Court & Meg’s Ice Cream Tour

Remember how I mentioned the fact that I was going to be having some yummy treats this afternoon? Well, I sure did have some yummy treats…


For a few weeks now, my friend Meg and I have been talking about doing our own little “ice cream tour” around the area. Yes…there is somebody else out there just as obsessed over ice cream as I am. Winking smile

She actually came up with 15 different places for us to try out, and today we narrowed it down to a select few for what we will call “Round 1 of Court & Meg’s Ice Cream Tour.”

Stop #1: Emack & Boilo’s


Now I know that Emack & Boilo’s has locations scattered up and down the east coast, but it’s still a pretty awesome little spot.


Basically…it’s a Sweet Tooth’s Paradise. Smile


The two of us took a few minutes to finally order our respective, kiddie sized ice creams, both of which were absolutely delicious.

Btw, I think today was the first time I’ve ever ordered a kiddie sized ice cream. Ever.


Meg ordered the Stoney’s Dream, which is vanilla ice cream with brownie chunks, chocolate chip cookie pieces (actual baked cookies, not the dough), and a fudge swirl.

I ordered the “Chunk O’Funk,” which is caramel ice cream with Oreo cookie pieces and chocolate covered pretzels. Ummm, can you say AMAZING?!?


After a successful trip to stop #1, we were on our way to Stop #2.

Stop #2: Crisan


Crisan, which is located on Lark St. in Albany, is known for their incredibly unique desserts, as well as their homemade gelato. I thought I had remembered that when Crisan first opened, they were offering a scoop of gelato for a $1.00, but apparently inflation has caused it to increase to $2.00. Oh well.

When I checked out the gelato menu on their website, I had high hopes for what we may encounter; however, today’s selections really weren’t knocking my socks off. As interesting as Lemon Basil and Lavender Peach sound, they don’t really appeal to my taste buds when I’m thinking of a cool, creamy treat.


So instead, I ordered a scoop of the Lemon Sorbet, which actually tasted like a mix between a melting lemon Italian Ice and frosty lemonade…but with a really bitter finish. Think: biting into a lemon wedge coated in a tiny bit of sugar (ahem, lemon drops, anyone?) Winking smile


It was tasty, but certainly nothing like my “Chunk O’Funk!”


Meg went with the Strawberry Banana gelato, which she said was pretty good, but like me, wasn’t super impressed.


Hey…ya can’t win ‘em all. Which we found out was especially true when we attempted to hit up Stop #3, only to discover that it no longer existed.

Total bummer. But either way, it was still a great way to kick off our “tour” and it was great to spend some time with Meg. Smile



Thankfully, my treats this afternoon were smaller than I had originally anticipated, so I was more than ready for the dinner that was awaiting me at home this evening.


Last night, I put out a call for slow cooker recipes on Twitter, and there were many of you that sent along some amazing sounding recipes. But I’m going to be honest; I ended up using none of them and just wound up throwing in a few items that I already had on hand to make a fun little dish, which we’ll call…



Rather than making sandwiches or tacos out of the chicken (since we had neither rolls nor taco shells) I served the chicken over some brown rice and topped it with a couple pinches of shredded cheese, an ear of corn (which I cut off the cob, obviously) and a couple broken tortilla chips.


For how incredibly easy this dish was, I will say that it was pretty darn awesome! I’m thinking maybe next time I’ll get a little wild and crazy and maybe throw some extra spices or veggies in there too.


Cupcake Wars…from Albany!

Just in case you’re as big of a nerd-o over cupcakes like I am, make sure to tune into tonight’s episode of Cupcake Wars (8pm EST).

Remember those cupcakes that my friend Rachel brought over a few weeks ago…?


Well they came from a local bakery here in Albany called Coccadotts, which is actually going to be featured on tonight’s episode. Pretty exciting, right?

If you need to find me between 8-9pm tonight, now you know where to find me. Winking smile

Questions for the Evening:

Any favorite slow cooker recipes to share out there?

Has there ever been any local-to-you restaurants that have been featured on tv?


  1. says

    Eeeeep girl I want that chunk o’ funk!!!!! It sounds so. good. I can’t get over chocolate covered pretzels it’s just sweet and salty crunchy smooth goodness all at once. With oreos nonetheless…they have my heart :) Slash I LOOOVE cupcake wars!!! I could watch that show errrrday (oh wait I do)

  2. colleen says

    I love cupcake wars!! I watch every week and each week my boyfriend has another ‘war’ show that he makes fun of me with like ‘blueberry war.’ There’s also been a place in Omaha that’s been on Cupcake Wars that won…the name is slipping my brain right now…but my dad goes there all the time! I think it’s Jones Cupcakes or something like that. A lot of places have been featured in Chicago. The one that tops my list is Orange. It’s a breakfast/brunch place in Chicago that is delightful and it gets so crowded on the weekends! They were featured on Rachel Ray’s tasty travels and a few others!

  3. says

    Wow that Chunk ‘o Funk ice cream sounds soooo good! Next time I want to be invited on your ice cream tour pleaseeee! 😉

    A restaurant called Evvia in Palo Alto was featured on Food Network’s Best Thing I Ever Ate and it was visited by Aaron McCargo from Big Daddy’s House. I still need to go there and try the dish he ordered!

  4. says

    I wish I had a friend who loved ice cream as much as I do. I would love to do an ice cream tour. I’ve been to the Donut Man in Glendora, CA which was featured on Huell Howser.

  5. says

    You are a girl after my own heart! Ice Cream! Cupcake Wars! I can’t wait for my boyfriend to install more space on the DVR. I’m missing all of my cooking shows. :(

    The 1st stop on your tour looks very cute & Chunk O’Funk sounds right up my alley! My brother will be a senior at Siena this year. I might have to make a pit stop during one of my visits. 😉 Your dinner also looked delish.

  6. says

    YUM that chunk ‘o funk ice cream sounds awesome! I don’t know of any places around me that have been featured on tv…apparently we don’t have anything that cool. Although, my high school was on national news my freshman year because some mom brought mace and a butcher’s knife to our front area so she could threaten a girl her daughter was having a fight with. Real cool westerville, real cool.. totally kidding haha

  7. Sam says

    FYI – There is a gelato stand on the 2nd floor of Colonie Center now. The raspberry and cream is to die for! :)

  8. says

    I love Cupcake Wars but I’ve seen a few episodes where you have to wonder WHAT ON EARTH were they thinking? 12 different ingredients roasted and thrown into a cupcake doth not a cupcake make.

    Durham has actually been featured in a Man vs. Food, and they did the Doughman challenge, an incredible relay race in which you have to enjoy a gourmet treat between each leg. It’s my dream to participate next year!!

  9. says

    Crockpot recipes have become a favorite of mine, especially since my husband and I got married. It’s nice to just throw everything in before work, and come home to a yummy smelling and delicious dinner! I got a cookbook called “The Slow Cooker Bible.” It has TONS of great crockpot recipes!

  10. Nicole says

    I love Coccadotts, I got my wedding cake from there and would love to watch them on Cupcake Wars. How fun!

    And did you know that Bobby Flay went up against Hattie’s (in Saratoga) on his Throwdown show? They battled it out at the track, and Hattie’s won!

    • Courtney says

      Yes! My husband and I have been wanting to go to Hattie’s for the longest time now…hopefully soon, since we hear it’s amazing!

  11. Sammy Jean says

    It’s a shame that Coccadotts didn’t do better on Cupcake Wars! :( I bet their cupcakes are delicious! We have a place in Naperville, IL that has awesome cupcakes. My fav is their Key Lime Pie, but even the Maple Bacon ones are awesome! I love cupcakes!

  12. JN says

    Until recently, I lived right around the corner from Emack & Bolio’s. Dangerous, I tell you, dangerous. I love those rice krispie and fruity pebbles coated ice cream cones. The two flavors you tried sound delicious and must be new, because I would have definitely tried both of them! Now I feel the need to swing by the old ‘hood and have some ice cream. :)

    • Courtney says

      It sure is! We almost went there yesterday but it was a little out of the way. It’s actually on the agenda for Round 2 😉

    • Courtney says

      My favorite is the raspberry swirl cake with white chocolate mousse filling and buttercream frosting. Ohhh emmm geeee… :)

  13. says

    A slow cooker recipe for spicy food lovers:

    Take boneless country style pork ribs and put them in the slow cooker with 2 cloves garlic, 2 cups broth (chicken, veg, whatever floats your boat) and the liquid crushed red pepper (to taste – lesson learned, DON’T use a ton, you won’t be able to eat it).

    Cook on low 4-5 hours. When the pork is done, drain and boil the juice, then mix in some roux made with a little flour and butter, until thickened. Serve over brown rice! Simple and delicious (but spicy!)

  14. says

    two of my favorite places in Albany! Emack & Bolio’s has awesome ice cream and its cute inside. While I agree that Crisan doesn’t necessarily have the most amazing gelato, their baked goods are OUT OF THIS WORLD! They are so delicious… the family that owns it is from Romania I think and their pastries are so amazing. Definitely try one of their pastries next time you’re by Lark Street :)


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