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A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from a reader named Michelle, who was quite eager to share her new business venture with me, called Baby Bump Bundle.


Michelle and her co-founder Mairead, who is also a new mom, own and operate the new small business in Boston, MA. One of the cool things that immediately caught my attention when Michelle emailed me though, is that the focus is on none other than the MOM!

More from Michelle and Mairead…

“The baby shower is the time to give lots of gifts focused on the new baby, but what about the mom during the 9 months of pregnancy. She is going through emotional and physical changes like never before and deserves a few pick me ups! So that is where the BumpBundle concept was born. A perfect gift for a pregnant modern mom’s birthday, anniversary, or as a congratulations for becoming preggers. Or how about Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc…the list goes on!”

They surveyed over 50 real moms to come up with products that would help make pregnant women feel good about themselves during this special time in their lives, whether it is items focused on fashion, beauty, fitness, or health. A couple of weeks ago, I received my own “BumpBundle” as they’re called, which was filled with hand-picked products just for me, for my first trimester.

*One thing to note – this particular BumpBundle was tailored towards Valentine’s Day, hence all of the extra reds, pinks, and hearts. Since today is Valentine’s Day, BBB is still extending their V-Day sale which you can find on their website.

One of the things I find to be most cool is that the BumpBundles are geared toward each trimester of pregnancy, to help focus on the various things that may be happening during that time. In my first trimester BumpBundle, I received…

An Ingrid & Isabel Bellaband (which even came the correct size – something I was curious about).


An adorable pink and black scarf.


Preggie Pop Drops (although I never really had too bad morning sickness, these candies are still deliciously sour and fun to snack on).
Bella B Tummy Honey Butter (I’ve been putting this on at night before bed and I love how it doesn’t leave me super greasy feeling).


And a pretty shade of pregnancy-safe Knocked Up Nails nail polish.


I loved absolutely everything in my bundle, right down to the personalized card, and I can totally see how these could all be things geared toward the first trimester. I’m so curious to see what would be in the second and third trimesters! 😉

Michelle explained that, while they are still in the beginning phases of their company, they will eventually offer a subscription type service where you can buy a gift of three care packages (i.e., BumpBundles!) which will arrive to the expecting mother in each of her three trimesters.

Since they are just starting out, they don’t have all of their BumpBundles available, but they do still currently have their Valentine’s Day bundle (which, as Michelle said, would not be all hearts and roses post-Valentine’s Day). Perhaps a fun idea to treat yourself or someone you know who is currently expecting? :)

*Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this review post, but I did receive a BumpBundle free of charge in exchange for the review.



    • says

      You would be surprised what is in some nail polishes including harmful chemicals but the Knocked Up nail polish in our bundles does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate or camphor. What is great is it is also safe for allergy sufferers and mothers can use it well after their pregnancy, on themselves and their children too.

  1. kristin says

    this is such a cute and cleaver idea!
    will totally check out there site and hoping someone i know gets preggos soon so i can buy something :)

  2. Carolyn says

    What a neat idea! You will love the belly band! I am currently pregnant with my 4th. I despise maternity pants so I just got a few pants in a size bigger than I would normally wear and then wore the band with them. I did this for my entire pregnancy. So awesome!

  3. Kristina says

    This is such a fabulous idea! Such a convenient way for moms to get some useful goodies for themselves during pregnancy and what’s better than a bundle delivered right to your home! I’m ready to order mine now!

  4. Jennifer says

    Do women really need a present just because they’re pregnant? I guess someone could buy it for themselves or it could be a birthday present but giving a gift just because someone conceived seems a little much. Is the gift of actually having a baby not enough?

    • Courtney says

      I don’t think women necessarily “need” a present because they’re pregnant, but I do think it’s a sweet gesture and a good idea for someone who may want to do something special for the mom-to-be.

  5. Nicole says

    I absolutely love this idea! I always want to send my best friends in another state something when they are expecting! It is difficult to fly up for each shower when I live far away from them! This is a perfect alternative! I have already purchased two bundles for my two dear friends who were pregnant, and they both LOVED it!!!


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