Jell-O Shots for St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!

Where are all my fellow Irish men and women out there today?

So yesterday morning when I stopped at the grocery store, I ended up with a HUGE hankering for a reuben sandwich. Knowing that I had to work until about 6:00pm last night (great shift, by the way…even had a blog reader take my class! Hey Emily!) I figured a quick, easy dinner at home would be ideal.

Enter, my Turkey Reuben.


I went with turkey reubens, since Jay is not a huge fan of corned beef, but I was shocked that I was still able to get him to eat the sauerkraut. Victory!


To make our reubens, I bought a small loaf of marbled rye, spread each slice with some homemade Russian dressing, two slices of Swiss cheese, a few slices of low-sodium turkey, and sauerkraut. I then sprayed the outside with a little spray butter and let them grill up to perfection.

Not only did they taste like restaurant quality, but I loved knowing that they didn’t have nearly the amount of fat and calories as one from a restaurant. Another victory!

On the side, I served some Alexia Sweet Potato Fries which I got a coupon for to try out through the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.


I usually just make my own fries, but I will admit that these tasted delicious and I really loved just being able to grab them straight from the bag. They’re definitely ideal for when you’re pressed for time.

*edited to fix all of my spelling errors on “reuben.” Woops, my bad!

After dinner, Jay and I got to work on a few things to get ready for today’s St. Patty’s Day celebrations…


I put together a batch of my Overnight French Toast.


And Jay mixed up some festive green Jell-o shots for St. Patrick’s Day…

green Jell-o shots for St. Patrick's Day

Yup, many of you guys guessed right


We’ll see how they turn out! Winking smile

Alright, it’s about time to go get ready and let the shenanigans begin. Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. says

    Wow I bet any kind of sandwich which includes marble rye would be out of this world- never even seen this kind of bread! After making about 100 jello shots for a Diwali party 2 years ago, I must say I am quite the pro! Have a great day! :)

  2. says

    i’ve never been one to love reuban sandwiches, but my mom ordered one when we were out to lunch a few weeks ago, and i ended up loving it! i think it was always one of those things that i thought i wouldn’t like, so i never really tried it for myself. your version sounds great, and now i’m thinking a reuban sandwich might have to be in order for lunch today! 😉
    Ashley @ My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries recently posted..It’s The Little Things

  3. says

    What a fun day! :)

    That sandwich looks amazing! And I love sweet potato fries! :)

    I really must try the overnight frenchtoast. I hope you guys have a great St Patricks day!

  4. says

    So the hubby and I were thinking about going out last night and decided to stay in and make our own dinner & im glad we did- we had steak, chicken, sweet potatoe fries and salad- It was way better than a restaurant meal!

    Have a great day Courtney!

  5. Laura says

    Have been craving a turkey reuben for weeks!! I may just have to make my own now!!! Those Jello shots look dangerous! 😉


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