I Love The Beach, But…

I’m pretty certain that if somebody told me that I had to live on a beach for the rest of my life, I’d be totally okay with it.


Today was a perfect beach day: hot, partially wispy clouds to break up the heat, not-too-cold ocean water, and a refreshing little breeze.


I say not-too-cold water, but I was only able to make it up to my waste today…not quite as warm as Virginia!



But at least the sand is still nice and soft.


Mid-afternoon, we all started to get a little hungry, so we headed back up to the hotel to hang around at the pool and grab some lunch from the hotel café.


I kept things simple with a grilled chicken sandwich, topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles. Loved the pickles, of course.


After lunch, we continued to hang around at the pool for a couple more hours.


I will admit, as much as I absolutely love the beach, there’s not much of a better feeling than coming off of the beach and rinsing off all the sand that has gotten stuck all over every inch of your body. Am I right? Who’s with me?!?


Right now we have a little rain coming through (the first time this vacation) so once that lets up, we’ll most likely be heading out for tonight’s dinner…

Let’s just say, tonight’s meal will most likely be putting the “balanced” in a “healthy, balanced lifestyle.”

I’ll let you all know what I mean tomorrow…although I’ll bet some of you may already have an idea where we’re headed. Winking smile

P.S. – And just so ya’ll know…I didn’t decide to just whip up this morning’s fruit dip in the hotel room last night. I made it before we came and brought it with me. Mwahaha.

Questions for the Evening:

Beach or Pool? Or both? In what order?

What’s your favorite vacation indulgence?


  1. briana says

    LOVE the pool. I don’t like the sand getting stuck to me at all. I indulge in everything on vacation plenty of margaritas and food like french fries and burritos that I don’t normally eat!

  2. says

    Indulge: alcohol, and maybe an ice cream cone. then more alcohol
    Beach, beach, beach, pool.

    Aw, now you have me totally craving some hot sand and a cold drink!

  3. says

    Beach THEN pool to clean off… Then a shower, which as you pointed out, is amazing :)

    Indulgence would have to be alcohol and TONS of carbs, butter, and whatever dessert is put in front of my face.

  4. says

    Since I’m at the pool alot anyway, the beach is definitely where I’d be. My favorite vacation indulgence would definitely be TONS of seafood, if it’s fresh. Especially crab legs.

    I’m so intrigued by what the balanced thing means. I’m totally clueless!?

  5. says

    i love the look of beaches, but i’m definitely a pool-girl. i hate sand getting everywhere!!!

    vacation indulgence…eating out!!!!

  6. says

    Beach!!! Although, sometimes floating in the pool is refreshing…..

    I’d have to say my favorite vacation indulgence is the food!!! When we were in the Riviera, I ate gelato twice a day!

    Hope you had a great time in my hometown of VB! I looked for you at Catch 31 when I was there over the weekend 😉

  7. says

    I love those pictures of the beach. It makes me super excited for my trip to California in about 6 weeks. Bring on the waves people! Courtney you are so inspiring I am handing on the Amazing Blogger Award to you!


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