Cat Sitting

Looks like somebody has a new favorite spot in the house…


Cody has been up on the back of the couch for the majority of the day…and if he hasn’t been there, he’s either in the window or at my feet. He’s so just so cute. I can’t help it.


Oh, and just ignore the mess that’s happening in the background there…we’re still in the midst of hanging pictures and curtains and finishing everything up in the living room. Slowly but surely!

Late this morning, once I got back from my massage (ohmygodamazing) I hit up the treadmill for about 45 minutes of walking and reading. By the time I finished up, it was just about noon, and I was hungry.


I put together a yogurt bowl made with a container of plain Chobani (+ a big spoonful of vanilla chocolate chunk), strawberries, blueberries, and my favorite Love Grown Foods granola. The perfect mini-meal!


FYI: Word on the street is that the LOVE will be making an appearance at breakfast this weekend at the Healthy Living Summit. Winking smile

After a couple hours of working on some blog stuff and training programs, I started to get hungry again so I made myself a little snack plate.


Celery + Kashi crackers + peanut butter = YUM.

Once I finished my snack up, I headed out to go meet up with this pretty lady. My friends, say hello to Miss Kitty.


Isn’t she a cutie??

I’m cat-sitting for one of my friends who is away this week, so after I took care of her food/water/litter box, I attempted to play a bit with Miss Kitty.

It turns out, she’s not quite as active as my Cody, but I do think that she’d make the perfect girlfriend for him…


Don’t ya think? Winking smile

(Photo from one of my favorite Cody posts)

Tonight, it’s softball time! We’ve got our first playoff game for our co-ed league, and then I’ll be staying after to watch and cheer on all the boys in their men’s league game. I hear mom made garbage breads for the evening…I’m excited.

*Be sure to check out my guest post over on the Bite Size Wellness blog today: 5 Tips for Beginning Your Fitness Journey


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    My favourite quick meal in minutes is always granola, yoghurt (soy) and fresh fruit! A spoonful of nut butter and or fresh pure fruit jam also makes for a nice addition! Would love to try Love Grown, you’ll have to do an international competition/giveaway some day :)
    Michelle@Peachy Palate recently posted..A little out of season

  2. says

    So the other night I tried to make garbage bread; which I had been calling garage bread all day! I did BBQ chicken, just like your post; yet I forgot the cheese. It was interesting, I mean I did cut them up and put some cheese on them and bake them a little more to melt the cheese.

    Yet I was wondering what kind of dough you use? I bought Pilsbury pizza dough and rolled it out. It was pretty good though!
    Jessamy @ The Rambling Asian recently posted..Wineries.

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