I Took Control

Hey guys! How’s the day going?

Things over here have been running smoothly – busy, but not in that “oh my god, I’m way too busy” sort of way. More like the, “I’m keeping busy and having fun” sort of way. Ya feel me?

Mid-morning, I decided to some yoga/pilates again from our On Demand channel. The video I chose today was just over 30 minutes long, but it wasn’t my favorite so I won’t even bother giving details.

Shortly after that, I headed out to the pool for about an hour and got caught up on some reading…


I’ve made it to the epilogue! Honestly, I feel like I got through the first two books way quicker than the third. For a while, I was just having a hard time getting in to this book, and some of the monotonous wording and, errr, actions(?), were starting to get a bit stale. I will say that a little more than halfway through it did pick up a bit though.

Out of all three books, I’d have to say that the second book is my favorite. But once this is finished, I’m about ready to dive right in to Emily Giffin’s latest book. Too bad it was out of stock when I went looking at the book store today.

Luckily, my trip to the mall wasn’t a total bust though…


A couple necessities from Sephora, a new pair of earrings and bracelet for Kathryn’s wedding next week (yayyyy!!), and a couple things from Express. Nothing too crazy – just a new pair of leggings, a simple black tee, and this sweater in blue. I had coupons. Winking smile

As far as the food front goes today, I’ve been in sort of a snacky mood and haven’t really bothered to take too many photos. There is one thing I snapped a pic of though.


The last piece of Banana Chocolate Chip Bread + an apple with cinnamon.

Oh, and as far as the whole date night situation goes?


I took control of that one. Winking smile


  1. heather says

    i loved all 3 of the books and when they were done i was almost sad! hah but i agree 100%- by the 3rd book, i was starting to skip over some of the, um, “adult” parts. it was just so repetious. i did like the story line with it… i just could have done without all the extra parts to their relationship! hah have a great date tonight!

  2. Amanda Brezgel says

    I just got my copy of Where We Belong in the mail from Amazon yesterday!! Emily Giffin is my favorite. My favorite is Love the One You’re With. Which one is yours? I was actually pretty happy with the movie and I guess they are going to make a second.

  3. says

    Aww, have fun on your date night! I picked up a new book series called Divergent (the sequel is Insurgent)…..LOVE it!!! Just finishing up the second book and now have to wait an entire year for the final installment.

  4. says

    I felt the same way about Fifty Shades Freed. It took me so much longer to finish it than the first two. I agree, it started to pick up a little bit in the middle and I got more into it, but I really didn’t like it as much as the first two. Hmm I haven’t heard good things about the Emily Giffin book, but I’m interested to know what you think of it!

  5. Laura says

    I just finished that Emily Giffin book..it was good! She’s one of my fav authors. Have fun on your date night!

  6. says

    I agree with Shannon above. Charming Charlie is a weakness of mine. But money saving me resists buying, and just looking. I do have a gift card that I should spend soon though! They have such great jewelry at reasonable prices too. That’s the great thing about the store. :)

    That’s great that you took control for the night. I can’t wait to read where you went and see if the place has good food or not. Have fun on your date!

    SN: About the new Emily Giffin book, I have heard awful things about it. Read Kristi’s post on how she deleted all negative reviews on the new book from the Internet and had her husband defending her here: http://blog.timesunion.com/kristi/emily-giffin-author-gone-mad/50558/

  7. says

    Those apples look so yummy! But I did the same thing with my hubby, but he knows where we are going. Island Burgers (I worked out just for tonight) and then to watch the Expendables 2! Hope you have a great date night!
    Alicia recently posted..Thursday: Day 31 + Walk

  8. chrissie says

    I just finished the new Emily Giffin book…I wasn’t too impressed. Usually I love her books, but this one didn’t do much for me!


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