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Mornin’! I’m already feeling a bit spazzy today…how’s everyone else doing so far? Good weekend? Here’s what was happenin’ around my neck of the woods…

So I just could NOT get myself out of bed this morning. I had the alarm set for 5:30am with intentions of snoozing until probably 6:00, getting in my workout for the day, then shower/get ready for work at 9:00am. Buuuuut no, that did not happen…instead, I snoozed all the way up until 7:15am. Ughh, talk about being a bum.

Bottom line? I need to get my booty to bed earlier. Somebody please hold me accountable, mmkay?

Now the workout will have to be pushed off until sometime later today, which sort of stinks because I have a pretty ambitious To-Do list and I know my motivation will be waning. We’ll see what happens…


Another breakfast classic today, ready in about 5 minutes thanks to my microwave egg “poof” cooker


Egg white, provolone and raspberry jam sandwich on a toasted whole wheat English muffin.

Plus a side of fresh, juicy cantaloupe.




I’ve got lots on the agenda today, including some grocery shopping…it’s slim pickins’ in the produce department around here.

Oh hey, Happy Victoria Day to all of my Canadian friends up there!

Question for the Morning:

Are you a snooze button kind of person? Any tips for NOT relying on it so much??


  1. jessie says

    So i’ve been meaning to tell you about this work out; not sure where i got it from.. but it goes like this;

    50 jumping jacks
    50 crunches
    45 jumping jacks
    45 squats
    40 jumping jacks
    40 push ups
    35 jumping jacks
    35 crunches
    30 jumping jcks
    30 squats
    25 jumping jacks
    25 push ups
    20 jumping jacks
    20 crunches
    15 jumping jacks
    15 squats
    10 jumping jacks
    10 pushups
    5 jumping jacks
    5 squats
    5 crunches
    5 pushups
    **Repeat as many times as you want**

    Thought you’d enjoy it :). Hope you have a wonderful day, and if you can’t find time for a workout, theres always tomorrow!

  2. says

    I always allow for a 30 minutes snooze with my alarm too, I’m not sure if it makes getting up any easier in the end though! I so bad at getting to bed early. I’m up at precisely 5.15 am every weekday morning and I always have great intentions of getting to bed early though I hit up a few 10.30pm nights last week and they did me the world of good!
    Michelle@PeachyPalate recently posted..Pancake Tatin

  3. says

    Wait….are you in upstate NY? I had no idea there were other bloggers so close!! You can have some of my ‘get into bed early and wake up early’ gene. I wake up without an alarm, sometimes too early.
    I’m so glad that someone else can appreciate the sweet egg/cheese combo. No longer are those two relegated to the ‘savoury’ breakfast category.

  4. says

    I hate when I get up at 0400 and can’t go back to sleep, then about 0700 I am knocked out and the last thing I want to do is get up….. but resting is not an option.

    Bob makes me nuts, he starts his alarm at 0600 and does two ten minutes snoozes – every morning. Just set the alarm for 0620 already!


  5. says

    I was always a huge fan of the snooze- till I moved my alarm far enough away from the bed that I have to get up, walk a few steps around something to wake up the brain, and by the time I’ve hit the snooze- it’s useless- the brain is already awake and snoozing isn’t even going to work.
    So, move that alarm as far away as possible from where you sleep. Give it a try- it isn’t fun but it works for me!
    Julie H. of Spinach and Sprinkles recently posted..Holy Ouch! ….Week 24 & 25…

  6. says

    I used to NEVER be a snooze button person. That was until AFTER college – not sure how that works. Now, I can’t help myself. I’m working to get back to where I used to be. I think you just have to commit to not EVER do it so it doesn’t become a habit.
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..Music Monday

  7. says

    I’m usually a snooze button pusher (usually twice) but I always set my alarm early so then when I finally get up, I’m right now schedule.
    Didn’t have to set it today – it’s Victoria Day! I actually woke up at 6am, had breakfast, read the news online, and then had a two hour ‘nap’.
    I definitely needed a long weekend and thankfully the weather is gorgeous! Currently 22C in Ottawa and it’s only going to go up.

  8. Alex says

    Ahh I had this EXACT same morning!! I set my alarm for 6 with the intentions of going for a nice 30-40 minute run before work but no…instead I snoozed right up until 7:30 and had to run around the house like a total spaz frantically getting ready just to make it to work on time…heres to hoping I have enough motiation left in me at 5 when I get off and can get in a quickie workout! If not, tomorrow morning at 6AM its ON!

  9. says

    I use the radio on my alarm clock since I can’t handle the beeping sound! I set it for about 10 minutes earlier than I have to and let myself listen to one or two songs before I actually have to get out of bed. I’ve always been afraid the snooze button wouldn’t work for some reason and I’d be late for work so I never use it!
    Lisa recently posted..New to Me Class – Newbody

  10. says

    Since you’re stocked up on cantaloupe, I’ve got a killer smoothie combo for you to try: cantaloupe chunks, frozen banana, soy milk, plain yogurt and vanilla extract- it really tasted like a vanilla milkshake!

    I’m totally a snooze girl and hence always set my alarm 30 minutes earlier!

  11. says

    I was such a snoozer in high school, but now I’m on such a routine that I hardly ever need it. I usually make up between 5:30-6, which is great except that I sometimes wake up that early on weekends (gag!)
    Alysha @Shesontherun recently posted..Weekend Update

  12. says

    Monday mornings are always the worst to get up early!!! I love my snooze a little too much! I purposely set my alarm 10 minutes early so I know I can snooze a little :) Only time I will willingly get up early is if I know I have a great workout ahead of me!
    Danielle recently posted..Hello world!

  13. says

    I definitely use the snooze button. It used to be two times, but now that the school year is coming to a close and it’s been rainy, it’s become three. Since I have to get up at 6:30, I set my alarm for 6:00, then I snooze 6:10, 6:20 and sometimes 6:30 (oops). I know some people set an alarm across the room or one that has a really obnoxious sound!
    Angela @ Health Happiness & Harmony recently posted..The First of the Season

  14. says

    I am a “snoozer” and I know it! To the point that I almost always set my alarm earlier than I need to get up so THAT I can hit snooze, without it causing me to be late. I just can’t get up with that first alarm – I have to slowly work my way out of bed. It drives my husband crazy! Whoops. At least I’m not the only one…
    Lindsay @ Typically Late recently posted..Scenes from the lazy weekend

  15. says

    I can be a snooze button kind of person (also known as not setting an alarm and just waking up when I wake up kind of person). When I rarely set my alarm, it wakes me up immediately, and I can’t fall back asleep. I mean, it’s really difficult to fall asleep after I hear a loud alarm. I click the ‘Alarm OFF’ button immediately, jump out of bed (not literally, don’t worry), and get ready for the day.

  16. says

    I am a deep snoozer that snoozes three different alarms in the morning and still can’t get out of bed :) I know for me it would help if I went to bed earlier but that doesn’t always help. Good luck!
    Anna@ActiveFingers recently posted..Happy

  17. Tt in nyc says

    A looong time ago i read an article about how “snoozing” the alarm was actually making you more tired than just getting up! I figured out the time i really needed to get out of bed, moved my alarm across the room, and never looked back- the few steps make me very aware that re-setting my laram will make me late and i think not snoozing actually improved my sleep quality…

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