Good Enough To Eat

Today has definitely been one of those days where I feel like I’m being super productive, yet I have nothing to show for it. Don’t you hate when that happens? Thankfully though, I have gotten quite a bit done, so I’m gonna keep truckin’ along so I can go have some fun tonight!

Late this morning, I took a break for a little workout. I spent about 40 minutes on the treadmill doing some intervals, and then followed it up with a slightly altered version of this upper body superset workout. Felt great to lift the weight again…it’s been a while. Once I was done with that, I made myself a quick GNC 100% Egg Protein shake to hold me over until lunch. I really do love that stuff!

A couple of hours later, it was time for lunch.


I decided to try out the Trader Joe’s organic tomato and roasted red pepper soup that I picked up over the weekend today.


I added in some extra leftover veggies from my dinner last night too (from a bag of frozen broccoli, carrots, sugar snap peas, and water chestnuts) and, of course, also had to have a generous helping of mini saltines.


My verdict on the soup was that it was good enough to eat…but not great. I have a feeling that the “low sodium” version I picked up may have something to do with my decision, since it didn’t seem to have as much flavor as I was hoping for. I guess next time I’ll have to try adding in a few more spices of my own. Anyone have any recommendations??

Shortly after lunch (okay, as soon as I put the bowl in the sink) I snagged a cookie off the cooling rack.


I was making a batch of Loaded Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies for the winning bidder from the Sweets for Sandy auction, but I’m actually not all that happy with the outcome of this batch.

Geez. Either I’m super hard to please today or my baking skills are just off…booooo.

I’ve since decided that I’ll have to make another batch; I want to be sure I’m only sending out the very best, so I guess we’ll just have to manage with these over here. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they’re still good enough to eat. Winking smile

Later tonight, I’m meeting up with Sarah, Mal, and Denise (some of my favorite ladies/ family!) for dinner, which I’m super pumped about. Can’t beat a girls’ night out, right??


      • Shilpa says

        The regular version of that soup is amazing! And you can actually taste the peppers, too. I’ve had the low sodium one before and it tastes like more of a bland tomato soup. Definitely try the regular version next time – you’ll love it!

  1. says

    I’m so critical of myself when it comes to baking. Many times, I’ll bake something and deem it not to be “my best”…but then other people try what I made and love it. We’re all our own worst critics! Thanks for the heads-up about that soup, I’ve been tempted to buy it but I just wasn’t sure about it!
    Angela @ Health’s Angel recently posted..Cube Life = Healthy Life?

  2. says

    Man, you’re really killing me with all of the mini saltines photos. I’m trying to resist extra carbs leading up to Thanksgiving but all I want is those darn crackers! :)
    I made some monster cookies on Sunday that definitely were not up to my standards, but everyone else said they were fine. I think we’re all our own worst critics.
    Cheers to girls night! My gals & I gathered last week to watch the election results roll in (weird?) & then a couple of us also got together for the last farmer’s market of the season on Saturday. I love being at home with my boys, but girl time is so much fun too!
    Trisha recently posted..Final Attempt

  3. says

    Cookie looks so good! I made a vegan oatmeal cookie up at the moment if you fancy trying something different :) For the soup I’d add some Navy beans and plenty of fresh basil! Maybe blend in or chop in some soaked sundried tomatoes (soaked in water, the kind you buy dry not in oil). Or some toasted cubed bread and a sprinkling of cheese would be good! A dash of balsamic could also bring it to life!
    Michelle@Peachy Palate recently posted..Can’t believe it’s not butter

  4. says

    Love girls nights! And I recently submitted a recipe for a digital bake sale to raise money for Hurricane Sandy Relief. I think it’s such a great idea and awesome to see so many people getting involved! Hope your second batch of cookies turns out better :)
    Elaine recently posted..Stuffed Chicken Meatballs

  5. Caitlin F. says

    I’m obsessed with TJ’s Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato soup. In my opinion, the reduced sodium one has a completely different taste and not in a good way. Bleh. Pick up the regular version! You won’t be disappointed. :)

  6. Megan S. says

    I love that TJ’s Red Pepper and Tomato soup. i bought the low sodium version before and found that if I put in some corn or black beans, sprinkled with a tiny bit of sweetener (I use Truvia) it tastes fantastic :)

  7. says

    Sounds like you and I had identical days of running around and somehow accomplishing nothing. At 4:30p I was exhausted and somehow like, WHERE did the time go?

    Garlic, salt + pepper and onion are always safe additions to a soup. And, for roasted red pepper and tomato, I’d try oregano as my spice addition. And I also recommend a splash of some lemon juice or vinegar to add a flavor pop!
    Joanna @ Running Places recently posted..Why I’m a Health-Blogger Who Still Drinks Diet Soda

  8. says

    I love those mini saltines, I think I’m going to have to find some!
    And as much as I want to like the low sodium versions better, I do think they need a few extra spices. I got the low sodium butternut squash soup which was good but not great, so I added some nutmeg and it was delicious!
    Katie @ Talk Less, Say More recently posted..Memories

  9. Traci says

    Same thoughts on that soup from TJs. I really want to like their soups but they’re just OK. The butternut squash and Latin black bean are more flavorful though, if you do go back!

  10. says

    Hi Courtney!

    First off, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experience with HA and encourage you on your journey to better health; you’re doing great! Second, in terms of the TJ’s soup, their canned lentil soup is a really yummy one that you can amp up with other veggies or proteins :)
    Emily recently posted..Back at it

  11. says

    I always have the highest hopes for TJ’s soups and sadly, I’m always a bit disappointed! I thought at first it was because of the low sodium too, but I think I just have to face it…they don’t do it for me. You live, you learn!
    Fizz @ fizzsbizz recently posted..Married Moment!

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