Pumpkin Spice Rice Crispy Treats

Juuuuust when you thought my pumpkin obsession couldn’t get any worse…


This happened.


I ended up walking past these yesterday while in good ‘ol Walmart and decided that I could not let them go untouched. I mean, they were only $1.25…they were practically begging to be thrown into my cart.

This whole summer, I’ve really been all about rice crispy treats. Anytime we’ve been out at a party and they’re there, I can’t get enough of ‘em (my friend, Andrea, makes some great ones!). Yet, I never end up making them myself.

That needed to be changed.


So this afternoon, I got my pumpkin marshmallows all cooked up.


And go to work on making some delicious pumpkin spice rice crispy treats.


Into the pan they went…


And then, just because a little extra chocolate is never a bad thing…


I came across this milk chocolate candy bar in the back of my fridge (leftover from my fun package in June) and decided I’d put it to use.


Knowing that the hubby can get weird about “extras” added into baked goods, I made sure to keep some nice and plain.


Then again, they are pumpkin, so something tells me he may not be in to these as much as I am.

Hey…ohh weeeelllll. Winking smile

pumpkin spice rice crispy treats



I think these would be mighty fun and festive to celebrate the beginning of fall this coming Saturday, don’t you? Winking smile


  1. says

    Ohmygoshhhh….really?! I’m trying to get into the fall mood despite the 90 degree heat down here, and these little babies just might help me out! The marshmallows though, seriously? Since when have flavored marshmallows been a thing? Maybe I’m just way outta the loop!

  2. Nicole says

    So funny…my kids were snacking on pumpkin s’mores made with these marshmallows when I opened up the blog. Just another twist on the pumpkin/chocolate combo;) now they’re begging me to make the rice krispie treats for tomorrow. Someday I’ll hit my fill of pumpkin…maybe:)

  3. says

    So I’m not the biggest fan of marshmallows and rice krispie treats, but these have me really intrigued cuz I loooove anything with pumpkin~very clever recipe indeed. 😀 How weird! It must be a man-thing because my husband doesn’t like choc chips, etc. in his pancakes. Only stuff like bananas, blueberries, but not the more “special” additions. haha!
    Ellie@Fit for the Soul recently posted..I’m Lovin’ It

  4. Nicole says

    Do you know what your friend Andrea does to her Rice Krispie Treats to make them so fantastic? My aunt makes a mean Krispie Treat, but I have a feeling she adds extra butter or something to make them super delicious….
    What’s Andrea’s secret?

  5. says

    Rice crispy treats have been sounding soooo good to me too and I absolutely have to make these!! I love your baked goodie recipes so very much and can’t wait to try these…they look delish….and I hope you snuck in some of those mallows…it’d be hard not to eat the whole bag! 😉
    Shayla recently posted..Cycle For Survival

  6. says

    I’m not really a pumpkin lover (don’t hate) but I’d love to find peanut butter marshmallows! I’ve never seen many variations on marshmallows actually haha. Love the easy rice crispy slice! So many options to change it up :)


  1. […] of pumpkin spice marshmallows and the recipe is on the back of the bag (or I Googled and found it here). It’s another great one to make with kids because you can use the microwave for everything- […]

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