Giveaway Week–Day 2

**This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered!**

Well good afternoon, all of my little elves! Welcome to Day 2 of Giveaway Week!

Since yesterday’s giveaway was more involved in the foodie side of things, how about we switch things up a bit today?

Today’s giveaway incorporates two of my other favorite things: Fitness & Fashion.


You guys already know that I’m a big fan of Champion workout gear. A few months back, I was sent a couple of sports bras to review but unfortunately, they’re not my size. Yup, too big. Surprise, surprise.

But rather than send them back, I decided to hold onto them for a “special occasion.” Well, here’s that special occasion; you guys now get to benefit from my small chest – yay for you!

But you want to know what’s even more exciting? Today’s giveaway will have two winners! Woop woop! Check it out…


Sports Bra #1: Champion 360 Max Support Sports Bra (a $45 value!)

  • **Size of this bra is a MEDIUM = 34-36B-C**


Sports Bra #2: Champion SHAPE T-Back Sports Bra (my favorite sports bra EVER – a $38 value!)

  • **Size of this bra is 34B**


But wait…there’s MORE! (Do I sound like an infomercial yet??) Winking smile

With each sports bra, I’m also throwing in a copy of the Shiva Rea: More Daily Energy – Vinyasa Flow Yoga DVD.


Now, you can get your “OM” on and keep the girls in place at the same time. Saweet!

To Enter:

  1. (Mandatory) Leave a comment on this post telling me how you’re going to commit to fitness in 2012.
  2. (Optional) Tweet about the giveaway on Twitter and leave a comment telling me that you did. – “It’s Day 2 of @SweetToothCourt’s Giveaway Week. Check and see what she’s got today! –”
  3. (Optional) Share the giveaway on Facebook and leave a comment telling me that you did.

**This giveaway is now closed. Thank you to all who entered!**


  1. Meredith @ Dare You To says

    Ooh these look great! Champion’s the best. With sports bra #2 I’d have one more day of workouts before having to do laundry in 2012 :)

    I am committing to fitness in 2012 by continuing the gym classes I recently fell in love with (spinning, pilates, kickboxing), and I have committed to my running goals, which I’ll track with my new Garmin gps watch–my holiday gift to myself. I look forward to stretching my limits in the new year!
    Meredith @ Dare You To recently posted..Celebrate: Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

  2. Tuesday says

    My 2012 fitness commitment includes running at least one race per month. I think it’s doable, but I hope my bank account agrees 😉

  3. Courtney says

    I find when I sign up for a race, it keeps me committed to running… so I’m going to sign up for a 10k in January! Also, I’m committing to riding my bike to my volunteer position, even if it ends up turning into a paid job!

  4. Emily says

    I’m getting married in May of 2012 so i’m definitely going to be giving it my all to shape up after the new year!

  5. says

    For 2012, I’m already signed up for a spring marathon so my goal is to continue running steadily, keep up the cross training and get back to hot yoga because I love the feeling of sweating so much. It just gets spendy so I do it once every week or two. :)
    Lauren @ Sassy Molassy recently posted..Christmas Cookie Fun

  6. Kelsey Y. says

    To commit in 2012, I am planning to make exercise a part of my normal class schedule by trying to organize each day with a work out. Hopefully I will work towards a half-marathon in Duluth as well! I have been having “food troubles” and so I’m hoping all of that starts to come back to me! =)

  7. Heather B says

    I am going to continue on my fitness path but I do want to improve my times so that’s my commitment to 2012!! Thanks for the giveaways, that’s so sweet.

  8. says

    Awesome giveaway! I am getting a new treadmill for Christmas this year so I will definately be incorporating more running into my fitness routine in the coming year! Then I will also utilize my gym membership for BodyPump and other strength training! I really want to give TRX a try :)

  9. Dana says

    I would love to try a new workout DVD and I could always use new sportsbras. For 2012 I plan to continue with morning workouts, but would like to add more variety and taking hikes on the weekend with my husband.

  10. Megs says

    I am commiting to my fitness in 2012 by getting back into a habit that used to come so easy! I went from being a college cheerleader to a working girl with no energy and I can’t stand it! 2012 here I come!

  11. Jillian D. says

    In 2012, I want to commit to doing cardio at least 4 days a week and strength training four days a week (2 upper body days and 2 lower body). I NEED more weights (and yoga!) in my life.

  12. Katy says

    Love both the bras!!

    I have some major fitness plans for 2012! I plan to run two half marathons and am participating in a Ragnar Relay event. It’s a two day run with a group of 12 people running a combined total of 200 miles. My other fitness goal is to do 50 perfect military pushups. I hate pushups but they are a great way to work the upper body!

  13. Marcie says

    My commitments to fitness in 2012 will change as the year progresses. I am going to be in my 3rd trimester of pregnancy, and then losing “baby weight!”

    I would love this yoga DVD so I can do this modified at home for now, and also when I have my baby in April.

  14. Brianne says

    I have made the committment the past 3 months to 6 days a week at the gym and on sundays i get up and do something fun outside of the gym. I love the way I feel and I have been going down in sizes all over and that is enough motivation to keep it up in 2012!!!

  15. Samantha Miller says

    I will commit to fitness in 2012 by running my first half-marathon!! woot woot i’m pumped for this =) and I want to sign up for ‘out-of-my-comfort zone’ classes like spinning, yoga, body combat, etc. I usually don’t go to many classes but my motivation will be 10x what it was this year! I CAN’T WAIT!

  16. Jordan says

    I’m going to commit to running X amount of miles in 2012, running at least 2 half marathons and finishing the NROLFW.

  17. says

    Right now, I’m doing next to nothing in the exercise department. :( I plan on starting out slow by adding 10 minutes of exercise every day! Then I want to be able to add in more intense workouts 3-5 days a week! :)
    Grace Kennington recently posted..Silent Night

  18. Angela says

    I want to make a commitment to fitness next year by doing something active each day… Even if it’s something little like taking a walk–it’s better than doing nothing at all! :)

  19. Maggie says

    My commitment to fitness is to continue switching up my workouts so I never get bored and always leave the gym feeling accomplished :)

  20. Ada says

    What a fun giveaway! In 2012, I’ll commit to fitness by commiting to exercising for at least 30 minutes a day – no excuses. Whether walking or running, I’ll challenge myself each day!

  21. Kaitlin says

    I will continue to exercise each morning in 2012, but I also want to incorporate more outdoor physical activities, like hiking and biking, into my weekend activities.

  22. Elizabeth says

    I’m going to continue my new found love of hot yoga, keep going twice a week even though I will be starting a new job that is going to take up much of my time. Can’t wait :)

  23. Laura says

    I’m committing to fitness in 2012 by running my first half-marathon (already signed up for May 5th!) and hopefully doing my first half Ironman!

  24. Faith says

    Im signing up for a duathalon for May 12 and will commit to an intense biking/running training schedule. Yoga is the best way to stretch out after!

  25. says

    Wow. My fitness strategy is going to change for 2012 as I am moving from freezing cold Canada to Louisiana! My gym will also have to change… obviously. I hope to do more morning workouts, more outdoor workouts, and run more often! I also want to do the Jamie Eiason 12 week body transformation consistently for 12 weeks (right now I just pick random workouts when I want to change up my routine or do not have a class to go to).
    Chelsea @ Chelsea’s Health recently posted..Sigh of relief

  26. Caroline says

    I’m going to commit to fitness in 2011 by running a 5k. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I just started running (or run/walking!) a couple months ago and it would be an accomplishment for me!

  27. marci b. says

    In addition to my normal “5 day a week” gym routine i am starting to train for the disney 1/2 marathon with a few girlfriends! I have a destination wedding in Costa Rica in March – so until them i will be working extra hard in all areas of fitness!!! I would love to win a sports bra – they are one of the things that i hate spending money on!

  28. Jessie says

    I’m going to stop doing the “I’ll do it tomorrow” habit and actually try to lose the 30 lbs I’ve gained from thyroid issues!

  29. Laurie says

    I am committing to fitness in 2012 thanks to inspiration from you! I plan to start a healthy living blog in the new year–something I never considered until reading your blog. I will be incorporating different workouts into my daily routine to become well-rounded in my fitness, including yoga! Which, let’s be honest, I’m pretty terrible at this point :)

  30. Jessica says

    I’ll be committing to fitness by signing up for several races…this will ensure that I continue to run so I can continue to get in better shape!

  31. mzslyde says

    I am dedicating this year to health and fitness for ME. There hasn’t been enough ME time in my life for over a year now. So it’s time to take care of me this next year and not let anything get in the way of that. And that Bra #1 would fit perfect.
    And in that I also love yoga and plan to incorporate more of it into my routine so that I can become more limber.

  32. Alli says

    I’m committing to working out by signing up for a spinning class. I’m in a wedding this summer so it’s time to get into shape!! :)

  33. mom#to#three says

    I’m committing to keeping up my routine — hitting the gym at 5:30 am 2 or 3 days a week until the weather warms up, then heading out for runs in the morning. I should commit to better eating habits, but that is not going to happen!

  34. Tejal says

    I am committed to continuing with my once a week private yoga classes and 2 regular classes a week. I also hope to get back into running at least 3 times a week this upcoming year!

  35. Diana says

    I am going to be starting an internship in January that will have me working 70 plus hours a week, so my goal is to keep eating really healthy and squeeze in as much exercise as time allows.

  36. Sarah C says

    My husband has signed up to run a 10k with me instead of the usual 5ks I am comfortable with. This gives me a great goal for 2012 and a running buddy at the same time!

  37. Jody says

    I plan on finally joining a gym – um esp since exercise tv is no more :(
    My work out DVDs aren’t gonna make the cut! I need more variety!

  38. Erin says

    I’m hoping to run a marathon — I’ve done one a few years back and was training for one this year but got injured. 2012 is the year!!!

  39. Brittany says

    I am going to start going to the gym more! I have been slacking lately because of the holidays and finals.. I need to get back on track!

  40. Katie says

    My fitness goal for 2012 is to run 4 days a week and train for a half marathon that’s in May! I’ve been on the lookout for a great new sports bra and either of these would fit!

  41. Mary says

    In 2012 I am going to continue to do 5k’s and hope my time improves so I am not always the last one to finish! And if I win one of the bras I will look good doing it!

  42. says

    I got married 2 months ago and while I’ve never been happier some of my good habits have fallen to the wayside. I know I’m the only one who can change it so I’m making healthy fitness and diet goals now!

  43. Megan says

    I’d like to commit to continuing my fitness routine in 2012 through out the semester. I start out very strong every semester I go to college and then homework/exams get the best of me and I quit a month or two in, I’d really like to change that :]

  44. says

    I am going to commit to fitness by purchasing a desk calendar to check off my workouts. Then I’m going to take the calendar to work so I have to stare at it for at least eight hours a day and feel lamesauce if I didn’t work out.

  45. Jeanne says

    I’m going to try switching it up more. I’m a total creature of habit but I know changing up your routine is good!

  46. Amanda says

    I’m going to reach my goal of doing unassisted pull ups, and try to balance weights with cardio better by including at least 3 cardio sessions each week. More classes! More variety! More fun!

  47. Ashley says

    I tweeted too!!
    I plan on recommitting to healthy fitness. After recovering from an eating disorder and over exercising I plan on staying healthy by fueling myself with good food so I can exercise in a healthy way. Eventually I want to start training for my first half marathon. woo hoo!!

  48. Sarah says

    I’ve gotten the habit of daily exercise down, but in 2012 I really want to experiment with new cardio and commit to strength training!

  49. Jennifer says

    2012: I want to run my first 5k in March and I hope to run a 10k by the end of the year. I also want to tone up and keep working out at least 5 days a week.

  50. Karen says

    I love this giveaway! I am pregnant and am due January 1st (hoping the baby comes sooner) and I am planning to get back into shape as soon as my body is ready for it. I want to incorporate more yoga into my fitness plan for 2012. I am also signing up for a 5k in March.

  51. Jordan K. says

    I’m going to commit to fitness in 2012 by finally registering for a Half Marathon! I’ve been too chicken to do it until now but it’s been something I’ve wanted to do, so come Jan. 1, 2012 I start my training! Yippee!

  52. Nicole says

    How fun! I plan on switching things up a bit in 2012, with a membership to my local community indoor pool. My husband and I are actually going to check it out tonight to make sure it is as nice as it looks on the website!

  53. Courtney says

    I signed up for a 10K in March! The longest I’ve run is 5K, so I have 3 months to increase my distance and meet my goal.

  54. Kimberley says

    I want to try to incorporate more yoga and stretching into my life, so I am going to find some at home dvds and try to find some classes at my university gym that will fit around my schedule!

  55. Lisa says

    I finally figured out the best time of day to work out for ME. I have to do it while the kids are relaxing before bedtime. i throw in a dvd and they jump around me or try to do it with me. It keeps everyone involved and then i get to actually relax on the couch once they’re in bed :) They seem to love it so far and it’s working wonders for me. My 3 1/2 year old(her version is kid friendly) and i have been doing Jillian Michaels yoga meltdown, so a new yoga dvd would be great :)

  56. Lindsey says

    I’m signed up for a race in February (my first one)!! Hopefully this will help me stay more consistent wit my running!

  57. Kaitlyn says

    in 2012, I am going to be more dedicated to my health and fitness. I plan to do this, by dedicating 3-5 days at the gym WITHOUT using “I have school/work” as excuses. I can go to the gym in between work and school because 30 minutes CAN make a difference. I intend on trying many different options at the gym (classes, trainer, independent circuits) I hope it works! :)

  58. says

    omgomgomg…. I have this exact dvd on my wishlist! And i’m a 34b! This giveaway is perfect!

    anyway…. I’m planning to continue my efforts to work out at least four times a week in 2012 and I want to encourage myself to add weights at least twice a week (I’m a yoga lover and a runner!)

  59. Nicole says

    I am going to commit to fitness in 2012 by getting enough sleep and getting my workout done right away in the morning so I don’t get too busy to get a workout in each day.

  60. Yena Hu says

    What a great giveaway! I will commit to my fitness plans by incorporating pilates more into my weekly workouts – finding something you love really makes a difference :)

  61. Makenna says

    I’m going to try to switch up my fitness goals a little bit and incorporate more weight training in my routine. I also would like to sign up for my very first 1/2 marathon!

  62. Nicki says

    My commit to fitness will be working out at my new gym Mon-Fri at 5am! Now that I’ll have a work from home job, I’ll need to be active and keep a solid schedule…otherwise I’m all over the place workwise!
    Love this giveaway Courtney, thank you!!!

  63. says

    Oh, this is perfect- the bras are my size!!! :) And I need some bras. I plan to attend yoga at least once weekly, in addition to four gym visits per week. I was quite good about being regular with fitness this semester, even though I just started a master’s program at Harvard this fall…so hopefully I will continue!

  64. Sherry says

    I would love to win!

    One of my fitness goals is to do more yoga, I’ve been doing it a couple days a week but want to do more. I also want to try the bob harper workout DVD’s and Jillian Michaels new ones as well!

  65. Vanessa says

    Hellllo! :) In 2012 I am going to be super busy because my clinical rotations will be increasing and so therefore I will be committing to working out every morning at 4:30! That’s right…4:30…but it’s the only time I will have on most days because I am too tired and have to much work when I get home! Should be a fantastic year :)


  66. Kim says


    Here are my fitness goals for 2012:
    1) Lose 50 lbs. by June 30, 2012 to look hawt for my son’s wedding.
    2) Do 100 full military-style pushups without stopping to rest by June 30, 2012.
    3) Commit to practicing yoga 3 times a week for a more focused mind!

  67. Tori says

    I’m going to continue to make my health a priority by going to the Y 5-6 times a week and keeping my workouts fun, with a side of some healthy delicious eating and a treat every now & then of course!

  68. says

    I am going to continue my usual cardio routine and hit the gym 5-7 times a week, as I do now. However, I am also making a new commitment to Yoga and weight training. I will attend Yoga class at least one time per week and will work on strengthening all of my muscles by alternating weight routines. I am excited to see the results of my new fitness commitment!
    Kellie @ Compelled To Do So recently posted..Words & Sounds

  69. Tracy says

    I am going to stay motivated to workout 5x a week by remembering how WONDERFUL I feel during and after I am done. Nothing feels better than knocking out your workout in the early morning and feeling great the rest of the day.

  70. Leslie says

    Even though I’m pregnant I will commit to exercising five times a week which is less than the seven days I did with my first pregnancy but having an 18 month old makes me a little more tired this time.

  71. Erin says

    In 2012, instead of saying I am going to drop the usual 10 lbs, I think I will just focus on making my body the healthiest it can be :)

  72. Amy says

    For 2012, I plan on continuing with my current fitness plan woth Tone It Up. I’m moving to a new town , hour away and found they have a Power Yoga studio right near my new house! I plan on joining that studio since I never done yoga before and it would be neat to start a new fitness routine. :)

  73. Christina Peterson says

    I started last year with a resolution of loosing weight, I lost 14lbs doing Zumba 4 days a week for an hour each time, I loved it!!! Sadly the instructor moved on to new things and the new one was much younger and higher energy, and did what look more like hip hop dancing to hip hop songs, so I gave up and gained 8lbs back. I recently found a yoga group I love, it’s only once a week though! I’m trying to find new avenues, I have yet to try any videos at home, I hate to waste the money and see it sit on the shelf, so here is a great opportunity to try a video from a highly recommended person (YOU!) for free.

  74. Megan Guthrie says

    I am going to commit to fitness in 2012 by keeping a workout book. I want to run at least 3 to 4 days a week with some strength training in between. Also, I want to eat healthier as well.

  75. says

    I am currently doing @runcupcakes 30 for 60 day challenge I think I want to stick with it all through 2012! I am liking the butt kicking of No breaks and at least 30 mins a day!

  76. says

    In 2012 I am going to make sure I get my workouts done in the morning before school so I don’t have to worry about it later in the day. I am also going to be doing the couch to 5k running program because I wanna be a runner!

    Ahhh those bras are in my size btw!! (:
    Olivia @unleashingmymind recently posted..Ten on Tuesday

  77. Bryana says

    I signed up for half marathon in March so that I have a goal to keep me on track with running! These sports bras are just what I need to keep me comfy while I run!

  78. Teresa says

    I ran 3 5K’s last year. I’d like to increase the number this year. I also want to try Zumba, and practice yoga 3-4 times per week. Bring on 2012!!

  79. Melissa says

    Im going to commit to fitness by working out in the morning before work so I don’t have any excuses when its cold and snowy outside.

  80. Kathryn says

    I’m going to keep up my workout schedule- 5-6 days a week. I want to do more yoga but haven’t found any videos since ExerciseTV ended. Goal: find a good yoga video:)

  81. Rachel S says

    My goal for 2012 is to complete the Lavaman Triathlon on April 1st. All of my friends keep asking if this is an April Fools joke. My quads are really hoping that’s the case ;). I’m super excited to compete in my first endurance event.

  82. Meghan says

    For 2012, i plan on getting my workout in at the start of the day and later in the day. Less likely to skip out haha

  83. Allison says

    I would like to run more in 2012 and do at least 5 5k races instead of just the one I’ve been doing the last few years

  84. says

    those are amazing!! i am going to be committing to workout PERIOD in 2012! i have tried all this year getting into routines but having a sales job my schedule changes every month so it’s been hard! just got a promotikon working 9-6 so i really want to put myself to the challenge and keep at it!
    Amanda recently posted..Birthday Month

  85. says

    i’m finally healthy and ABLE to concentrate on fitness again. a HUGE accomplishment for me. Recovering from my ED has been a struggle and I am finally getting to the point where I can work out and focus on health. not weight. I LOVE IT.

  86. Sarah says

    Committing to fitness 2012 isn’t even a choice, it is a necessity to my daily life. Fitness balances my mood, helps me sleep, and makes the day that much better!

  87. Cassandra Palumbo says

    I plan to work out 5 days a week and sign up for some races. My main goal is to run my Second half Marathon and set a PR.

  88. Emily says

    I’m committed to fitness in 2012 by signing up for a race to keep me on track with my running goals! I also want to try a yoga class, because in my commitment to fitness I also want to learn to love exercises that aren’t just cardio-based!

  89. Katherine M. says

    My husband and I are going to try in 2012 to learn to workout together. I often hate going to the gym at night b/c it takes away from our time together but we’re hoping to find ways to workout that we can do together!

  90. Arimey says

    I’m committing to fitness by getting back into morning workouts. I was doing so well in the spring/early summer and was really happy with myself and how I felt. I want to get back there!

  91. Marjorie says

    I love running and I plan on running 2 1/2 marathons this year- The Honolulu Half and Run like a Diva 1/2 marathon with a group of friends! Excited to start training!

  92. Kim says

    I’ve been doing 30 day shred on and off for years but have never completed 30 days. I’m going to own it in 2012! Happy Holidays!!

  93. Melanie says

    I would like to get back into yoga, I’ve done it in the past and loved it. But more importantly, I’m going to start going back to Zumba classes! They are by far my favorite way to work out…you get to have fun and work up a sweat at the same time :)

  94. Farrah says

    This year I am going to pace myself with lifestyle changes as opposed to going all out full force dieting with exercise. Making changes to my lifestyle are long term ways to be healthy and I need to make changes that are realistic and that I can stick with!

  95. Lauren says

    I’ve been running for a few years now and run races every year, but I’m looking to sign up for a bigger one in 2012 (hopefully a half marathon). With a goal in mind, I’ll be more committed to working out!

  96. Emily K says

    I am signing up for my second full marathon and buying/committing to yoga and pilates at least 2 times a week at my studio!

  97. Sarah says

    In 2012 I’m actually going to start going to yoga 3 times a week and cut back on cardio! I’ve been going twice a week for awhile now and it is really helping the tendinitis in my knee :) that’s my commitment for the new year

  98. Sarah says

    In 2012 I’m actually going to start going to yoga 3 times a week and cut back on cardio! I’ve been going twice a week for awhile now and it is really helping the tendonitis in my knee :) that’s my commitment for the new year

  99. Sri D says

    What a perfect giveaway! I love yoga and those bras are just my size :)

    In 2012 I will continue my commitment to fitness by adding to my 3 yoga classes a week by trying some new (for me). I just signed up for my first 10k for Jan!

  100. says

    Im training for a half marathon in February so continuing with training and incorporating training because I’m loving the glutes that are making an appearance on my backside 😉

  101. Maggie says

    First of all, after your last post–you have the cutest friends ever! Congratulations! to commit to fitness in 2012, I ran my first half marathon in November, and I am going to run another one…I just have to figure out which one. I am leaning towards the St. Patrick’s Day one in Virginia Beach or the Flying Half-Pirate Marathon in the Outer banks!

  102. Joy says

    In 2012 I am going to commit to making more necessary “me” time to excercise my body and mind. I will work towards putting my health and happiness first in my life, and incorpating yoga will be my first step. I’d love to kick off my workouts in 2012 with some new gear and videos!! Thank you for your inspiration.

  103. Carly says

    I am verrry eager to commit to fitness in 2012! Hey, with a new sports bra and se t of yoga DVDs, how could I not?! I love working out 4-5 times a week and am just starting to learn more about yoga – this would be perfect!! I read your blog every day and it always adds a fun tip or recipe to my day :)

  104. Abby F says

    I am going to commit to fitness in 2012 by fitting fitness in to my life 5xs a week for my wedding in May!! I wear a 34B- so that one would be the perfect size!

    I also shared this on facebook :-)

  105. says

    First of all, love your blog!

    Second, these are my size! And I loooove Champion sportswear! AND I need some new sports bras!

    I have been working on losing weight and getting fit since mid-October. I’m looking to lose ~30 pounds to get me to 130. (I’m 5’6″.) By December 2, I had gone from 159 to 150 simply by eating well and working out. So I’m 1/3 of the way to my goal!

    However, December has set me back quite a bit. I was sick with a horrible chest cold the first week of December and then on December 9th I had my wisdom teeth removed. All 4 were impacted so it has made recovery very difficult. I have also been dealing with a recurrence of my endometriosis (diagnosed 2005) and was told I needed to have another invasive surgery to try and give me a couple years of being (mostly) pain-free. That surgery was today.

    My goal is to be completely recovered from all of my surgeries by January. While I have not gained weight in the midst of all this, I haven’t really lost either. My live-in boyfriend and I have made a pact already to work out everyday in January and I think we’ll be able to do it. I have signed up for another 10K in March (this is my 3rd year) and I plan to train for a half-marathon and possibly even a Tough Mudder. I track all my food and exercise on MyFitnessPal (username: kristelpoole) and write a blog about healthy eating. I’m also committing to starting classes in 2012 toward my ultimate goal of becoming an RD. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and take it seriously; I obviously have a plan!

    That said, these new sports bras are something I could go out and get myself but it would mean a lot (new beginnings and triumph over struggles and whatnot) to win them in something like this. Very kind of you to give us the opportunity and I congratulate whoever is lucky enough to win!

    Happy Holidays!
    Kristel (Stirring Things Up) recently posted..Holiday Wish Lists

  106. Stacy says

    I’m going to try to work out in the morning, rather than procrastinate and have it weigh on my mind until it’s done.

  107. Daniela says

    I plan on continuing to bike/run 3-4 days a week along with my yoga on off days! Its been working pretty well, so hopefully my schedule will continue to allow it!

  108. Kayla says

    I’m going to commit to fitness in 2012 by keeping with my gym membership and exercising between 4-7 days a week. It’s not only important for my figure (too many holiday sweets ahhh) but also for my sanity!

  109. Sarah B. says

    This year, my goal is to mix more strength training/plyometrics/stretching into my workouts instead of just relying on my fall back workout of running. Time to get creative!

  110. Amanda says

    I plan on signing up for a half marathon and a handful of other races. I am going to be committed in 2012, as I have my wedding to keep me on task! After dropping a signigicant amount of weight over the past year, I can’t wait to walk down that aisle!!

  111. Brittany V says

    In November, a group of us at work started a “biggest loser” challenge for 12 weeks – it was so motivating and helped me get back into a fitness schedule and improved my healthy eating – I feel so good that I plan to keep it up, and we’re planning a “Round 2 biggest loser challenge” after the holidays!

  112. Michelle S. says

    Hello! I feel like I have finally found fitness…again. After a long time in finding something I would enjoy, I have finally found a gym that offers everything I love about fitness, as well as yoga, yippee! My goals for the new year is to increase my stamina at the gym (both in terms of length and number of days) as well as get to my weekly yoga classes. It feels so great to be back at the gym!

  113. Katie says

    I signed up for my longest run to date…the Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC on April 1! It’ll be a love/hate relationship with the training thats for sure.

  114. Jerica says

    I’m going to commit to fitness this new year by getting back into RUNNING! I ran a relay marathon in October and have taken a 2 month hiatus from running since then. I really miss it but it’s hard to motivate myself to run in the winter!!

  115. Erin says

    I’m going to still workout 6 days a week. It’s such a part of my routine that I can’t imagine not doing it next year!

  116. Rt says

    I’ve made the commitment to become a yoga teacher and will begin my training in January! Super excited these bras are my size!

  117. Lou says

    I’m going to try to commit to fitness for 2012 by getting up each morning the same time as my husband and leaving with him when he goes to work so I can go to the gym! And if I feel like it I will go to some afternoon classes too but I won’t kick myself for it if I don’t make it there, as I know I would have done my work out for the day in the morning anyway!

  118. fallon says

    I am training for my first 1/2 marathon and have a garmin on my xmas list to help with my training! And i could use a new sports bra :)

  119. says

    In 2012 I have already made the commitment to complete two half marathons. So I will be committing to more regular gym visits and taking exercise classes. I am so excited about completing two more half marathons. The bras would be a great reward to keeping the girls in place :)
    Hali D recently posted..Weekly Quiet Review

  120. Samantha says

    I’ve already started to get up an hour earlier so I can wake up and flow youtube yoga videos and it feels so good, and then later do a strength/cardio workout when I get home from work/school. So I plan to keep it up!

  121. Nicole S says

    I’m going to commit to fitness in 2012 by eating 3 square meals a day on the weekend…instead of being a snack monster!

  122. Andrea Ada says

    I am already pretty committed to fitness, keeping a log of what I eat and in the gym or doing some form of exercise about 6 times a week, however I would like to increase my strength gains, and my primary goal is to increase my ability to do push ups/pull ups.

  123. Natalie says

    I will commit to my fitness goals in 2012 by incorporating new ways of cardio into my fitness regime! I’m an avid runner, but after being diagnosed with a stress fracture, I’ve been told I can’t run for a good two months. But I hope to take up swimming and cycling instead to stay fit and healthy!

  124. Chelsea M says

    Love love this giveaway, I am in desperate need of new sports bras!

    I am committing to fitness in 2012 by making sure I go to yoga at LEAST once a week, it’s so reenergizing and great for flexibility.

  125. susan says

    Commit to cont. my workouts at the gym. try to get together more with girlfriends (suppose to help with stress and happiness and eat healthy. always looking for a good sports bra!

  126. Catherine says

    In 2012 I’m going to commit to fitness by keeping a diet and workout log … that way I can look back on my fitness improvements and say ‘WAHOO!’ 😀

  127. Andrea says

    I am committing to more rest days! As wonderful as working out is for the body rest is just as important! 1-2 rest days a week!

  128. Sue says

    I’m due on 2/3 with my first, so my first fitness goal of 2012 is to keep doing what I’ve been doing (running/jogging, elliptical, walking, yoga/stretching) until I give birth. My second goal will be to get back to my pre-pregnancy running pace post-birth!

  129. Jill says

    In 2012 I want to incorporate more HIIT training- I just finished my first half marathon and I’m looking to lose about 10 more pounds in 2012!

  130. Sarah R says

    I have only been running for the past several months and I am addicted! I love how it makes me feel and in 2012 I plan to really commit to running and try to get in a few more days of strength also!

  131. Michele says

    2012 brings more focus on yoga and stretching for me! I tend to only go to classes where I leave a sweaty mess, but I definitely need to put more focus on flexibility.

  132. Tiffany says

    I just registered today to run the RockNRoll half marathon in Nashville! I am committing to being fit by continuing to run and I am also figuring out how to incorporate yoga and strength training into my routine. Thanks for hosting such awesome giveaways this week!

  133. Alison says

    My goal is to run another half marathon in 2012.. my boyfriend and I love doing challenges about how many miles we will run in a month and so forth which helps keep me motivated :)

  134. renae says

    I’m trying to incorporate more strength training into my workouts, and for a fun twist using a hula hoop to spice things up. :)

  135. Becca B says

    i am going to try my hardest to be better at incorporating weight lifting and yoga into my running and cardio routine. i need to be more well balanced!

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