My Outer Banks Recap: By The Numbers

Well, we’ve finally arrived back to New York, safe and sound, after a long 12 hour car ride through the night.

Thankfully, a fully charged cell phone battery got me through some of the monotony of the drive, yet my Google Reader is still a disaster and will probably take at least a full week just to catch up on. Sheesh.

As sad as I was to leave OBX, the beach, and the carefree lifestyle that is a vacation, this little guy definitely helped peak my spirits as soon as we entered through the door early this morning.



I sure did miss the little bugger! Luckily, it doesn’t look like he did too much damage with the margaritas. I’m sure I did worse. Winking smile


So a few weeks ago, I was reading through Heather’s blog and happened to come across the recap of her recent Texas trip. I really liked her approach to the recap, so I thought I’d go ahead and attempt the same, just Outer Banks style!

Days spent in the Outer Banks: 6

Number of good friends we shared a house with: 7


Number of dogs I survived a week with (who were actually really good): 2


Hours spent traveling in a car: 24+ (including to and from, and other other driving while down there)

Nights spent sleeping on a couch: 5

Nights spent wishing I had a bed: 5

Days spent at the beach: 5


Number of Corona Lights enjoyed on the beach: 5


Number of other alcoholic drinks consumed: Who’s counting?


Nights I was able to stay awake past midnight: 1 (Yep, total granny)

Number of times I consumed ice cream or gelato: 5 (not sure what happened with that day six…)


Number of meals I made a deliberate attempt to consume veggies: 2


Amount of stomach pain I experienced while away: ZERO!! (we’ll get to that another time…)

Pounds of crab legs consumed: Probably 3ish


Number of disgusting seafood snafus: 2


Number of Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffees consumed: 4


Breakfasts enjoyed out on the patio in the sunshine: 5


Number of hours spent blogging from Dunkin’ Donuts: At least 5…our house never ended up getting Wi-Fi.


Number of hours spent running or beach walking: Between 2-3ish?


Number of minutes of other exercise/strength training squeezed in: ~45ish


Percentage I was worried about my lack of exercise: 0%

Numbers of SPF I used during the week: 30, 15, & 8

Number of body parts that peeled due to my terrible ability to apply sunscreen correctly: 2…helloooo peely nose (don’t judge!)


Number of new Old Navy articles of clothing worn: All 5!


Amount of peanut butter consumed: More than I want to know


Amount of gourmet popcorn consumed: 2.36 pounds…at least Winking smile


Number of conversations centered around the idea of actually moving to North Carolina: Quite a few…




And just in case you missed any, here is a wrap of all the week’s OBX posts!

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Thanks so much for continuing to read while I was away! Smile


  1. says

    Wow, it looks like you had such an amazing time! You look awesome in all of the pictures too (so jealous :)) And I totally want to eat that much ice cream- all. the. time. haha

  2. Kelsie says

    So glad you had a fun trip!! I live in Charlotte & absolutely love it! I think you should definitely consider moving here! :)

  3. Abby says

    So glad your back- but it looked really fun! We had the same thoughts about moving to our fav vacation spot in California- maybe some day! You’re my fav blogger though- so I’m glad to be hearing from you again!

  4. says

    Hey Courtney! I’ve been reading for ages, but used to be shy about commenting…but I’m breaking out, lol!
    This is a lovely, creative post. Your holiday looks wonderful and I’ve been loving reading all about it. Thank you for linking all the posts!
    Breakfasts outside in the sunshine look gorgeous – what a nice way to ring in the morning.PB is such a great travel food, eh?
    I totally agree with you about not feeling exercise guilt on holiday (or lack thereof), it’s just not about that! :-) Letting go and learning to live it up is so wonderful and freeing.
    I just wrote about my own seafood snafu today – what a minefield, lol! 😛 It was my first time trying oyseters and not at all what I imagined! But that crab you’ve been eating looks incredibly delicious :-)
    Hope you settle back into homelife easily and speedily, and enjoy treasuring all the new memories you’ve made! Whenever I feel post holiday blues, I always think of this quote: “Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened.”
    Take care :-)

  5. says

    The Codester must be so happy that you’re back! I love this recap, especially the amount of ice cream/dessert you ate :) And I’m assuming you didn’t have stomach pain because you didn’t eat too many veggies??
    Liv @ The Salty n’ Sweet recently posted..Alternatives

  6. says

    two of my friends are actually going to the outer banks in a few weeks, it looks amazing there!!!! It looks like you had an awesome time 😀


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