That Baby Has Moves!

Hey guys! Thanks so much to everyone who’s been linking up some of their favorite recipes for the Super Bowl tomorrow. I’ve already got a few that have caught my eye, so keep ‘em coming. I’ve already started making out my grocery list!

So I just had to pop in quick this afternoon to share a video that Jay showed to me earlier this morning before I left for work. Maybe you guys have seen this, but considering the fact that we just talked about baby humor yesterday, I had no choice but to show you guys this one.


That little cutie could totally kick my butt in table tennis…you won’t be finding me at the table anytime soon. Winking smile

Alrighty…time to go find me some new sneaks. It’s only been, ohh I don’t know, over four months since I’ve been searching. Wish me luck!


  1. dee says

    I love the “I F*CKING LOVE COLORING!” kid..and i loved it even more when someone changed the i love coloring caption to “DRAW SO HARD! THAT SHIT CRAY-ON” :) ANYWAY! i just got fitted for shoes yesterday and picked up the saucony ride 4 shoe. I love the look of the minimalist shoes, but I guess they’re a little too hardcore for me right now..cant wait to see the shoe you pick out (if you decide on one)!

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