A Chocolaty Giveaway!

A Chocolate Lover’s Dream?


If you read many healthy living blogs, then I’m sure you’ve probably seen these little guys floating around in the blog world. Although I had seen them on occasion through different blogs, I wasn’t “formally introduced” to them until my trip to the Healthy Living Summit this past August. I really enjoyed the disks that I tried while in Chicago, so I was more than excited when the company contacted me and offered to send some samples to try out.

Chocolate?!? YES PLEASE. 😀


So what exactly is an Adora disk?

Adora disks are a calcium & Vitamin D supplement, with the added bonus of having the taste of premium, all-natural chocolate. Just one Adora disk provides about 50% of your daily calcium requirements.


Did you know that the average woman is only getting about two-thirds the amount of calcium that they should?

Ladies, we gotta protect these bones of ours!! 😯


And for only 30 calories a disk, I’m pretty sure that’s not going to make or break your day. 😉


Not only are these little guys great for providing the calcium & Vitamin D that we need, but they are seriously delicious and actually taste like real chocolate. Both the dark and the milk chocolate varieties are great, but I think the dark is my favorite. I’ve been adding one in at breakfast lately…because really, who needs an excuse to add chocolate at any meal? :)

If you’ve never tried an Adora disk, don’t say you haven’t been forewarned:

It doesn’t take long to go from this


to this…  (how ‘bout those teeth ridges!) 😉


to this.


Adora disks are sold at most CVS stores, as well as many other retailers around the U.S.

But what’s that you say? You read the post title and want to know the real deal??

Well YOU, my friends, are in luck, becauuuuuuuse…it’s GIVEAWAY TIME! 😀

**Adora has offered to send one lucky reader 2 bags of Adora disks (one milk & one dark).**

To Enter:

  1. Leave a comment on this post telling your main source of calcium and if you think you get enough of it.
  2. You can earn an extra entry if you want to Tweet about it too. 😉 (i.e., “Check out @SweetToothCourt’s Adora Giveaway”) Just make sure you comment back to tell me you did!

*I will randomly choose a winner on this Friday, October 15th.*

The chance at winning some free chocolate? Well, that definitely ought to put a smile on your face. :)


(*Disclaimer: Although I was offered free samples of Adora disks, I will never endorse a product that I don’t truly enjoy or believe in. These are my honest opinions and are in no way biased based on receiving the product.)


  1. laura says

    I’d say my main source of calcium is in plain yogurt, which I really don’t eat often. I fall into the range that needs the most of it too!

  2. says

    I know I do pretty good on the calcium front….I enjoy Almond Milk, cheese, yogurt, and I believe leafy greens have calcium too and I get bunches of those in too!

    I would love to try these guys! I didn’t realize they were available at CVS…I thought they were a Whole Food buy! :) Good to know that!

  3. says

    So… I need to go buy these..asap. Osteoporosis runs in my family (specifically among all the women) and my Momma is always telling me I need more calcium. I have a pill supplement, but it makes me sick to my stomach so I rarely take it. For the most part I get my calcium from milk, I guess.
    By the way, good for you for recognizing that you were over-extending yourself and doing something about it :)
    No matter how often you post, I love reading your blog.

  4. Lauren says

    Yogurt is my main source of calcium. I also take a supplement but a chocolate supplement sounds alot more delicious!

  5. Jody Burrows says

    I am pretty certain that I do not intake nearly the amount of calcium my body requires. Not a huge consumer of anything dairy really. Most of my calcium would be from veggies, and possibly some fruit, like I said, I know I need more, oops !!

    Thanks for the giveaway, I certainly enjoy your site!

  6. Rittie says

    I usually get my calcium through yogurt and milk… i’m not sure if that is enough at all! but these chocolates sound super yum!

  7. Marla says

    my main source of calcium is yogurt. I don’t get too much calcium otherwise! I really need to start taking a calcium supplement and would love to win the giveaway! Thanks, Courtney!

  8. Marcie says

    I get my calcium from milk. I love skim milk!

    I try to eat greek yogurt as much as possible, but it can get expensive! I know I probably don’t get enough calcium and those chocolate discs look delicious!

  9. Kate says

    My main source of calcium is from milk in my cereal (Special K chocolate), and chocolate underground yogurt! Can you tell that I LOVE chocolate?!

  10. says

    I try to get my calcium from milk and yogurt, but after I injured my back my chiro told me I wasn’t getting enough. Now I take supplements that are uber horse pills!

    I’ve never tried these Adora dealies, I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the giveaway!

  11. says

    mmmm…main source of calcium I would have to say is probably Greek yogurt :)
    I have been wanting to try those- I have been on the hunt for them lately as well !

  12. Courtney says

    I have seen these around the blog world, and have always thought they looked yummy and would be a great way to get calcium! I get my calcium from eating lots of greek yogurt! Although chances are it’s still not enough!

  13. Cheryl says

    Greek yogurt is my favorite way to digest calcium.. But I do tell myself Ice Cream is also a fabulous way to get in my calcium loL!

  14. says

    I get most of my calcium from yogurt & cheese! I think I get enough of it, but some days popping these into my school bag or purse would be much easier!

  15. Kate says

    I get most of my calcium through milk and cheese (String, cottage, greek). There’s not a cheese I don’t love! I make sure I get enough knowing how important it is to our health.

  16. Jordan P says

    Well, I mostly get my calcium from milk and calcium pills, but I just recently got some calcium soft chews that taste like saltwater taffy! Needless to say, I enjoy my calcium intake much more now.

  17. Caryln says

    I get most of my calcium from leafy greens like spinach and I take a supplement because I don’t eat dairy. I think I would like a chocolate supplement better though! 😉

  18. Julia says

    greek yogurt and soy milk are my main calcium sources! i’ve never heard of these little chocolate guys before, but hopefully i can find some that aren’t sold out :)

  19. says

    Yogurt and milk in my oatmeal are my main sources of calcium. But I need to start watching my cholesterol, so I could definitely use some help!

  20. Alison says

    I definitely do NOT get enough calcium. I try and remember to take calcium and vitamin D pills, but after a week, I forget and/or get lazy. But with chocolate involved, I can assure you I would NEVER forget :)

  21. Michelle says

    My main sources of calcium are milk and cheese, but I definitely don’t get enough! Usually the only way I remember to take my milk is with my coffee!

  22. says

    Greek yogurt and almond milk (my 2 favs!). and maybe some ice cream once in a while- YUM. I WANT TO TRY THESE ADORAS…too bad there’s no CVS where I live

  23. Karla says

    To be honest, I probably get 99% of my calcium from Dairy Queen Blizzards. Really…. I eat about 3-4 per week! Let’s hope they have A LOT of calcium!

  24. Linda says

    My main natural source of Calcium is from Greek yogurt and tofu, but I also take three Calcium+Vitamin D supplements in the form of pills every day.

    However, winning the Adora giveaway would make Calcium much easier to take!. :-)

  25. says

    I think my main source of calcium is from the milk I put into my coffee…clearly not enough calcium! I love dark chocolate and I wouldn’t have a problem adding an Adora disk to my breakfast each morning :)

  26. Diana says

    I haven’t thought about this enough, but I don’t think I get enough calcium. My main sources are my morning bowl of greek yogurt and the milk in my coffee! Thanks for a fab giveaway!! <3

  27. Haley Bailey says

    Ahhh – finally – a giveaway I could really sink my teeth into!! I get most of my calcium from Greek Yogurt and Broccoli – thought not consumed together (that would be rather yuck). I would definitely prefer to get my calcium from CHOCOLATE!!! Yumm……

  28. Nellie says

    I get my calcium primarily from greek yogurt and cottage cheese. I also get it from canned salmon, apparently the tiny bones in it are a good source of calcium as well! Between, those 3, I definitely get enough of it.

  29. Amanda G. says

    I definitely don’t get enough calcium – my doc tells me that every year! I started taking a multivitamin but it still doesn’t have enough. I’ve looked for Adora at a few CVS’, and I haven’t found them yet! They look delicious :)

  30. Lindsay says

    I drink enough milk for three people! I have it with almost every meal. I’m hoping my bones are thanking me for the calcium!

  31. katie says

    I get my calcium from milk i put in my coffee and delicious greek yogurt. I also take flinstones vitamins to get additional calcium (my doctor even suggested that i take the children’s vitamins!!)
    i think i get close to enough? perhaps not!

  32. Shayla says

    I looooove chocolate – especially in calcium form!!!
    I get my calcium from greek yogurt, spinach, and a daily multivitamin…but I definitely think I could use more and should try to get more in my diet.

  33. says

    sadly, i think my only source of calcium is milk in my oatmeal, or yogurt…which is pretty bad since my bone density in my early 20s was that of a 30-something year old. so now that i’ve hit 30…it’s probably worse! (i cracked a rib coughing!)

    i really need to go look for these adora discs.

  34. lenniejane says

    I have been dying to try these! I get my calcium from yogurt and milk mostly, but I only have very small quantities so having these would be a great addition. :)

    I also tweeted the giveaway from @lenniejane.

  35. Alison says

    I used to take a calcium supplement and should really get back into the habit of doing so! I get my calcium for my milk in my cereal in the morning and a wee bit in my coffee (I suppose every bit counts). I also try to incorporate cheese of some form into lunch and dinner. I also occasionally have yogurt as a snack, but I don’t think I consistently get as much as I need.

  36. Jennie says

    Greek yogurt is definitely my favorite source of calcium. It’s so versatile! Lately, I’ve been obsessed with mixing pumpkin into my yogurt :)

  37. Laura J. says

    I get my calcium from yogurt, milk and cheese mostly. But I love the idea of getting it in the form of chocolate! :)

  38. says

    Wow, chocolate and calcium together!! Sounds good to me ;)!! I consume lots of milk, yogurt, and cheese, but haven’t really added up the calcium before…maybe I better!

  39. Amanda says

    Plain non-fat yogurt is my calcium source. I’m lactose in tolerant so I never get enough! That’s why I need these Adoras!

  40. says

    My main source of calcium has to be a combination of broccoli, vanilla yogurt, and milk! Yummy! I feel as if I get 75% of the recommended amounts needed. But adora disks would be a great addition! I tweeted for those adora disks @ lanecindy on twitter.

  41. Ally says

    I think I do a decent job in the calcium department….greek or regular yogurt every day, cheese, almond milk, and …of course…ICE CREAM! (the best way to get your calcium if you ask me!)

    I’ve been seeing these Adora Disk things on blogs lately and I’d love to try them!

  42. Anna says

    I get my calcium by eating DELICIOUS gummy calcium supplements every morning…I seriously have to stop myself from eating too many of them! :)

  43. Steph says

    I’m a big fan of greek yogurt, but I also take a calcium and vitamin D supplement. My mom has the beginnings of osteoporosis (she’s only in her 50s) so I’m trying to do everything in my power to prevent it for myself!

  44. Marie says

    Yum I have tried these before and loved them!

    I get my calcium from lots of greek yogurt :) but should probably supplement with more…

  45. Melissa says

    I usually take a gummy calcium supplement, but I’ve seen these in the blog world & would love to try them! Who doesn’t need more chocolate in their life?

  46. Laura Desbarats says

    Flowers and chocolate? You are having a great week!

    My main source of calcium is probably the daily vitamin I take (for women 50 plus even though I am 24!) and almond milk. Chocolate seems like a much better way to get it in!

  47. Courtney says

    Cheeeeeeeeeeese! I think I eat cheese at least once a day, although I don’t know how much calcium is actually in each serving (oops!). I used to drink milk all of the time growing up, but now I just don’t think to. I’ll definitely look for these now that I know CVS should have them!

  48. Lauren B says

    While I don’t track my calcium intake, I know I don’t get as much as I should although I try to get it from greek yogurt and some cheeses like feta & mozzarella! I’ve been dying to try these though!!!

  49. Whitney says

    I just recently heard of Adora and found it at CVS, so lately I’ve been taking these for calcium, although I live in MT and the CVS stores only carry the dark chocolate flavor :( I’d love to try the milk chocolate too!

  50. Melissa says

    My main source of calcium is through milk added to my morning bowl of cereal! I realize I don’t get nearly enough calcium though, so these Adora disks would definitely come in handy!

  51. says

    I get most of my calcium from dairy, especially from milk (lattes!).
    I think most days I get enough calcium but there might be some that I don’t :s.

  52. Vanessa says

    I get my calcium for ICE CREAM!! I eat it everyday. Other than that, I eat a lot of yogurt,and cottage cheese. I’m a dairy lover!!

  53. Andrea says

    I take a calcium supplement everyday, and eat greek yogurt pretty often. I also eat a nice dose of cheese every week – Now that I think about it, I guess i eat a lot of calcium from various sources. But is it enough? Eh, I don’t know… but anything in chocolate form (especially dark), I’d eat :)

  54. Erica says

    Most of my calcium comes from yogurt but I recently started having and Adora disc each day in order to make sure I’m getting enough calcium… They are delicious!

  55. Heather T says

    I get my calcium from all the cheese I eat…you know how much I love cheese!! :) I probably don’t get enough and should be taking a supplement. Osteoporosis runs in my family :(

  56. Kathryn says

    Chocolate calcium! I drink a glass of almond milk and occasionally yogurt every day. I probably get 2/3 my calcium needs in a day. I definitely wouldn’t mind having a little more chocolate in my life 😉

  57. Alexandra K. says

    My main source of calcium is definitely Greek Yogurt! Im in college and I definitely think that I could use more calcium in my diet than what is offered from the cafeteria…and a little chocolate is never a bad thing either!

  58. Alex says

    I looooove dark chocolate and what better way to get your calcium? I would love to try these Adora disks

    by two primary sources of calcium are definitely cottage cheese and yogurt

  59. Meagan says

    I get most of my calcium from cow’s milk. I’ve tried almond milk and soy milk, but i prefer good old fashioned milk the best!

  60. Aria says

    I get my calcium from greek yogurt mainly. I’m not a fan of milk so I probably need more calcium than I’m getting!

  61. says

    Gross! Those suckers are filled with sugar and calcium carbonate, definitely NOT what I would call healthy.

    Ladies, let’s get our calcium from other actually healthy sources–ie dark leafy greens.

    http://foodboogie.com/ did an interesting post on how we don’t need to take vitamins.

    education is key :)

  62. AshleyCarole says

    My main source of calicum is greek yogurt. I try to get some source of calicum everyday and I can always use some help!

  63. Robyn says

    I am very certain I do not get enough calcium in my diet!

    Most of my calcium comes from my milk/yogurt I have with breakfast and any cheese I may have throughout the day … which is not often enough, unfortunately!

  64. says

    I get my calcium through Tums and milk/yogurt…but somedays I forget to take my 2 Tums, so I’m sure I don’t get enough! I would love to have chocolate as my supplement 😉

  65. *Andrea* says

    my main source of calcium is chobani greek yogurt, spinach, almonds, salmon and tofu! (totally had to google ‘foods with calcium’ haha)

  66. Sophie says

    I don’t think I get that much calcium because I don’t like milk, but I eat cottage cheese like it’s my job so I’m sure that makes up for it. And of course any other kind of cheese. I’m a self professed cheese addict.

  67. Christina says

    I get my daily calcium mainly from the calcium supplement that I take, but I would love to try a new supplement…especially one that involves chocolate!!

  68. Sarah says

    My main source of calcium these days is the milk that goes into my oatmeal and greek yogurt. It really depends on the day if I think I get enough but I know I would get enough if it came in chocolate form :)

  69. Kristy Du says

    I probably only get calcium from my breakfast which is usually nonfat milk in my oats or cold cereal or from my yogurt.

  70. says

    I don’t think I do get enough… I used to drink milk ALL DAY back in the states but lately I just have a splash with my oats… and it’s so processed i don’t even know how much calcium it even retains (seriously, our milk is good for over a year on the shelf. gross huh?)

  71. says

    This is a great giveaway! I would like to go to the HLS next year, it looks like you ladies had a great time.
    I get my calcium from my veggies, actually! I’m a big fan of collards and other cooked leafy greens which are surprisingly high in calcium.

    .. Do caramel latttes and london fogs from starbucks count as protein sources, too?

  72. says

    My main source is from these huge horse pills I bought at GNC about a month ago after I threw out my viactiv because they tasted so disgusting! I would LOVE a tasty alternative to my huge calcium supplement!

  73. kelly says

    My main sources are yogurt and cheese. I know I could do better but its tough sometimes. I keep reading about these disks and have been dying to try them.

  74. Samantha Robertson says

    I’d have to say I have two sources, Greek Yogurt and Almond Breeze, but I probably don’t get enough because I almost never eat a full serving of either. It’s more like a little here and a little there.

  75. says

    I get most of my calcium from greek yogurt and cottage cheese – I also take a women’s multivitamin that has calcium in it. Between all of that, I’m still probably not getting the right amount – and it’s super important that women do get enough calcium!

  76. Kelly says

    My main source of calcium is from cow’s milk. However, I pretty much love dairy in all of its forms! I also eat lots of cheese and yogurt which helps too. 😉

  77. Lauren says

    I get most of my calcium from Chobani yogurt – my fav:) and the occasional glass of milk. I probably don’t get enough, which is why I would LOVE to win the adora disks 😀

  78. Seema says

    I get my daily calcium mostly from milk and cheese :) I don’t think I get enough calcium though,probably get about 1/2 my daily amount. Those Adora discs look delicious! I’d love to win them! 😀

  79. says

    From yogurt–but I know it’s not enough. I also take a multivitamin. I would LOVE to win the Adora discs. My friend Heather eats one as a dessert almost every night. Calcium + deliciousness=divine

  80. Paula says

    I’m not sure if I get enough. I take a calcium supplement (usually daily…) and I eat greek yogurt for breakfast everyday. I wonder how much I get from my nightly bowl of ice cream or froyo? :-) Great giveaway and great blog!!!

  81. EmmaClaire says

    My main source of calcium is my vitamin…if I remember to take them! I don’t like milk, cheese, or ice cream, so I KNOW I don’t get as much as I should!

  82. kath says

    I use dairy primarily and enriched westsoy milk!
    It isn’t always easy with a busy work schedule, so I also take Ca+ supplements.

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