A Fun Friday Night

Last night turned out to be exactly what I had hoped for. Calm, relaxing, good food, good wine, and good company…aka, hubs and the fur ball.

As soon as Jay got home from work, we poured ourselves a couple glasses of wine and did a nice little “cheers” to the weekend.


I think my parents must be rubbing off on me…they do a “cheers to Friday” every week, either while sipping beers in frosty mugs on their front porch, or at their favorite table at Applebees. They’re so fun. Smile

So anyways…about this wine. I had three different bottles in my hand at the store, yet I wound up leaving with a BOX.

Usually, anytime I hear “boxed wine” a memory of Jay and Franzia white zinfandel comes to mind…specifically, of him at my my 24th luau birthday party playing “slap the bag” (aka, a drinking game where you take the bag out of the box, slap it, and drink from the nozzle).


Quite a silly game, right? Yeah, well let’s just say that things did not end up well for him that night… Winking smile

The Bota Box Pinot Grigio I ended up purchasing last night was pretty good. Not the best stuff I’ve ever had, but I’m really not hard to please when it comes to wine. Besides, the box is the equivalent to four bottles of wine and only cost $19.99. I was sold.

After about an hour of straight chillin’ and just catching up from the day, our take out finally arrived.


(and that photo above makes me laugh so much…I hadn’t realized I caught the creeper up in the right hand corner until this morning)

We ordered from Testo’s, so I obviously had to get an order of their Pasta Fagioli.


The stuff is just so, so good.

Jay decided he wanted to get a pizza, and I knew that as soon as I smelled it, I’d want a piece too. So, I ordered the appetizer size of my pasta fagioli and enjoyed a delicious piece of pizza with peppers and onions.


Yummy x1000.

While we were sitting and eating dinner, we couldn’t help but watch the Codeman in action at the front window.


He was getting himself into positions that were just too stinkin’ funny.


And yes, I know my lamp shade still has a tag on it…I’m still testing it out to make sure I like it. Winking smile

Shortly after the two of us finished dinner (and a laughing fit that was probably one of the best ones we’ve had in over a year) we decided to tackle another IKEA project…


I’ve got my brand new desk (in case you’re wondering, it’s this model) and, oh em gee, is it amaaaaaazing. I have so much room! My elbows aren’t getting numb from constantly rubbing on the edge of it. I love it!

So much so, that I enjoyed my breakfast at it this morning, without any space problems.


Iced coffee + an egg, provolone, and raspberry jam English muffin.


Now that breakfast is taken care of and I’m all done with my crazy tangents this morning, it’s time to get goin’ on my Saturday. Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. says

    Gotta love a good boxed wine! I’m in France at my parents and good bottles of wine are around 3euros, but we still buy some of the boxed because it’s so good!!

  2. says

    After a crazy-busy week, a Friday night at home was definitely the way to go. I ended up falling asleep before 10–I know, I live a crazy life!

    That soup looks amazing! And I usually don’t buy boxed wine, but if it comes with good recommendations I may have to give it a try!
    Allison @ Running Through Red Lights recently posted..Worth The Hurt

  3. says

    I wish we had room in this house for myself to have a desk. The Husband has one, but it’s his business office, and it’s a war zone in there in between papers/drawing/etc. I don’t even let myself go in there. And the guest room doesn’t have any room. I told him that for our next house, I would like a kitchen that has a desk already in it!
    chelsey @ clean eating chelsey recently posted..fun facts friday

  4. says

    Boxed wine is always a good time. That was such a college staple for me back in the day. Yikes. I need a new desk so bad! Mine is totally to small at the moment. Happy Saturday!
    Lisa recently posted..Friday In Five

  5. Jessica Kane says

    We want to Testo’s on Friday… I got the Broccoli Alfredo…… Soooo glad they don’t post the calories on the menu!

  6. Keri says

    I did the SAME thing at Premier this weekend.. almost did their buy one get one for a buck but opted for Bully Hill Box White Table Wine and it is perfect! almost too convenient 😉


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