Tailgating at the Jets Game

Going to see a live football game is always such a great time!


And it’s even better when they WIN, too. That’s 2-0 for my Jets, baby!! Smile


I’ve been lucky enough to be able to go to quite a few Jets games in my lifetime, thanks to my dad now being a season ticket holder, and a diehard Jets fan for as long as I can remember.

This morning, Jay and I met my parents nice and early to hit the road to travel down and get set up to tailgate before the game. You guys know how I feel about tailgating and all…it’s the best part! Luckily, we got in no problems, got ourselves a spot, and got set up right away.


^^That picture there is how far away we were from the stadium. It was fantastic.


Since the game started at 1pm and we got there early, we planned on our first tailgating adventure for the day to be breakfast. Because I mean, hey, why not?


My dad packed up his trusty tailgating grill along with lots of the breakfast tailgating essentials: homefries, sausage, bacon, eggs, and bagels. All to make none other than…


Bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwiches, of course!


I opted for bacon over sausage on my bagel sandwich, along with some homefries. It was quite tasty.


Shortly after we finished up breakfast, we packed up the car to head in to our seats.


You know, for as many games as I’ve gone to, the amount of people still amazes me. Can anyone spot a familiar face creepin’ in the picture below?? Winking smile


Finally, we made it!


Thankfully, the sun started to shine shortly after we arrived at our seats and the temperature felt like it had to of jumped 20 degrees. All of us were pretty chilly while we were sitting and tailgating in the parking lot; but it got super warm while we were sitting in our seats.


But really, I’m not complaining; it was probably the warmest day that I’ll get to experience for quite a few months now…fall is right around the corner, and it’s coming quick!


Before we knew it, the game was getting started.


And then the Flight Crew came out (aka, the cheerleading squad) which, of course, both Jay and my dad had to pay extra close attention to.



They’re a couple of hams, I’ll tell ya. Winking smile


Once the game was over, and the Jets had their victory (WOOT WOOT!) we headed back down to the parking lot for tailgating, round 2.


Oh that’s right. We don’t mess around!


This time, it was a mix of burgers, hot dogs, and chicken sausage on the grill, along with some of my pasta salad. Mom also made some of her homemade Chex Mix after getting a special request from her favorite daughter.


This stuff is addicting. Like, REALLY addicting. I ate a lot of it.


I snagged a chicken sausage from the grill along with some pasta salad, too.


And then, of course, there was dessert. Remember yesterday when I said that I had to bake a batch of cookies before heading out to Oktobeerfest? Well, I DID have the time to make them, and I’m so glad I did.

These Chocolate Butterscotch Cheesecake Cookies are one of my favorites.


They honestly get softer the longer they sit, so by today, they were basically at the melt-in-your-mouth stage. I stopped counting how many I ate after 5…and I don’t really want to think about it either. Embarrassed smile


Once we finished up tailgating #2, we packed it up and hit the road…BUT…the fun for the day wasn’t over YET. Look at where I convinced my dad to stop!!


Oh Trader Joes, I love you.

We had to make it a quick stop, so I ran in just to stock up on a couple of my favorite snacks (we also made sure to pick up a couple of their pizza doughs, since they’re amazing).


Talk about a great day.

Heck, talk about a great weekend! There was definitely lots of fun happening this weekend, and I am now officially beat. I’ll be happy to get back to the grind tomorrow, along with some regular eating too…I’m actually looking forward to having a couple vegetables back in my life!

I hope everyone had just as great of a weekend, whether it was busy and on-the-go, or relaxing and peaceful. Smile

Questions for the Evening:

What was the highlight of your weekend?

Was yours busy or more relaxing?


  1. says

    Looks like you had a great day! I love tailgating (possibly more than I love football…what?) I’ve never been to an NFL game, just college (UConn!) but those are some seriously tasty looking snacks…

    The “i don’t want to think about how many ___ I just ate” applied to me this weekend, too, with Ghiradelli brownies. Yikes. So freakin’ addictive!

    P.S. I love cat cookies from TJs!
    Mallory @ It’s Only Life recently posted..8 Miles + A Night of Unhealthy

  2. says

    your weekend sounds AWESOME. i really want to go to a good football game- however those tickets dont come cheap! :(
    my weekend was a mix- busy during day relaxing at night! but did everything i needed including a long run and a good hair cut!
    Hannah recently posted..sunday funday?

  3. says

    Wow! I have never been tailgating but that looked super fun! I love that you guys made breakfast…especially because it was yummy bagelwiches and home fries! Some of my favorites <3
    Sam recently posted..Calm Weekend.

  4. says

    Don’t you just love that football season is finally here?! Besides everything pumpkin flavored, it’s the best part of fall! I’m actually sitting here watching the falcons vs. eagles as I am reading blogs…perfect sunday evening if you ask me! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend – nice tailgate, y’all know how to do it right 😉
    Cara @ EAT. PRAY. RUN. recently posted..Discombobulated

  5. Leah says

    Although I’m from Wisconsin, I’m secretly a Jets fan! Jim Leonhard is my 3rd cousin :) My mom’s maiden name is Leonhard, so we’re related!! I love going to professional football games. Lucky you!

  6. says

    What a great day! While your dad and Jay were looking at the Flight Crew I would have been looking for Mark Sanchez. Mmmhmm. lol. Trader Joe’s is always a winner. I haven’t been since July! :( Miss it so much!

    The highlight of my weekend was probably my run this morning. Otherwise I have been studying my face off…well trying anyways!
    Abby @ Abz ‘n’ Oats recently posted..Shoulda Studied Sunday

  7. says

    Oh my gosh I LOVE your dad’s shirt! I need a Rams version of that 😉

    The highlight of my weekend was watching Mizzou win Saturday’s game by 69 POINTS – okay, so they were playing Western Illinois which I wasn’t aware even had a D1 team, but still.

    Also your hair looks amazing – love the color!

  8. says

    Tailgating looks so delicious–> who knew football could be that fun! I hope your mom’s leg is doing ok?

    Sidenote- I did the pyramid run again this morning and luckily it wasn’t so killer this week! Nothing like a fab workout to kickstart the week!
    Khushboo recently posted..Perfection is overrated

  9. says

    So fun! Tailgating is really the best part of going to any game.
    We made a pit stop at Tj’s yesterday too!! I only went for a few things but somehow came out with 4 bags full. Opps. 😉 That always happens.

  10. Sabine says

    You look all super cute in your shirts!! :)

    I hope it is not annoying, but I have a question:
    I read about tailgating sometimes on your blog, but never knew this word before … is “tailgating” meeting with family/friends and going somewhere or does it mean something else, something special?
    (I looked up “tailgate” and it is a part of a car.)

    • Courtney says

      Not annoying at ALL!
      It’s basically just another way of saying “cooking out” or hanging out while eating/drinking. I think part of the reason it’s called “tailgating” is because people often do it at the back of their car…hence, the tailgate that you looked up. :)

  11. Sabine says

    Thank you so much for explaining, Courtney :) !

    I like to learn something new (well, most of the time).
    I love the english language.
    Soooo … I love to learn new english expressions, especially when it is “real life language”!

    (Plus, I am sure, there are other non-native speakers reading your blog – and there might be at least one other reader who thinks now “I am glad SHE asked” 😉 .)

    Btw, GOOD LUCK with your studying. You’ll become a great and inspiring personal trainer!

    (You already inspired me to work out in the mornings – me, the die hard night owl! -, before breakfast – just think of that! – and I like it so much I’ll try to stick with it, at least on the 7-ish-am-workout-days; no workouts in the wee hours of the morning in my nearest future, I’m afraid … there can happen just so many little wonders at one time :) .)

  12. Jill says

    My dad has season JETS tix also. Section 309. I had a wedding this weekend and missed the game. 2-0 makes me happy! I was at the first game.


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