it onto the dance floor of a wedding?


What can I say, I’m a huge fan of weddings. 😀

Since I’ll be pretty busy celebrating, eating yummy wedding cake, & groovin’ on the dance floor for the next couple days, I’ve decided to take the weekend off from blogging. I want to devote all of my time to the bride to be and not have to worry about checking back with the computer.

Have no fear though! The blog has some great guests posts headed your way, from some of my favorite blends!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I’ll be back with lots of recaps soon. 😀


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