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This morning has probably been one of the most productive mornings I’ve had in weeks.

Since the whole unemployed thing happened, my regular routine has been fairly nonexistent. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m sleeping the day away…I love mornings to much to do that. But whereas I used to be getting up anywhere between 5:15-6:00am, I’m now slowly coming to life around 7:30 while Jay is getting ready.

Once he leaves, I slowly meander on down to the treadmill, get my workout on, eat breakfast, blog, job search, and then finally end up showering somewhere around 11 or 12. Getting ready so late seriously bugs me, so last night I decided to make a change. It’s time to start a new routine again!

The alarm went blasting at 5:00am SHARP this morning, and I was up and out the door by 5:15 to head to the gym. I did an easy 1-mile walk on an incline of 5% on the treadmill before hitting up the 5:45am BodyPump class. I was amazed at how packed this class was, and I was lovin’ the amount of energy in the room for it being so early! After pump, I hopped on an elliptical and completed an easy 20 minutes while reading through a magazine.

By 9:00am, I already had my whole workout in, was showered, dressed, AND finished breakfast. It feels absolutely amazing to be back into a routine…I love it.


Breakfast was a little on the lighter side today. Surprisingly enough, I wasn’t all that hungry this morning, which I’m attributing to last night’s dinner. Not only was that stuffed spaghetti squash delicious, but apparently quite filing too.

Cottage cheese with pineapple (another freebie from mom & dad over the weekend!) topped with chia seeds.


Fresh strawberries & cantaloupe. The cantaloupe is soooo sweet & juicy right now!


And just to give ya’ll a little idea of what typically happens in the morning while I’m snapping away at my breakfast…


My little buddy is always right there to watch…or scrounge around for anything I might drop. And then once he’s done with that, his new favorite activity is to eat my daisies…


Little stinker I’ll tell ya…

I just finished snacking on a leftover mini Jelly-Filled Doughnut Cupcake,


whose recipe will be heading your way later today, I promise!

Question for the Morning:

Do you like routines?

What does a typical morning routine look like for you?


  1. says

    I feel the same way as you sometimes! I’m a college student, so every day is different for me. And especially with my classes over and only finals to worry about, there is absolutely no schedule in my life.

    Nowadays, my morning routine is determined by when my fitness classes (Body Pump, RPM, yoga) begin, so I’m sometimes sitting on the couch, not dressed or washed, until noon! It’s pretty bad :(

    But I’m going to enjoy having this freedom, since I’ll probably be working 9-5 for the rest of my life soon!!

    Hope the rest of your day is just as productive 😀
    Liv @ The Salty n’ Sweet recently posted..Sweet Signs of Summer

  2. says

    I’m trying to make a routine for myself, but it’s not easy! I don’t work until 1pm so I end up wasting a lot of the morning rather than getting school work done. On the rare days that I do get up early and get a lot accomplished, I feel great!

  3. says

    I like routines because they keep me on track. Also keeps me from spending hours just surfing the internet. Because I may or may not be guilty of that one some weekends 😉

    A typical morning for me starts at 7:30. I eat breakfast, shower, and then do homework until my first class starts. It’s pretty chill in the mornings.
    Liz @ Tip Top Shape recently posted..Black Bean and Sweet Potato Stew

  4. Danica says

    I like routines but I like when I can sleep in some, eat breakfast, get things done, workout, shower, have lunch, and THEN start my day–that would be ideal, but of course life throws work and classes in the mix so my actual schedule/routine is very different than that : )

  5. Karen says

    I love a routine. Because I start work so early and my gym doesn’t open till 5am, I usually do dvds in the morning then go to the gym around 5pm after work. I have been working out after work for so long that I really enjoy it plus when it’s nice out, I love to go for run during lunch & after work. Good luck with the job search!!

  6. says

    Aren’t family pass-alongs the best? I just busted into a jar of peanut butter that my mother traded me for a salad dressing :)

    My mornings keep getting earlier and earlier as I’m learning to front-load my days so I can unwind and relax in my evenings. I get up at about 6 or 6:30, make breakfast and lunch, photograph it for the blog, write a blog post (or edit a pre-writen one,) get myself dressed, take Haley for a long walk, and then head out the door to walk to work!
    Faith @ lovelyascharged recently posted..I Survived!

  7. Whitney says

    I love routines and I love working out in the morning. The alarm clock went off at 4am this morning for a 5 am run outside. As much as I did not want to get out of the bed I am so glad I did! Ran 6 miles before 6am and something about running when no one is out on the road is so peaceful. I feel so good! You don’t have to answer…but are you having any luck with the job hunt? It makes me sad to see teachers getting laid off :(

    • Courtney says

      Good for you with that run…you rock, girl!

      No luck yet…I’m trying to explore all of my options, not only education. Hopefully something comes up soon…thanks for asking though :)

  8. says

    Your productivity is inspiring :-) And I don’t think you should give yourself too much of a hard time for getting up at 7:30! That’s still early. Glad to see you’re considering all options on the job front – I have no doubt you’ll come up with something special!

    I am a routine girl and I feel completely lost when I don’t have one. I am so thrown off right now just because I went on vacation for three days! I’m trying to get back in the game but I still feel out of whack! My ideal morning routine during marathon training was wake up, stop at dd, run 3-10 miles, pick up more coffee, work. I miss that routine!
    Jamie aka “Sometimes Healthy Living Girl” recently posted..Wedding Recap Part II- The Party Continues!

  9. says

    Routines are the best! Weekdays I’m up at 445am and off to the gym — it’s the only time I have to work out so if I don’t get it done before work & school, I don’t get to work out at all. Even when I had classes later in the morning, I still got up to go that early. Makes the early days so much easier when you’re doing it consistently, and then I was able to get lots done before class.
    Weekends, I try to not sleep in too late. If I’m going to get a workout in, I do it pretty early. Once I start sitting around and being lazy, it’s hard to get the motivation back to go!

    I’m glad you’re getting back into a routine — I find it makes you feel better and more productive. Good luck with the job search! I’m sure you’ll find something soon :)

  10. says

    I love routines! I feel “off” during the summer when I don’t have one! Sleeping in can be nice sometimes, but it makes me feel so productive to be up and showered early in the morning with the whole day ahead of me.

    Can’t wait for the cupcake recipes! :)
    Caitlin @ Southern Curls & Pearls recently posted..Hello world!

  11. says

    I love a routine. Mon-Fri I’m up at 4:24am to be at the gym by 5am. I just love getting my workout over and done with by 6:30am and then I don’t have to worry about it after work. Good luck on your job search…I know there’s something wonderful out there for you. :)
    Emily recently posted..Cookie Heaven

  12. says

    I am a serious creature of habit, so I crave routines! My morning routine involves dragging myself out of bed really early so I can get to school before 7 since we start so darn early! In the summertime, I like to be up by 7:30, have my coffee and the Today Show, then go for a run. After that, it’s a free for all, but I love having my mornings the same each day!

  13. says

    Love routines, especially my morning routines! And most people know not to mess with my morning routine, it is my recharge time! Times vary due to classes and work but generally I’m up, out the door for a run, showered, and then I need about an hour to read blogs, eat breakfast, and get ready for the day.

  14. Shayla says

    I love routines and absolutely love getting up early in the morning to workout. Mon-Fri I wake up at 5am, drink coffee, read a few blogs, then I get to the gym by 6am to either take a spin class, 5 mile run on the treadmill, a medicine ball class, or a bootcamp class. Home by 7:30 am, shower, eat breakfast, then on the road to work by 8:30am! I even try to keep workout routine on the weekends and take classes in the morning so that my workout is done for the day and I can enjoy the rest of my weekend!

  15. says

    I’m a routine queen! I love my morning routine, and if it get messed with, my day is thrown off. I guess that’s just during the week though. Weekend routines are much more flexible! 😉 PS – I’m off for the rest of the day, so I’d gladly help you with your resume. Let me know!

  16. says

    I love working out in the morning– When choosing my courses at University I tried to make a schedule which would allow me to work out in the mornings OR have time for a nice breakfast because I like having a morning for me time :)
    Kimberley recently posted..Beauty Round-Up

  17. says

    I love and thrive on routines. They really help in keeping me productive.

    I also got laid off (back in October) and had a really hard time getting things done as efficiently as I used to when I had less time. Thank goodness I had a wedding and honeymoon to plan, a new gym with tons of workout classes and a great volunteer job otherwise my production level would have been at zero.

    I am so excited to start school full time in the Fall so I get my routine back!

    Good luck with the job search! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!
    Lauren recently posted..Athens Is Booked

  18. says

    It’s fun to change things up once in awhile, but at the end of the day, I love routines–it helps me feel more organized. My morning routine during the work week looks like this:
    turn off alarm, shower, read blogs while eating breakfast and sipping coffee, apply foundation, dry hair, finish makeup, get dressed, grab lunch, purse, and gym bag, head out the door.
    Laura @ LauraLikesDesign recently posted..Tuesday 3s

  19. Shannon says

    Since your little orange cat so much like my little orange cat (they’ll eat anything resembling a house plant!), I thought you may find this reference handy (if you don’t already have it):

    My little monster decided to try to eat aloe one day, and it made him very sick. Who knew something so good for humans could be so bad for kitties! I check these lists every time my husband brings me home flowers or plants now (since I know it’s likely that they’ll be sampled by my furry friend) :)

  20. says

    sadly, my routine involves me hitting the snooze button for half an hour and then being late for work. :( <—that's more of a bad habit than routine.

    pineapple & cottage cheese is my absolute favorite combo!!!

  21. says

    I crave routine! I hate when it is interrupted. I usually wake up between 5 and 5:30 depending on my workout. I head to the gym, get back around 7, get ready and leave for work by 8. When I can’t do that, like this morning because I was sick and felt awful at 5:00 when my alarm went off, I get all disheveled. I ended up taking a sick day, but I knew I would be able to work out later in the day and also catch up on what I couldn’t do this weekend because I was traveling for Easter. I have slight OCD, lol–which means I Loooove routines!

  22. Wizard says

    Maybe you should include not lying in your routine. Trying to elicit sympathy for “losing” your job when you resigned is not very tasteful.

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