Why I Like Working On Wednesdays

Well, let me tell ya; this afternoon’s lunchtime soup was onnnnn point.


To be perfectly honest with you, I’m actually enjoying this Spinach Lentil Soup a whole lot more than I ever thought I would have. I mean, I guess lentils have never really called out to me all that much, but they are seriously rock stars in that soup. If it wasn’t for the yummy dinner I packed with me for tonight, I probably would have eaten another cup of soup.


When Jay and I had our yummy chicken dinner on Monday night, we he cooked up a little extra to have for during the week. This morning, I incorporated half of a breast (because, again, it was pretty large…and I’m jealous) on top of a nice veggie salad, including romaine, cukes, tomato, red bell pepper, carrots, and goat cheese.


I also ended up finishing off the rest of a bag of Kashi crackers, a fun-size bag of Skittles, some cinnamon roasted almonds (YUM!) and an amazing, much-needed Caramel-Mocha iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts, courtesy of mi madre.


Have I mentioned before how much working with my mom makes Wednesdays that much better? Well, in case I didn’t…it does. A lot.

I was really needing some mom-time tonight, and she definitely delivered on more than just the coffee front. Thanks again, Mom!


I’m saving the pear you see above for when I get home, because I’m totally envisioning it to look a little something like this…

Paired with a vanilla Chobani and a crap-load of granola. Ohhhh yes.

Now let’s hope I get home soon so I can enjoy my snack and watch my favorite Wednesday night shows! 😉

Question for the Evening:

Why do you like Wednesdays?


  1. Helen says

    I like Wednesdays because it means I am halfway through the work week. It feels good to know that I have only 2 full days left of work :)


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