Fruit and Veggie Overload

Good news my friends! Dentist says I have no cavities AND my outrageous coffee addiction was not questioned or scolded. Even though I love my hygienist and she’s super sweet, I’m happy to not be heading back for another six months.

By the time I got home from grocery shopping, I was pretty hungry, so while putting away the goods, I snacked on a banana SOYJOY bar.


A few weeks back, the company sent me some samples to try out, along with some great workout loot.



When I first got the package, I tried the strawberry and thought it was just ok, and I also tried the blueberry and liked that one a little better. But surprisingly enough, I really liked the banana flavor!


I say surprisingly, because even though I adore bananas, I usually do not like anything banana-flavored. But this had great flavor and kind of reminded me of banana bread!

By the time my groceries were put away, it was time to dive head first into lunch…which meant it was time to tackle the mango that’s been sitting in my fridge. I bought it on a whim last week and decided that today would be the perfect day to put it to use.

FYI: I clearly need a tutorial on how to cut a mango…I was a mess.


Today’s smoothie consisted of a frozen banana, a mango, 3 frozen strawberries, about 1/2-3/4 cup vanilla almond milk, and chia seeds.


While my smoothie blended away, I put together a little veggie plate, using some extra veggies that we received from yesterday’s party.


Having a bag of fresh, pre-cut veggies at my immediate disposal makes me an incredibly happy camper. It’s the little things. Smile

This afternoon, the sun has been shining bright, so I decided to take my lunch outdoors for a change.


Who says you can’t drink smoothies out of a red wine glass? Winking smile


Veggies + hommus = Always a winning combo.


Talk about a fruit & veggie loaded meal, right? And to make things even better, the smoothie was out of this world! Not only was the flavor great, but the chia seeds helped make everything so nice and thick.

I love it!

Question for the Afternoon:

What little things have made YOU happy today? Smile


  1. says

    I woke up to find one of my cats’ sleeping with his head on my shoulder, which was a little thing that made me happy today. This is the same cat that often wakes me up by licking my eyelids, so those are less happy mornings :)
    Karis’ Kitchen recently posted..Campus Walk

  2. Erin-- says

    I am sooooo happy that I made your banana cupcakes with honey cinnamon frosting yesterday to bring in to work today!! I had to turn it into a cake b/c after I put together the batter, I could NOT find my muffin tin anywhere. I don’t know if I loaned it to someone or what but it’s nowhere to be found! Usually when people bring stuff like that in, people don’t really dig in heavily until around lunch time but this cake was gone by 10:30. I’m lucky I snagged a piece =) People were walking down the hall saying how great it was. So thanks for making everyone think I’m a fabulous baker, it was a wonderfully easy and fabulous tasting recipe!!!!

  3. says

    Does the texture of SoyJoy bars bother you? I’ve tried them in the past and always found the consistency kind of strange.

    Little things that made me happy today: sunshine, a smoothie this morning for breakfast, a full fridge of groceries thanks to a pit stop on the way home, and a sweaty treadmill interval workout!
    Laura @ LauraLikesDesign recently posted..ABCs

    • Courtney says

      The texture was a little off at first for me, but I got used to it. Texture isn’t usually something that bothers me too bad. :)

  4. says

    I need to try the banana flavor! When I had the raisin almond soy joy bar, i really was not impressed! If you figure how to cut a mango like a lady, lemme know- I’m such a mess with those things!
    Khushboo recently posted..Get over it

  5. says

    It is such a disaster when i cut up a mango! I think i miss half the mango anyway haha.
    I drink smoothies out of BIG wine glasses because it makes me feel fancy 😉 I also drink them out of big mugs because it makes me “cool” haha jk.. sort of 😀
    Sarah recently posted..beat

  6. Steph says

    Could not stop laughing at your mango slicing picture! Haha. My friend bought me a mango slicer a few months back and let me tell ya, it works GREAT! You definitely need to invest in one if you haven’t already. They are less than $10.


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