One Year To The Day

Looky looky what I got today!


That’s right…this morning, I became $82.00 richer after trading in a big bag of clothes at Clothes Mentor. It wasn’t until shortly after the last time I dropped clothes off at Plato’s Closet that I found out Clothes Mentor takes more “adult” clothes. I actually had quite a few pieces of “teacher” clothing that I didn’t plan on wearing again, so I packed it all up and got rid of it.

Speaking of teaching, talk about ironic…it just so happens that the day I get rid of many of my teaching clothes is exactly one year to the day that I found out about my teaching job, or lack thereof. Boy, a lot sure can happen in a year, can’t it? All for the better though, I say!

So back to this morning and that $82.00 I earned. Want to know what I did with it? Welllll, I headed to Target, that’s what I did.

I got myself an iced coffee from Starbucks to walk around with…


…and within about two hours, all of those $82.00 were spent. You’re not surprised, are you? 😉


I picked up a couple basic t-shirts, a C9 workout tank, C9 sports bra, a super-cute spring sweater, and a pretty fashion scarf. I’m super excited about all of my new purchases.


By the time I got home, I was about ready for lunch, but it was early (for me…12pm) so I decided to break things up a bit. Mini-lunch #1 was a pretty amazing treat…


I topped two Wasa crackers each with raspberry Polaner All-Fruit, a slice of deli chicken, an egg white, and half a slice of Swiss cheese. It might sound random to you, but I swear, it was THE best mini meal I’ve eaten in a while. Thanks, Alyssa, for the idea!


I also snacked on a cara cara orange with mini meal #1.

The rest of the afternoon was spent tackling all of my to-do’s, and I must say, the productivity over here was stellar. I got a bunch accomplished, even though some of my blog-related tasks are taking a LOT longer than I anticipated (I’m working on revamping a few of my pages – currently, the recipe page – for easier navigation).

Around 3:30, I decided to take a break for mini meal #2: a few handfuls of veggie chips and a black cherry Chobani.


Now, Jay is working on cooking up our dinner out on the grill, so I’m about to take a break from this computer and go get the rest of the goods ready to go…it smells yummy already!

Question for the Evening:

What’s the last fun purchase you made that you’re excited about?


  1. says

    You spent less than $100 at Target!!!! You did the impossible! I think one time I walked out after spending $99. I considered it a win :)

  2. says

    I love Target! I can get into a lot of trouble there. I like their clothes, but I noticed before I lost my weight that I felt larger in their clothes. I would wear a XL in normal clothing and XXL in Target brands and some would be too small still. Now that I have actually lost weight their clothes fit much better!
    I love getting clothes in the mail or out shopping. I cannot wait to wear new outfits. I love the scarf! I may have to go find one :) lol
    Ashlee @ Step in the Right Direction recently posted..Feeling Good

  3. says

    Wahoo for making money on old clothes…I love doing that…and then I’ll just spend my money right away too! I just bought some new summer clothes
    Lisa recently posted..Manmaker

  4. says

    The last fun purchase of mine was a Moshi Moshi phone handset…in pink (so cliche, I know)! I bet you are way more a fan of your new work attire (as opposed to what you wore as a teacher)- I know I would be :)!
    Khushboo recently posted..Wednesday Waffle

  5. Sarah says

    Another Target shopper here! Yesterday, I had an hour to kill to I headed over to Tarjay and picked yup two great little dresses for the Summer/Spring and a pair of nude colored heels-can’t wait to wear them!

  6. Shannon says

    I JUST found your blog and I’m loving it! Your kitty cat is so adorable..I’m a little bit of a cat lady myself :-)

    Last purchase I was super excited about would have to be the adorable dress I snagged on ideeli yesterday. It’s too cute :-)

  7. Katie says

    Would you ever consider donating your clothes to charity? I know it’s nice to have the extra cash, but there are some great organizations out there. Especially with teacher clothes – many women’s shelters collect professional clothing to help women in abusive relationships re-enter the workforce!

  8. Katie says

    Would you ever consider donating your clothes to charity? I know it’s nice to have the extra cash, but there are some great organizations out there. Especially with teacher clothes – many women’s shelters collect professional clothing to help women recovering from abusive relationships re-enter the workforce!

    • Courtney says

      Yup! Absolutely – anytime there’s clothes leftover that they don’t want to take, I always leave the rest for them to donate. I probably had about 1/3 of my bag of clothes from yesterday get donated. :)

  9. says

    I actually don’t buy a lot of things for myself. I only buy what I really need. I don’t really like to bug too many people to get stuff for me. Last year, I didn’t even want anything for Christmas originally, but then I got my babycakes Cupcake maker from my parents and I’m loving it (although it’s a pain to make 40 cupcakes in an hour’s time- only if each cupcake holder goes off at different times, a mistake that I made).
    Shannon recently posted..‘Hunger Games’ mania

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