HLS 2012 {Day 3} Walking + Breakfasting

After a night of delicious eating the evening before, a nice early morning walk sounded absolutely perfect for starting off my Sunday. Luckily, I wasn’t alone on that one…


Around 8am, our large group gathered in the lobby of the hotel in order to get ready for a little cardio. After a few minutes of chit chatting (and asking the poor man in the lobby to figure out how to use my camera to take a group photo) we all headed outside.


The weather was absolutely perfect…brisk, a little overcast, and not too windy. It was almost fall-like!

While a majority of the group went running as soon as we crossed the road to get to the river, there was a small group of us that stayed behind and walked.


Thank goodness for walking buddies. Smile

We ended up walking about halfway over the bridge but then decided to make our way back so we’d be back in time for breakfast.


We couldn’t miss out on that, right?


I was one of the first to arrive, so I took advantage and browsed the scene before making my choices, since there was a lot to choose from.

Fresh fruit, muffins and pastries,


French toast, egg tartlets,


And even an oatmeal station, with tons of dried fruit and granola.


I, being the indecisive gal that I am, basically took a little bit of everything…


And let my just go ahead and add that I am so thankful for the fact that I do not have breakfast buffets at my disposal on a regular basis. I would probably be the size of a house.

Please tell me I’m not the only one with no self-control over breakfast buffets?

I made myself a cup of iced coffee (which was great, since the coffee was super strong) and loaded up with some fresh fruit, a blueberry muffin (didn’t have much of that), this delicious egg tartlet,


and a small cup of oatmeal, donning dried fruit and a generous helping of granola that was made by the hotel. 


Did any of my fellow HLS attendees try that stuff? WOW.

Breakfast also included some round table discussions…I’m not sure how many people really got in to talking about the various topics, but I know my table had a very informative session on hair and hair products.


Shortly after breakfast, I said some goodbyes, headed back up to the room, and got my things packed up to head back home. I will honestly say that I really wasn’t sure if I was going to attend HLS this year – just for the sake of being lazy and wanting to be home – but I’m so glad I decided to go.

And I can totally thank Heather for that one, because had she not asked me to be a part of the planning team, I probably would have just been home…stuck ripping apart our back deck.

I’m guessing that that would have been just a teensy bit less fun. Winking smile


  1. Kelli says

    It sounds like it was a great experience for you! I love breakfast foods so a breakfast buffet is always awesome and a little dangerous! There are so many great choices! I am also a person who eats breakfast food any time and particularly enjoy breakfast for dinner. : )

  2. says

    I would have probably gone back to the oatmeal station a couple times, lol! I love oatmeal but especially when there are all kinds of yummy toppings to go with it.

    Glad you were happy with your decision to attend this year and enjoyed having you share the experience with us :-)
    Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom recently posted..Chobani Giveaway

    • Courtney says

      Well, if I’m serious, choose your top 3-5 items that you either a) LOVE, or b) wouldn’t make yourself.
      If I’m being semi-serious, I say just enjoy what you want…buffets don’t happen all that often. 😉

  3. says

    Research does show we tend to eat more when there are more options in front of us 😉 So yes, most people feel like that! I personally LIKE trying to nibble at everything<—especially stuff that I don't usually cook for myself (cool oatmeal or egg omelets).

    Looks like a great weekend at HLS!
    Annette@FitnessPerks recently posted..How To Get What You Want

  4. says

    I planned on walking also..but when I heard the go..I found myself running. Then I couldn’t stop because I didn’t want to be left behind..sigh..I just need to take it easy for heaven’s sake!
    And you’re def not alone! Even though I knew I was going out to eat lobster roll two hours later, I just couldn’t stop eating. That coconut homemade granola!!! AMAZING!! I actually poured some in a cup and took it to my room so I can snack on it throughout the day. Yup! That I did 😉
    Min recently posted..HLS ’12! Day 1 Recap

  5. says

    i love when i read your page and always have to laugh at how much i relate! I swear, half the time i like just ate or did the same thing!! :) I just posted about my love for breakfast and could not agree more about breakfast buffets. total decision overload. How’s a girl ever to choose between all those options?!
    Kaitlyn recently posted..weekend food, fashion, & fun

  6. @pluvk says

    Oh man, I have to avoid buffets at all costs. I’m pretty good about breakfast buffets… I’m kind of picky in the morning, so eggs, oatmeal, and fruit work for me. But if it’s a seafood type of buffet? Or a brunch buffet with dessert and omelette stations? Yeah… you’re gonna roll me out of there.

  7. Karleen says

    Ya, bfast buffets are so dangerous! I usually finds self stuffed to the brim and wanting to go back home for a little nap after:)

  8. says

    Ahh I am WAY too indecisive as well, so a breakfast buffet is a nightmare! Luckily it looks like you had some healthy options, most breakfast buffets are all sweet waffles and pancakes etc. and impossible to decide on just one!
    Harmony recently posted..Why I’m taking biotin

  9. says

    I found the coffee strong too! I was shaking on Saturday from it haha, I probably looked like a mess.
    I almost didn’t go to HLS either, I was nervous since I’m a new blogger and didn’t know if I’d “fit in”, but everyone was so friendly I’m definitely happy I decided to go! Even if the airplane situation was less than ideal!
    I must admit, I wish I got to chat with you more, but was a little star struck by you haha.
    Lisa recently posted..The Simple Things-The Rest

  10. says

    Hahha! Nice pre- workout pic of you lot! I also have no self control when it comes to breakfast buffets- I am someone who wants everything! We can’t be blamed though when everything looks THAT good.
    Bek @ Crave recently posted..Done and dusted

  11. says

    Great recaps!!!! I also fawn over breakfast buffets. The best kind! The mini frittata was my favorite from that morning.

    The walk/run was so nice, too! The weather was absolutely perfect. It was SO so great seeing you again, too briefly! Nice job with the whole weekend.
    Meredith @ DareYouTo recently posted..Recap: HLS12 Day 2

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