Fashion Friday: Hot Hosiery

Happy Fashion Friday!

Today’s Topic: How to Wear Winter Tights, Stockings, & Leggings


(*A special thanks to the always lovely and fashionable Julie for giving me the idea to write about the “beauty of tights.” Thanks, girl!)


This winter, there has really been a plethora of tights, stockings, and leggings everywhere I look; and there’s no doubt that I’ve definitely joined in on the look.

Some of these new trends have brought about a bolder, more trendy look to the once simple (and often disliked) accessory.

Thinking about throwing on a pair? Follow some of these guidelines on how to wear the look

Daytime & Work = Keep it Simple
Depending on where you work, big, bold patterns like this may not be exactly “office appropriate.”


Although personally, I probably wouldn’t wear them to work even if I could…but hey, that’s just me. Winking smile

A better choice may be a simple, opaque tight in a dark or neutral color. A simple tight in black or dark brown will coordinate nicely with wool dresses and skirts and will keep your leg warmer than a sheer pair.


Tights are also great at providing extra protection against the cold when worn with pants (and with the way the weather has been around here, it’s a good idea!)

Choose the Right Shoes
If you’re wearing heavier tights, a stronger shoe is appropriate, such as an ankle boot or a more constructed heel.

source, source, source

If you’re wearing a lighter, sheer women’s tight, then a lighter and more delicate shoe gives a cleaner line to your overall look.

source, source, source

An opaque tight can look awesome with a shoe with some texture,


but if you’re wearing a patterned or fishnet tight, it’s best to keep your shoe as simple as possible. Less is more!


I love leggings. I love everything about them! And the best thing about this style is they basically pass as pants. As I’ve mentioned before with jeggings, there are definitely do’s and don’ts to styling them; wear them with long, flowy tops, mini dresses, and micro skirts for a winter look with pizazz.


Layer ‘em up with socks and boots and you’re lookin H-O-T-T HOTT!


Choose Tights For Your Body Type
If you have heavier legs, or just don’t like to draw too much attention to them, it’s best to avoid brightly colored or boldly printed tights…


Yikes. Disappointed smile

Opt for an opaque tight in a dark color to give a maximal slimming effect. Dark, opaque tights are also great for covering up those nasty spider veins, or your pale, slightly hairy gams. Winking smile

And finally…

Be Creative for Night Time Fun!
If you’re going to a dressy party where you want to show off a bit, try a pair of small fishnet hosiery tights with a simple black dress and black shoes.


*The images I got after searching for “black dresses with fishnets” started to get a little scary…but you guys get the idea. Winking smile

Keep your other accessories simple to keep the look from becoming too busy. Again, less is more.


Women’s tights and leggings have really come a long way in the last few years; there’s such a wide array of colors, patterns, and style options which can meet any Fashionista’s needs!

If you’re looking to make an investment, I would definitely say that now is the time to do it. Luckily, it’s an accessory that’s also easy on the budget!

You can pick up a pair of Merona Black Opaque Tights from Target for only $7.00! So what are you waiting for…go grab a pair…

or three! Smile

Question for the Day:

Do you like wearing tights or leggings? How do you dress with them?? Any other style tips or advice?


  1. says

    Gotta tell ya, I LOVE this post.
    This is so stupid, but a few times I have had to ‘Google’ this topic…I’m NOT at all fashion minded- I wish I was, but I’m not. I LOVE to wear leggings/ jeggings & all of that, but sometimes I just don’t know what shoes go with what..& if you can have open toe, what kind of boots do you wear, what about regular heels- all of that. I just use “Google Images” for ideas- LOL! 😀
    But this definitely helped. I’m always confused as to if I should tuck the leggings INTO my open toed ankle books or do I let the ankle show, what would you do?
    Holly recently posted..A Divine Dinner

  2. says

    I had to wear navy blue tights every single day from the months of November to April from 6th to 12th grade. Needless to say, it’s taken me a few years to stop associating them with uniforms, but I’m starting to love a really thick knitted pair with a black skirt and statement top when going out at night!
    Gabriela @ Une Vie Saine recently posted..Otto

  3. says

    I agree with all of your points EXCEPT LEGGINGS SHOULD NOT BE WORN AS PANTS! EVER! You were right to mention to put a dress or long top over them to cover the ‘behind.’ 😀
    Celina recently posted..MODEL MUST READ

  4. says

    I really been wanting to buy some flowered tights and I’m just not sure if I can pull them off! I have quite a few pairs of leggings but don’t wear them too much…I’m self conscious the whole time I’m wearing them! But they are soo comfy!
    Grace recently posted..LifeUnplugged

  5. says

    I am currently wearing leggings and I wear tights everyday to work. I have to wear black, grey or navy with my uniform but love argyle and fun patterns for other outfits.

    The extreme ones like cheetah are a bit much but I like a bit of color occasionally for silliness. I have turquoise ones I love that go perfect with my favorite grey dress and black boots.
    Cynthia (It All Changes) recently posted..Black and Green Tacos – Recipe

  6. says

    i looove leggings!
    i have some opaque black tights, but once when i wore them some kid started screaming, “look daddy! that lady has black legs! that lady has black legs!”
    i felt so self concious after that i never wore them again. hahahaha.
    Erica recently posted..checkity check check check!

  7. says

    Just found your blog! This post is so cute… I love tights, leggings, jeggings… anything to keep me from actual pants.. 😀 Also, leg warmers are fab underneath boots, too without having to wear big socks!! Look forward to keeping up with your posts!


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