Lunch Date With Dad & A Little Shopping

I’ve only got about another hour left until I officially have my new car starter and I can.not.wait. From the looks of it, it seems like it’s a good thing I got it done today because it’s starting to look more and more wintery out there. Booo.

Earlier today, before heading out, I wound up doing a quick superset workout which was great. I’ll definitely be sharing soon because I loved everything about it – quick and effective for sure!

Once I had that checked off my to-do list, I dropped off my car to get worked on and then it was time for my lunch date. We ended up at a place in downtown Albany called Wolf’s 1-11; I’ve been here once but it went by a different name. Nothing mind-blowing, but we did score a seat upstairs which left us with a pretty cool view.


For lunch, I decided to order their Waldorf Salad.


The chicken was nice and fresh, which I loved, but it wasn’t until I finished taking the photos that I realized that half of my order was wrong.


The waitress remembered to get my walnuts and blue cheese on the side, but I had no apples, no grapes, no croutons, and the completely wrong dressing. Luckily, she was very sweet and got it switched out pretty quick…but then my dad went and got me paranoid that somebody probably went and peed on it.


Oy vey. I can always count on dad to crack jokes. Always. Smile


After my fun lunch date with that handsome devil above, I headed out to the mall quick to pick up a few necessities.


Since I’ll be starting up at the new job full time next week, I figured it’d be a good idea to stock up on a few extra pairs of black stretch pants. I’ve always loved the Stretch Fold-Over Pants from Express, and they were even buy 1 get one 50% off. Pair that with my $15.00 off birthday coupon, and it wasn’t too bad of a deal!


I was also in need of some new studs, so I went and picked up my trusty “buy 2 get 1 free’s” from Claire’s (aka, my favorite place to buy earrings – I don’t care what anyone else says). My typical purchase is almost always two pairs of studs (since I have three holes and leave these in the top two) and one pair of fun ones. These hoops totally stood out to me today.


Once I got my necessities, I bolted out of that mall as fast as I could in order to stop myself from doing major damage with the credit card. Today was definitely one of those days where everywhere I turned, I thought “wow, I need that.” It was not good.

BUT, I managed to get out without doing any harm to the plastic, and rewarded myself with a pit stop at Starbucks for an iced coffee.


Don’t worry…I had a gift card. Winking smile

Now I’m planning on catching up on a few more things while I’m here before heading back out to pick up my car. Hopefully this snow lets up a bit because I really, really dislike driving in it…especially during rush hour!


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    mmm, that iced coffee looks delicious! What is your iced coffee order. I always get overwhelmed at starbucks and it ends up tasting like junk. I actually prefer DD but I need to spend my Starbucks gift card!
    Allison recently posted..ashamed

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    I get most of my earrings from Claire’s too… I always end up losing one after a few months so I never can justify spending too much. Looks like a fun lunch with dad… my dad visited me last weekend and it was so fun having daddy daughter time!
    Lindsay @ biking before bed recently posted..11 Things

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