Snazzy Sunglasses Giveaway {CLOSED}

Happy Friday to you all!!! Typically, I’m super excited about Friday, but this week it just means that it’s one day closer to this vacation being over so I’m not going to rush anything, if ya know what I mean!

But I do hope that everyone’s week has been super duper awesome. And now, how about I try to make it even more super duper for one of you with another fun giveaway?!


A couple of weeks ago, I received this snazzy new pair of Dior sunglasses from Sunglasses Shop. When the company first reached out to introduce me to the company, I was shocked to find just how many different kinds of designer sunglasses they carry…talk about indecisiveness! I thought I was in trouble but, eventually, I did wind up coming across this particular pair of Dior sunglasses, which I’ve been sporting while I’m down here soaking up the Mexican sun.

I actually think this is my first pair of sunglasses that aren’t just a cheap $10-15 pair, and I’m definitely loving them. They’re the Dior Cocotte sunglasses, in case you’re wondering. 😉


Super sleek and chic!


So after speaking a bit more with the folks at Sunglasses Shop, they have generously offered to give away one pair of women’s sunglasses from the Vogue collection.


I went ahead and checked them out and there are DEFINITELY some adorable pairs on there!


So if you want in on a chance to win a pair of Vogue sunglasses (valued between $112 – $165!), here’s all you have to do…

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post telling me anything at all about sunglasses…love em? Hate em? Have a favorite style? Can’t seem to find ones you love?

*You can also feel free to check them out on Twitter and/or Facebook, too!

*This giveaway is open to ALL STSL readers!!!*

I’ll choose a random winner on Monday, February 25th. Good luck! Smile


  1. Lisa says

    I love sunglasses! I usually buy mine from Target, but a nicer pair would be great! The ones you chose look great on you! Hope you are having fun in Mexico! Please bring some of that warm sunshine back to the north east!

  2. Kristen P. says

    I’m notorious for only buying cheap glasses because I’m pretty rough on them haha (clumsy alert). But I think it’s time I deserve a nice pair :)

  3. Caroline says

    I LOVE sunglasses – I wear them year-round and always have a pair sitting on the top of my head when I’m inside. I’m currently loving aviators, but I don’t discriminate against any pair!

  4. Arwen says

    I always looks completely silly in sunglasses, so I tend to buy really cheap ones and just go with the weird. However, I’ve recently realized that I will probably need some chic sunglasses for work events during the summer. A pair from the Vogue Collection would make it much easier! And for the record, I’m an aviators girl.

  5. Kelly says

    I always buy cheap sunglasses because I always end up second guessing the way they look after I buy them. I haven’t found a pair that I really love yet!

  6. nadia says

    The Vogue collection has a lot of cute pairs – I love the fact that they also have a lot of brown ones! But I should probably go for a pair of classy black sunnies next…

  7. Casey says

    One time, I was so nervous watching my brother’s baseball team play, that I squashed (and broke) the sunglasses I was holding in my hand. If I win a nice new pair, I promise to keep them in a case!

  8. says

    Those Dior ones you have are super cute! I love sunglasses. I have a bunch of pairs, but they are all cheap ones. I worry that I’m hurting my eyes by getting cheap glasses because who knows if they really protect your eyes against UV rays.

    I always seem to ruin my sunglasses, though, so I’ve only ever had one decent pair. And it got eaten by my friend’s dog. So that was the last of that!

    If I won a nice pair, I’d probably baby them so much to make sure they last!

  9. Amie says

    I love love love sunglasses, but never allow myself to splurg for that really nice pair! Living in Arizona, I wear them constantly!

  10. Natalie says

    I have never bought nice sunglasses for myself because I always wind up breaking them. My current pair is an overpriced pair of aviators bought in a store at LaGuardia airport before leaving for my honeymoon :) I had not packed any sunglasses or sunscreen lol!

  11. JENNIFER says

    I am always buying cheap sunglasses. I LOVE wearing sunglasses because they make us girls look sooo cute and they protect our eyes from the sun. I would love to try a pair from the Vogue collection.Thank you.

  12. Jennifer W says

    Vogue sunglasses! Oh where to begin.. I tried on a pair of bogus sunglasses recently at the outlets and absolutely fell in live. I have NEVER found sunglasses that fit my face or larger nose than this brand. Unfortunately I just lost my job of 8 years so I could not purchase these amazing glasses. Please pick me so I zan finally have glasses that fit my awkward face and I can protect my eyes. Thank you!!! ❤❤❤

  13. Amanda says

    I LOVE sunglasses. I have to wear them whenever the sun is out! I have only had one “nice” pair before but they eventually broke…normally I just buy cheapo ones so I don’t care when I go through 10 pairs in the summer!

  14. Nick says

    I love them.. but am only allowed to get cheap ones as I sit on them. Maybe my fiance will let me slide if I won a nice pair.

  15. says

    I love sunglasses! I always have 3 pairs around…the cheap $10 ones in the car. The moderate ones $50 for work and my super sweet Donna Karan ones that my dad got me a few years ago. I treasure those because I know he spent a lot on them and he picked them out himself! :)

  16. Emma Knighten says

    I love sunglasses! My husband and I are really trying to pay off my school loan bills, and we are in no place to spend that kind of money! So this gift would be such a fun treat.

  17. Jordyn says

    I love sunglasses, especially aviators! The last pair I had were my all time favorite but suffered a tragic death when my older brother pushed me in a lake… Real nice. So I’m on the prowl for a new pair for my trip to Key West this spring!

  18. Amanda says

    Every pair of sunglasses I’ve ever owned has broken. Including my current pair that I loved – Vera Wang. OMG they are super cute.

  19. Seema says

    Have a great rest of your vacation! You look great in the sunglasses and I’d love to win a Dior sunglasses:) since I got LASIK, I’ve been looking forward to investing in a nice pair of sunglasses (I would normally wear a hat and my regular prescription glasses) but haven’t taken the plunge yet!

  20. Andrea says

    I love and NEED sunglasses. I have so many (cheap) pairs that I keep all over the place: car, office, purse, inside the house so that I’m never without! I hate sunglasses that sit on your face below your eyes and leave a demi-circle mark. GAH!

  21. Traci says

    Love the Dior ones you ended up getting! I’ve always owned cheap sunglasses and it would nice to have a more expensive pair. I’m in the market for new ones!

  22. Morgan says

    Although I am an avid Target fan, the numerous pairs I own that have been purchased there break after about a year! I like having variety; a pair of aviators, a pair of ‘bugeyes’, a pair to wear while running, a pair that lives in my car, a pair that lives in my husbands car. The Diors’ above are far nicer than any I’ve owned :)

  23. says

    I don’t know if I could pull off such big lenses, but you look so cute in those pair of Dior glasses! I’m the same way you are… I never spend more than like 10-12$ on a pair. I think I’m in love with the 2729s Tortoise W65613 style <3

    Thanks for the giveaway! Enjoy these last few days of vacation! xo.

  24. Lindsay H says

    My usual sunglasses are the cheap ones because I always lose them! But I”m pretty sure I could keep up with a pair if they were this nice :-)

  25. Jennifer says

    I’ve never bought sunglasses over $15! But I have to wear them all the time outside because I had Lasik and they can be very sensitive. Love the Dior glasses!

  26. Julie says

    I love sunglasses (esp. for reading on the beach!) however I can never find a style of the $10-15 ones I like on my face! Hopefully fingers crossed this would give me the chance to have longevity of a good pair!

  27. Leah says

    I usually only buy cheap sunglasses because when I was younger I lost them all the time! I think now I could manage to hang on to a nice pair : ) I love your Dior ones!

  28. Erin M. says

    What a great giveaway! I am going on my honeymoon in a few months and could definitely use a new pair of sunglasses! I love pretty much every style, but aviators are my favorite!

  29. Taryn says

    All of my sunglasses are awful. I treat them terribly but I’m sure having a nice pair would change that habit in no time!

  30. Kristen R. says

    I love sunglasses, but only buy the cheap ones because I lose them. Maybe if I had a nicer pair I would keep better track of them!

  31. Chelsea @ Cardio and Cocktails says

    In the warm weather months, my sunglasses become part of my wardrobe. On my face, on my head, you name it! I generally buy the cheap ones from target and rotate them so it would be awesome to have a really nice pair!

  32. Annie says

    I normally lose every pair of sunglasses I own – however, I bought a pair of Ray Ban’s about two years ago…currently on my longest stretch for owning (and not once losing!!) a pair of sunnies. YAY!

  33. Kaitlin says

    After breaking a REALLY expensive pair after like a week a few years back, I only buy cheap ones now. I always love looking in Sunglasses Hut though when I”m at the mall!

  34. Rae says

    Thank goodness for sunglasses! Otherwise I would be squinting my way through life thanks to my super sensitive eyes. I love the ones you’re wearing, they look great on you!

  35. Lisa C says

    I love sunglasses, I have a mix of cheap and expenisve and wear each depending on the day/activity. AKA if I might have a few drinks, I wear my cheap ones because I would be so sad to lose the others :)

  36. Emily says

    My favorite pair of sunglasses are my polarized raybans! Once you go polarized you can’t go back. Unfortunately, they have a scratch on them. So, I would love a new pair!

  37. lesley says

    I’ve actually never really been a huge sunglasses wearer–I try because I’m in the car all the time (and I live in FL!), and I know it’s important to protect your eyes but I’ve never been able to find a good pair I like! I always end up buying cheap ones that I forget to wear :) Maybe a nice pair would encourage me to wear them more!

  38. Kaitlyn says

    I LOVE sunglasses, but am always cheap and buy the $10 pairs that break within a month. I’ve always wanted to just invest in a nice pair, but have been too hesitant spending the money. Winning a pair would be perfect!!!! :)

  39. Caitlin P. says

    I LOVE sunglasses but I’ve never had a nice pair! I always bought cheap ones from vendors in NYC but I would love any of these!!

  40. Marcy says

    Every brand name pair of sunglasses I’ve owned now live at the bottom of a lake or the ocean but for some reason my cheap ones last forever! This is the reason I no longer buy expensive sunnies.

  41. Christine says

    I adore sunglasses! After scratching my cornea ten years ago, they are an absolute necessity for me. I’ve had the same pair for almost eight years so it would be awesme to win a pair!

  42. Jordan K says

    I love sunglasses! I probably have about ten pair of sunglasses right now, but only really wear two! You can never have enough styles!

  43. Bethany says

    I love sunglasses! When I was younger I would refuse to wear them, but once I started driving I started to notice the benefits of them. Now I keep them in my snazzy sunglasses holder in my car!

  44. Meredith B. says

    I love sunglasses and used to have a slight sunglasses addiction! BUT, I’ve been really good and haven’t bought a new pair in several years. I’ve been wanting to try out some new, trendier styles, though!

  45. Alycia says

    Ooooh, I love sunglasses! I always end up with the cheap Target ones also, but I’d love a pair of “real” sunglasses. They’re my favorite way to cover a bad nights sleep!

  46. Dania says

    Can’t live without sunglasses. Even on the cloudiest days I wear them. Especially when I’m driving, I swear I see and drive better with sunglasses on.

  47. Elizabeth says

    I have really light green eyes so I always wear sunglasses or my eyes will be tearing and squinting in the sun!

    I always love getting new pairs 😀

  48. Staci says

    I love sunglasses but especially since I live in West Texas they have to be almost a required part of my daily attire in the summer. I’ve never bought a good quality pair of sunglasses only the walmart/target cheapos but I love the aviator style and they are very functional and look great when riding the horses around at the ranch!!

  49. Melissa says

    What a great giveaway! I was diagnosed with chronic dry eye so on top of steroid drops and contacts only being worn sparingly – I wear sunglasses as much as possible. I’ve been on a serious hunt for some aviator sunglasses with tortoise frames – looks like Vogue has the PERFECT pair.

  50. Lindsay says

    I love sunglasses but buy mine on the cheap at TJ Maxx. I would love to have a beautiful pair that is more an accessory than simply to block the sun!

  51. Jessica says

    I guess I’ll be honest..I love sunglasses for the sole purpose that they can cover 1/3 of your face and nobody looks at you different! It’s a blessing to throw those babies on after a gym sesh or before I have time to put my face on. And, I could always use a fancy new pair!

  52. Devon says

    Oh! What a great give away. I love the Vogue Tortoise ones and am definitely in need of a new pair since I just lost my last ones! Hope you’re having a great time!

  53. Nina says

    I have a small head so it’s so hard to find cute sunglasses! All the trendy ones look way too giant on me. I would love to find a nice pair of sunglasses that actually look cute on me and don’t make me look like a bug!

  54. Rebecca says

    It took me a long time to find a style that I liked! I still buy cheapies though – would love a pair of nice ones!

  55. Tasha says

    I’ve never owned a pair of sunglasses that cost more than $20 because I’m always afraid I’ll break a more expensive pair.

  56. says

    I always had the hardest time finding sunglasses but my boyfriend got me an amazing pink pair of Oakely’s for my bday last year that I love. I’ve been trying to find a more neutral pair for a while now!

  57. Emily H says

    Just two weeks ago I had my sunglasses on top of my head because I was inside a store, and out of nowhere I heard a crack – I reached up, and my sunglasses were in two pieces! I don’t know what happened, it was so bizarre! Needless to say, I could use a new pair of sunglasses. :)

  58. Jessica says

    I’ve become quite the baby when it comes to sunglasses. Not that I’m picky about brands- but ever since I bought my first pair of RayBans a few years ago, I CANNOT be in sun with out them. Or I think my eyes are going to die.
    Great giveaway :) would love to win

  59. Nikki A. says

    i’ve always struggled with finding sunglasses that don’t make me look goofy, BUT i’m assuming some of these stunna shades would be impossible to wear wrong! :)

  60. Sri says

    What an awesome giveaway! I would love to get a pair of nice sun glasses. I usually tend to go for ones that are less than $20 since I’m afraid I’ll break them or they’ll somehow loosen and become too big. I definitely would take care of these!

  61. Jill says

    My sunglasses just broke so this would be a perfect prize to win! I love avaiator style glasses. I can’t go too big with frames b/c I have a small face.

  62. Krystina says

    I have pretty sensitive eyes, so being out in the sun without sunglasses is pretty unbearable. I’m glad to see you’re having a blast in Mexico! My fiance and I are getting married in Riviera Maya this July! Can’t wait!!

  63. Julie P says

    I LOVE sunglasses and keep at least two pairs in my car, one in my purse and one in my house. I’ve only ever bought the cheapos though because I either lose ’em or break ’em. I’d be SUPER careful with these though! :)

  64. Darci says

    I absolutely LOVE sunglasses! I used to buy cheap ones but ever since buying my first pair of expensive ones years ago…I will never go back! I hope I win!

  65. says

    I usually pick frames that are similar in size to the ones shown, however with little rhinestones on the arms or at the outer edges of the lenses. The stones don’t last long though when the glasses are plopped in and out of my purse, the car console, or anywhere else I tend to leave my glasses. However, if i won a pair of Dior, I would certainly take better care of them!

  66. Amy says

    I love sunglasses! My eyes are pretty sensitive to light and I even wear them in the winter sometimes. My current sunglasses are Kate Spade. I used to buy the cheapo kind, but I wear them so ofter I treated myself to a nice pair! I wouldn’t mind having another nice pair :)

  67. diana says

    My eyes are super sensitive so I have to wear sunglasses every time I go outside. I’m always breaking them, probably because I never spend more than about $20. :-). I’d love to have a cute, stylish pair!

  68. Amee says

    I would love to win! I love sunglasses so much and have about three pairs I currently rotate through depending on what I’m wearing or where I’m going.

  69. Kaelin says

    I bought my first pair of not-cheap sunglasses last summer and I can’t go back!! I do everything in them, wear them almost everyday. It makes such a huge difference on the way they fit and feel, how they stay in place on long runs, and keep your eyes protected from the sun! Thanks for the giveaway!! Enjoy the Mexican sun :)

  70. Heather says

    I never seem to be able to find a pair of sunglasses that look good. They look fine when I try them on in the store but I get home and don’t like them!! Lately I have just given up! This would be a great chance to find a pair I really like!

  71. Christine says

    I always buy cheap sunglasses and they always break! If I got a pair of good ones I would need to invest in a case for them, for sure. I especially love red heart shaped sunnies!

  72. Justeen says

    I never seem to find sunglasses that fit my face well, and when I do, I always lose or break them! That’s why I never spend more than $10 for a pair!

  73. Christina says

    Wow, awesome giveaway! I would love to win this because I, like you, usually buy sunglasses from Target and, while they’re cute and everything, they usually need replacing more frequently than I’d like!

  74. Patty says

    I always get cheap sunglasses. In the long run I probably spend more b/c they don’t hold up and I don’t take care of them. I would love to get a pair of nice ones that actually fit right and look good.

  75. Missy says

    I’ve been wearing Coach sunglasses that I got at a pretty good price ($40) on base (hubby’s military). I’ve been looking for a new style to wear…I’m loving the aviator look lately!

  76. Maya says

    LOVE sunglasses. My new year’s resolution this year was to be smarter about eye protection from the sun, which basically just gives me an excuse to try tons of different sunglasses!

  77. Alexa says

    I am the same way – only cheap sunglasses for me! But I’ve been saying for a while now that my next investment should be a really nice pair. Then maybe I’d take better care of them :)

  78. Stacey Moscicki says

    I would love a new pair of sunglasses! I have a few pairs of cheap ($10-$15) pairs that I wear often, but I would love to find a more expensive pair that really fit my face well. I really love the ones you’re wearing.

  79. Caitlin says

    I LOVE sunglasses, but they always seem to touch my eyelashes. You would think I have the longest eyelashes in the world….but I don’t.

  80. Veronica says

    Sunglasses are essential to wear in the summer but I definitely have trouble finding ones that I think look good on me. I would love a new pair!

  81. Tracey says

    I recently broke my favorite ones that were coach…super sad :( so i am now rocking a $15 pair for Target which are great and all but a nice new pair would be fun too

  82. Brianne says

    I think sunglasses are my favorite accessory! They can be so fun! Also, I am constantly squinting because of the Florida sun, so they can prevent any future wrinkles!

  83. Shannon says

    I love sunglasses. I have really light eyes that are sensitive to light, so sunglasses are a must-have for me–all throughout the year. Thanks!

  84. Courtney says

    Awesome giveaway!! I just happened to convince my husband that we need to go to St. Lucia (thanks for your email recommendation by the way!) so this would be a perfect accessory for that trip!! :)

  85. Shawna says

    I hate to leave the house without them! I live in constant fear of being stuck out on a sunny day without shades for my super light and light-sensitive eyes. :)

  86. Natalie Pyle says

    I rarely find sunglasses that I like but these are an exception, so cute!!

    Did you know the most expesive sunglasses cost over 408,000 dollars!?

  87. Sarah says

    My husband hates how they cover my face – I’d love to find a nice pair that protect my eyes but don’t swallow me whole.

  88. Britt says

    I love sunglasses but have a hard time finding a pair that suits my round face!
    The last pair I purchased were from Wal-mart and they are scratched up now…I need a new pair!!

  89. Alexandra says

    You know when you’re a baby and your parents tell you something cute and quirky about yourself like you didn’t stop using a binkie til you were 3? Well mine was I would never take my sunglasses off!

  90. Krystan says

    Sunglasses are a MUST HAVE for me! I have to protect my baby blues! :) I have also never owned a pair that cost more than $20… :( Would never say no to a pay of dior!

  91. Chele says

    I always seem to have trouble finding ones that fit my large head and sit comfortably without either being too skinny or too “bug like”. But I wonder if having a more expensive pair would be a better fit than the cheapies.

  92. Christine says

    I only buy the cheap-o Target ones for fear of breaking them, but at 25, I think it’s time I buy some expensive, nicer ones and be a big girl and take good care of them!

  93. says

    Sunglasses are a necessity for Summer! I spend a lot of time floating on innertubes or kayaking down the river, so I need something for the eyes. But – it can get a little crazy on the water sometimes, so cheap is usually best for that! Sadly, I’m nearsighted, so I need to wear glasses when I drive, or am at outdoor type events if I want to see clearly more than 15 feet ahead of me lol. So I suffer at the outdoor events, but when driving? I’m totally that chick wearing huge sunglasses on top of my regular glasses, haha!

  94. Calie says

    Best…giveaway…ever!!! I always find myself at those sunglasses stand in the middle of the malls during a shopping trip, but can never really find a rounded pair that fit my round face! These are perfect!!!!

  95. Kelsey Y. says

    Used to HATE them! Having long eyelashes made it hard for me to like them because every pair seemed to squish my eyes! But after find a style that works, and a lens shape, I LOVE THEM! These Dior ones are completely gorgeous!

  96. Avery says

    I love them but I always break them! I need to start being more careful, which probably means investing in a more expensive pair!

  97. says

    I LOVE sunglasses. I usually end up buying the cheap ones because that’s what I can afford but I’m loving the ones from that site. SO cute! I’m always a fan of the aviator style :)

  98. Kristin says

    love love love sunglasses! i always buy cheapies also mostly because they always seem to find there way under where i sit and break 😉 don’t know how they get there.

    Good luck to everyone

  99. Laura says

    what an awesome giveaway and perfect timing for your trip! I have one pair of sunglasses that I’ve had for years… would love to throw another pair and different style in the rotation! 😉

  100. says

    What a cool giveaway! My current sunglasses are a cheap-o $4 pair from Old Navy, so this would be a welcome change. I definitely prefer classic black or brown sunglasses to more “trendy” ones.

  101. Kellie says

    I always get weird sunglass lines because I wear the same pair all the time. I need to switch it up so that I don’t always have the same racoon eyes.

  102. Emily R. says

    LOVE sunglasses, L.O.V.E them! I’m like you though, I only buy cheapos.. so to have a nice pair would be nice! I normally like the aviator style, but I’m not too picky :)

  103. Ally says

    I have been wearing the same pair of sunglasses for the past 3 years (it’s a wonder I haven’t broken them or lost them – knock on wood) so I would love a new pair!

  104. says

    I have like 8 pairs of sunglasses and I wear them all the time, even late evening. I have to have them on! I also found a pair of Vera Wang sunglasses that I love to use when I go for a run. I have to have lightweight one for running. I would love to check out these sunglasses!!

  105. Hania says

    Oh my! Finally some giveaway for me 😉
    I just love sunglasses! 2 years ago I bought my first “real” Polaroid sunglasses and I’m wearing them all the time, during the winter and summer mostly! It’d be great to have another pair of them, so I can feel my eyes are safe!

  106. mary wise says

    i love me some sunglasses! i have never owned an expensive pair, though I would love some! i tend to change the styles I like, so I go for the cheaper (target, usually) brand! hope you’re having a blast in Mexico!

  107. Melissa says

    I love sunglasses, but always have a hard time finding a pair I like that are still cheap! I usually just buy $10-$20 sunglasses and have never owned an expensive or “nice” pair! My wonderful fiance actually bought me a pair of Vogue sunglasses just last month and guess what happened! MY DOG ATE THEM :( I was so sad and felt so bad, I don’t even know how she got a hold of them but needless to say I will NOT be buying or letting him buy another expensive pair!!! That’s such an awesome giveaway too :-) looks like Mexico is a blast, enjoy!

  108. Karleen says

    This came at the most perfect time!! I love big sunglasses and ones that stay put! I was wearing my big Spy glasses on head last night and forgot I still had them on and turned around and they fell to the wood floor and cracked!!! noooooo! I so need new glasses now and asap! I would love to win some new glasses to actually take care of and make them last longer this time around

  109. Kelsey says

    I’m currently rocking some Costa Del Mars but would love a pair of oversized ones like yours for more glamorous occasions!

  110. Elizabeth W says

    I looove sunglasses!! I feel like a blind person when I go outside during the day without them, its pretty funny actually, I think I act like Im dying, my fiancé gets a kick out of it. Plus its also great to preserve your vision quality and stay crows-feet-less as long as possible, hah.

  111. Nicole says

    The case I had my sunglasses in kept ripping and ripping (was not a hard case, soft outer shell) and I meant to find a hard case to keep them in, but forgot and the sunglasses got SO scratched inside my bag once the case fully ripped :( haven’t replaced them since! Those sunglasses are perfect, I would love ones just like that!

  112. adina says

    I had a great pair of running sunglasses but my dog thought they were a chew toy so now I only get the cheapo ones. A new pair would be kept out of reach at all times!

  113. says

    The bigger the sunglasses the better!!! My husband HATES the sunglasses that make me look like a “bug” but I think they are adorable and fashionable and wear them anyway, lol!!
    Besides, I feel like the bigger they are, the better sun protection, right?!

  114. Lynora says

    I LOVE sunglasses. I know people are often nervous about spending money on expensive sunglasses because you can lose them, but I think it is worth it. I usually can find the best deals at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, my last Kate Spade pair was $80 instead of $160! Unfortunately, they fell off my son’s stroller and I stepped on them so that pair is done. I am hoping I can find another good pair before summer!

  115. Krystina says

    Love sunglasses, but I’ve always bought cheap ones from Target. I tried on a designer pair once and they were AMAZING….but $350.

  116. Vicky says

    Loving your new shades! I’ve always wanted to invest in a great pair but I’d have to say they are quite pricey! I like the aviator style!

  117. Amy says

    For me, sunglasses are always hard to find that perfect fit! I find myself owning one pair for years. This collection looks fabulous :)

  118. Clara says

    Ohhh lovely sunglasses!!! It’s so important to get good ones to protect your eyes!! I’d absolutely love to have these!!! Enjoy your vacation!!!! :)

  119. Hillary says

    Most of my shades come from the $5 bin at Wal-Mart, so it would so a HUGE change to have a pair that weren’t made to collapse after 15 wears!

  120. Beth says

    I love sunglasses – I wear them all the time! I think my eyes are just sensitive to light, so I always wear them when I ‘m outside – sun or no sun!

  121. Melissa A says

    I love sun glasses! Stylish, good for driving and I even get prescription lenses in mine to avoid having to wear regular glasses! I would love to win a pair and have my eye doc order me the appropriate lenses! Thanks!

  122. Megan Joy says

    I’m like you. I have never bought a pair of expensive sunglasses! For whatever reason, I can not justify spending more than $20 on them.

  123. Jessica says

    I LOVE sunglasses!!! I don’t generally buy expensive sunglasses but I do have a couple pairs that were a little pricier — and I do notice a difference!!!!! Hope you’re enjoying MEXICOO!!!

  124. Sarah says

    I ALWAYS break new sunglasses within a few weeks of buying them. I really need to stop leaving them in the bottom of my purse and then loading in heavy stuff on top!

  125. Kate says

    Oh my gosh- I love those! So many on that page look amazing. I LOVE sunglasses. I always used to buy cheap, plain sunglasses and then finally splurged and bought myself a pair of outrageous ones. I love them so much and feel so fancy wearing them! Not to mention I live in FL and sunglasses are a MUST daily!

  126. Caroline says

    I love sunglasses! However, I never find myself able to splurge on a good pair. I have been wearing cheap $8 ones for years!! I would love to have a quality pair.

  127. Amber says

    OMGEE. I would love to have some new sunglasses! I lost my beloved avaitors a month ago and I am in need of some new ones for our cruise coming up!

  128. says

    Living in Florida you have to have sunglasses! They protect your eyes and hold your hair back from hurricane force winds. :) I need a fancy new pair of sunglasses. My fiance just got Ray Bans and they are pretty awesome.

  129. Lizzie says

    I love sunglasses, and wear them all the time since I have super sensitive eyes. My favorite styles are wayfarers (classic Ray-Bans) and aviators!

  130. Camille says

    I LOVE sunglasses! (Or sunnies, as we call them in my house.) I especially love ones that make me look (and feel) like a rock star!

  131. Ashley says

    I love sunglasses the size of Texas! I’m always keeping cheap pairs around because you can never be without a pair but would love a new and nicer pair!

  132. Jessica says

    I am a migraine sufferer and sunglasses help to prevent getting them or ameliorate the pain. Always looking for new additions to my collection!

  133. says

    Oh my goodness! I’m so excited about this giveaway! I am obsessed with my “sunnies” and wear them everyday, outdoors AND in. 😉 I love Vogue’s sunglasses! I have one and they’re so comfortable and so wearable with anything. One of my fave styles is the aviator!

  134. Casey says

    I’m a HUGE sunglasses fan!! Oddly enough, I’ve only ever worn Coach glasses — usually from the fab outlet stores we have in San Diego. Other than that, the only other glasses I wear are running ones! They’re a necessity now.

  135. JenG says

    Love sunglasses, i actually used to be a sunglasses/optical buyer. It was my dream job and i loved it, but left for a ‘better’ opportunity with room for growth. Didn’t go well and i miss the industry all the time.

  136. Gabby says

    I definitely have a sunglass obsession!! Would love a new pair without having my wallet having to take a beating if you know what I mean :)

  137. Cassie D. says

    I LOVE those Dior glasses! I always have a hard time finding sunglasses that fit my face properly, so I tend to only have one or two pair I wear all the time.

  138. Denise H says

    Oh how I’d love a pair of expensive ones. I tend to get the $10-20 ones because I can just toss them in my purse, and I don’t care when my daughter wants to put them on. I would definitely take better care of some good ones!

  139. Farrah D says

    Those are some sharp looking sunglasses! I only splurged once and spent $200 on a pair of sunglasses from Sunglass Hut. Three weeks later I was out for a bike ride and had them on the top of my hair instead of on my face and they fell off! As if that wouldn’t be bad enough, I ran them over with my bike and crunched them. It was the last time I invested in a nice pair! lol Needless to say, I would be thrilled to win these!

  140. Wendy says

    So hard to find a good pair when I have high arched eyebrows, either they lay too low or look like bug eyes. I had a favorite pair I loved that my mother-in-law by accident sat on and the place I bought them from went out of business, so this would be awesome to have!!!

  141. Tracey L. says

    Love these sunglasses- they’re gorgeous! I, too, usually buy cheap ones because they always get lost. Would love to win a new pair!
    Thanks for the givewaway.

  142. says

    I am always breaking my sunglasses. I totally need a new pair to go with the convertible I recently got. We have such a short summer in Wisconsin, I am going to make the best of every sunny day!

  143. crystal d. says

    The Dior glasses you are wearing are sooo super cute!! My favorite pair that I own are my Fendi ones. I actually have two of them because I scratched one of them. Now I use the scratched ones when I am doing something like hiking or something like that so if I drop them and they get scratched again I don’t care. But you can never had enough sunglasses in my opinion!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. Kim says

    Im a bit of a sunglasses hoarder.. go figure, when I was packing to go on a cruise last week I could only find 2 pairs. For that reason I prefer the cheap ones, but occasionally buy the expensive brands.

  145. Amanda Lee says

    I have a love-hate relationship with sunglasses. They are a must have for me- my eyes are super sensitive however I have a terrible time finding a pair that I like.. and not losing them or breaking them. I always buy cheapies.

    Maybe I should try a more expensive pair though & then I’d take care of them!! :)

  146. Maddie says

    I could not survive the summer without sunglasses! I have a hard time finding ones that are not too big or too small. I am loving those tortoise sunglasses on that page! I’m glad you’re having a fabulous time in Mexico, I’m jealous!

  147. Heidi says

    I always buy cheap sunglasses because every year, I invariably end up sitting on them and breaking them! I would LOVE a chic pair of designer sunglasses and I would be super careful with them! :)

  148. Sarah says

    I have never owned a pair over $20 in fear of destroying/losing them. A pair of Dior sunglasses would be absolutely amazing!

  149. Christine says

    It’s probably about time for me to get a real pair of over $10 sunglasses too…I have been relying on my faux wayfarers forever and it might be time to retire them :)

  150. LC says

    I had the best pair of Kenneth Cole sunglasses and wore them or YEARS. They were the treat I bought myself with my first ‘real job’ paycheck after college. I lost them during a move a few years ago and am STILL mourning them. I haven’t found anything I like as much and am willing to spend that type of money on. Hope you’re having fun in Mexico!

  151. Anya says

    Those are super cute! I didn’t wear sunglasses for a long time because I was always wearing my glasses. Now that I have contacts I could really use a pair!

  152. Susan says

    My current sunglasses have Mickey Mouse on them and were purchased when I was at Disney World with my kids. I think I could use a grown-up pair!

  153. Margaret says

    I love sunglasses but can never seem to find ones that look good on me. I’ve been known to buy a few of the same when I finally find them.

  154. Sonya says

    LOVE sunglasses! My fav are Chloe and I’m eyeing (no pun intended) a pair of Tory Burch for my upcoming beach vacation! Enjoy Mexico!

  155. April Miller-Rose says

    I LOVE sunglasses, i think they are great addition to a sunny day wardrobe! My biggest problem that i have always had with sunglasses is that i LOSE them…i leave them laying on a counter or a table and forget. But now that i have reading glasses i am more aware of having glasses around me at all times. So i keep in mind to always remember them. I have always wanted a nice fancy pair of sunglasses too wear but have never wanted to spend that kinda money on myself for an accessory! Sunglasses are the best though!

  156. says

    I find that I am so careless with my cheap sunglasses and always end up breaking them and stuff, but when I do splurge, I make sure to take care of them and be more careful, so I almost feel like my more expensive ones are better because I have them so much longer.

  157. Kaitlyn says

    I’d LOVE to win a new pair of sunglasses! I have such a hard time finding sunglasses that fit my face shape! And these are gorgeous and promising!

  158. Leah Fedrizzi says

    Like you I always bought my sunglasses from target for tops $15-20 recently while visiting my sister she let me borrow her nice sunglasses and I now realize that they are worth the splurge

  159. Mollie K says

    I love sunglasses! I keep mine in my car so in the winter its so annoying when I put them on they get all fogged up because my body temp is hot but the car is so freezing! haha

  160. Kara says

    My sunglasses are currently laying in my purse with one lens popped out.. I guess that’s what I get for splurging a whole $10 or so on them! Needless to say I could definitely use a better pair – But for some reason I just can’t seem to bring myself to pay more than maybe $15 for sunglasses..

  161. Clarice says

    I LOVE sunglasses!! I had to wear glasses up until the 10th grade, so when I finally got contacts I went out and bought like 50 pairs of sunglasses! haha I had to make up for all those years that I couldn’t wear them! Needless to say I always have a pair with me now.

  162. says

    I’ve been itching to buy some nice sunglasses before my honeymoon next year but I haven’t been able to justify the prices right now while wedding planning – I’d love to win a pair!

  163. Tabitha says

    I never understood why people would buy expensive sunglasses and not just go for the cheap ones…Well after purchasing some D&G sunglasses now I know why! A good pair of sunglasses are always the route to go!

  164. says

    I’m kinda blah about sunglasses– mostly because I only buy the cheap pairs since I constantly lose them!! I do find that they break really easy though! My other half loves his polarized (and more pricey) sunglasses… And sometimes I borrow them :)

  165. Kristen says

    Wow, what a diverse group! I think I like the aviators the most because they are so classic! They never go out of style!

  166. says

    living in arizona, sunglasses have become my best friend! i usually buy cheap ones because i tend to be prone to break them!

    i am so frugal that i tend not to splurge, but i would LOVE to actually own better quality sunglasses! and there are so many cute ones to choose from!!

  167. Amanda L says

    The only pair of sunglasses I’ve ever loved I got from this dinky little store in France during my graduation present trip for like 5 Euro but they broke and I can’t find any to replace them!

  168. Iris says

    I have a family history of glaucoma, so it’s especially important to protect my eyes from the sun (I believe the sun makes people more vulnerable to glaucoma!)… plus sunglasses make any outfit look cuter. :)

  169. Emily T. says

    I love sunglasses and wear them all the time, but I haven’t found “the ones” yet. If I win these, I foresee myself wearing them all summer long!

  170. Ilana says

    I wish I loved sunglasses–I’m the chick who’ll have crows feet at 30 from never wearing them and squinting in the sun. I can never find a pair I love, I haven’t found a shape that looks good on me :(

  171. Meagan says

    I sat on my sunglasses while getting in the car at the end of the summer and haven’t been able to find a pair I love since. I would love to win a new pair!!

  172. Jennifer says

    I love these sunglassses…would love a better pair….since I buy the cheap ones all the time…perfect for spring time coming up… :)

  173. Britt says

    My ears are slightly crooked so I always feel like certain types of sunglasses look lopsided on my face! But when I find the right pair, I rely on them constantly cuz I do a lot of driving in the sun

  174. says

    I love sunglasses in a big way, but hate spending more than $10 on a pair since I am perpetually breaking or losing them! I currently have 4 pairs, that were either given to me for free (the cheapo ones that companies give away for promotions) or were $5 on Amazon. I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I actually had a pair that were nice!

  175. Leigh H says

    I actually need a really good pair of sunglasses. My 2 year old recently smashed my other ones several months ago and I have not wore any since then.

  176. Alicia says

    I love these sunglasses!! I tend to have a hard time choosing and normally stick to the cheaper ones. These would look great for my next trip!

  177. Laura C. says

    A random fact about me and sunglasses is that I’ve never owned a pair worth more than $10 and I’ve also never had a pair that lasted me more than a month that didn’t end up broken or lost or lost and broken, lol. Hmmm.. perhaps those two facts are related?

    Kidding aside, I think it’s time for a pair of big girl sunglasses!

  178. Ashley says

    Sunglasses, eh? Gosh I need a pair.

    Here’s the thing. I have a small face/head. Sunglasses look stupid on me. Everyone tells me they do, do I really care? No! I wear sunglasses all the time. Sometimes in my mind I think ‘wow I’m so cool I’m going to rock these sunglasses today!’ (to myself only of course). So not too long ago, I went to visit my boyfriend in Hawaii, he’s stationed there. Great place to visit and wear sunglasses, right? RIGHT! Well what I haven’t mentioned is that my sunglasses are a free pair that I got from a cable company. You know, the black ones with the super bright sides from the 80’s? Well I didn’t see anything wrong with them. Apparently everyone else did. I posted the pics from Hawaii on facebook and no one commented about the scenery, or how completely annoying all of our handstand pics are on the tops of mountains with beautiful views, or on my cute bathing suits. They commented on the glasses. I have yet to get a new pair.

    Basically what I’m saying is, if I won these OTHER free sunglasses you speak of, they’d be put to good use. Even if they look stupid on me!

  179. Leah says

    I love sunglasses and am definitely in need of a new pair! I love a bunch of the style but especially the large aviator tortoise frames.

  180. Krista says

    Last summer I discovered my great-grandmother’s old sunglasses. They are completely ridiculous and so old.. and I SO wear them :)

  181. Kelly says

    I don’t love sunglasses on me, but I know I need to wear them since I have a family history of macular degeneration. Plus, I’m trying to minimize any more sun damage to the skin around my eyes! Thinking to pick up a pair of aviators this summer. :)

  182. Ashley F says

    I’ve never actually bought a nice pair of sun glasses. I always just buy the cheap kind, but never wear them because they always get scratched. Maybe I’ll invenst in a good pair this summer.

  183. Christie says

    I love sunglasses and cannot walk out my door without them! They are a must to prevent wrinkles and protect your eyes and face from the sun!

  184. TheLastStandmixer says

    I love the shape of those Dior glasses you have as the are so face flattering for any shape face. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a pair of expensive sunglasses other than the cheap kind from Target.

  185. Courtney Echols says

    I used to always wear cheap pairs and then got one pair of Chanel glasses and was forever changed. Designer sunglasses are worth every penny in my book!

  186. Jen says

    I LOVE them, not to mention they protect you eyes. Here’s to not being blind later in life! I dont usually spend the money on the good ones tho, too scared ill lose/break them.

  187. RochelleT says

    I had always bought really cheap sunglasses, and was sitting on them or losing them or something. One day, I decided that I was going to splurge and buy some really nice sunglasses, in hopes that spending more money on them would be good incentive to take better care of them. Well, I settled on a pair of D&Gs, and ooooh man, they were HOT! Fast forward a year, I still had the same pair of sunglasses, and they were my ONLY pair of sunglasses. A friend of mine invited me to go rafting with her and some other friends. HECK YEAH! So, we are floating along the river, I’m sporting my super hot sunglasses, and guess what happens? We hit rapids, the raft tips and I fall into the water. Guess what went with me? The sunglasses. Only they didn’t come up, like I did. Bummer. Since then, I’ve been a little bitter, and haven’t been able to bring myself to buy another pair of sunglasses. Booo. But…perhaps my bitterness would fade if I were to win another pair 😉

  188. Shannon says

    While I love sunglasses, I can never find a pair that don’t end up hurting after a short while. Usually I tough it out though, especially for a cute pair of aviators!

  189. Mindy says

    I always buy the $5 pairs from the flea markets which are great because if they get scratched or lost – you don’t have to worry about them! I always have a hard time finding the right pair (color, fit) but these look nice and how great to have a Dior pair!!! :)

  190. Maggie says

    I love sunglasses but i never want to spend too much on them because i feel like i am always losing or breaking them. Hope you are having fun in Mexico!

  191. ellalinea says

    I love sunglasses! I often wear them but I usually buy a cheaper brand.. I would love to finally own a decent one! :) The vogue collection looks really cool!

  192. Karen says

    It is so hard to find the right pair that fits my face! But, I love sunglasses. They are one of the best summer accessory!

  193. Jennifer says

    I love sunglassses! I am constantly breaking them though, so I always buy the cheapie swapmeet ones. An actual “real” pair would be so exciting!

  194. Chelsea says

    I love those! I definitely need a good pair; I’ve broken the last two cheap ones that I bought, and I’m now borrowing a pair from my bf. :)

  195. Lindsay H says

    I love the glasses you picked out, they look super cute on you! I’m like you tho bc I don’t own a pair of ‘nice’ sunglasses. I did buy a pair of $200 ones a few years back on a whim and had them for like 2 days before I felt soo guilty for spending that much on them and returned them lol. The thing that made me take them back was that I picked a pair that looked EXACTLY like my $20 pair I previously wore.

  196. Nicole says

    I think it’s important to have a cool looking pair of sunglasses because they can easily double as a headband! 😀 Essential if you’re like me and have hair in your face a lot of the time.

  197. Kristina M says

    I Love Sunglasses! I have a pair with me always. They are a great accessory AND help prevent wrinkles! :) And as someone who wears contacts, my eye doctor told me sunglasses are a must!

  198. Molly Petsch says

    I love sunglasses… and since I’m super careful with mine, a couple years ago I treated myself to Ray Bans! But I’d love another pair that are more girly!

  199. Alana R says

    I LOVE sunglasses. I wear them alllll the time. I hear squinting and sunlight can really age the skin around the eyes! Also, I’ve had the same $5 pair of Forever 21 sunglasses for like two years. Haha. I’d really love to have these :)

  200. Rachel says

    I love those sunglasses – I always buy cheap pairs too and they break so easily, but I haven’t yet gotten myself to splurge on a nice pair like those!

  201. Christine says

    Love sunglasses…they are a necessity here in the Northeast! All year round! But I can never find a pair when I need them….I would keep these in my car!

  202. Susan Comer says

    I love the style you picked. All of my sunglasseses come from the cart at the mall 2 for $20. They always seem to peel because they are so cheap. Would love to win nice sunglasses!

  203. Alexandra says

    I love oversized sunglasses! Not only are they fashionable, but they are only better for you. Since they’re bigger, they block more UVA/UVB rays.

  204. Teresa says

    You’d be wrong to think you don’t need sunglasses in the UK in February but that winter glare is so strong it can make for difficult driving without an awesome pair of sunglasses!

  205. Crystal says

    Love Sunglasses! I wear them time I go outside even when it isn’t too sunny! But then again in certain lighting I will get migraines so the sunglasses help with that :)

  206. Gretchen says

    I usually only buy cheapy sunglasses because I always seem to break and loose them, but I’ve had my current pair for a while now, so I think it’s time to upgrade to a fancy pair! I would love to try out a pair from Dior’s Vogue collection :)

  207. Kristen says

    I loveeee sunglasses in summer! They can change your look so much! I had a pair once that had metallic green frames that were sooo amazing and they got scratched up from being in my purse and I havent found a pair that I loved as much as those!

  208. Nicole says

    I love these sunglasses! They are totally my style :) I just lost my sunglasses that I’ve had the past 3 years so would be amazing to win these!

  209. Lauren Z. says

    I love sunglasses, but I can only ever afford/justify the cheap ones, that usually end up breaking! I would love a good quality pair :)

  210. Amanda says

    I am the one that stands in Target or Kohls for 20 mins trying to find a pair then decide I really don’t like them by the time I get home! I’m in need of a nice pair of sunglasses! :)

  211. says

    I ALWAYS lose glasses and have trouble finding a pair that look great on me. My bf swears by expensive sunglasses, and that the more you spend, the more careful you will be in taking care of them. Maybe that is the trick, but I usually stick to cheapies….

  212. Krista Jansen says

    I just lost my favorite pair of sunglasses! They were a gift to me from my mom, and about a year later they disappeared. I’ve searched everywhere I could, but was never lucky enough to get them back. I miss my cranberry-brown colored glasses!

  213. kayleigh says

    i can NEVER find the right shape to look good on my face. its pretty round and i can’t decide if a bigger or smaller lens looks the best. maybe if i didn’t just buy $10 sunglasses i would find better ones?

  214. Ayla says

    I LOVE sunglasses but finding a pair that fits my face is ridiculously hard due to it being so round shaped. Last summer I found a pair that fits and I’m eagerly awaiting summer so that I can wear them again. Having a second pair would be fabulous. :)

  215. Kristen says

    I <3 aviators! And even this winter, I find myself in need of sunglasses with the glare off the bright white snow here in Ohio.

  216. says

    I die without sunglasses! I can always tell when I don’t have a pair planted on my face because I get a headache so much faster. Like you though, I always just grab a cheapo pair. I would love to finally have a good, long-lasting pair of shades!

  217. Erika says

    Sunglasses are by far my favorite accessory. Whether it is dress down or up a look sunglasses are the finishing touch that ties it all together!

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway!

  218. Ashley W. says

    I thought I lost mine while rummaging through the peddlars mall last week. My sweet Valentine (hey, we celebrated late) was adorable as he feverishly searched every aisle. Come to find out, I dropped them in the check out late. Whoops!

  219. says

    I love Sunglasses, and I prefer ones that have just a bit of a cat eye shape to them, but are not too overstated or large. I’m always nervous to invest in a good pair, though, so I end up buying cheapies.

  220. Mandy says

    I LOVE sunglasses, but I don’t know if they like me as much. Every pair of sunglasses I’ve had has been lost or broken :/ Hoping this time, I’ll find a pair that lasts me a while!

  221. Carrie says

    Love sunglasses! Can not go without them during the summer! Although I typically bring a cheap-o pair for hiking and stuff. I’d love a new pair for day-to-day!

  222. Rachel S. says

    I love sunglasses and they are a must for me. This might sound a little funny but I have large pupils and blue eyes so they are more sensitive to light than a normal person. I have to wear sunglasses even if it’s raining sometimes, so they are vital to my existence.

  223. Aimee M says

    Now that I have contacts and can wear super cute glasses without having to order them with a prescription, I love them!

  224. Lauren B. says

    After years of buying cheap sunglasses at Tar-jay and always breaking them, my husband finally forced me to invest in a pair of quality Ray Bans. I have had them for 3 1/2 years now! They are wonderful, but they do have a chip in the lens after dropping them one too many times, so it may be time for another pair. :)

  225. Amanda says

    I love sunglasses! Although, like you, I tend to stick with the $15 price range when it comes to buying them. Having an actual nice pair of glasses would be awesome!

  226. Breanna says

    I switched to expensive sunglasses a few years ago and it’s so worth it. No more plastic sunglasses headaches – right?? :)

  227. Arimey says

    Good choice on that Dior pair – very chic! I LOVE sunglasses and was worried if I spent more than $20 on a pair that I’d wind up losing them, but I finally bit the bullet and purchased a Ralph Lauren pair last summer. I found that I’ve taken much better care of them than I thought I would and am officially obsessed now. I now have a Coach pair and have had my eye out for some avaitors. Long story short, I’d love to win this giveaway!

    PS – hope you’re having an amazing time on vacation!

  228. Lacey says

    I would love a pair of sunglasses. I tend to buy just cheap pairs, and would love to go with a great pair like yours instead!!

  229. Lauren says

    I am so ready for a new pair of sunglasses, I have been buying the same ones for the past few years and would love to try something new!

  230. Ali says

    I love sunglasses! I always seem to get the cheap target ones though because I tend to lose/break them. These are super cute!

  231. says

    I would love to have a pair of nice sunglasses! I have to always wear them because my eyes are so sunlight sensitive but I always get a cheap pair. I’ve been thinking about looking for some nice ones though for my honeymoon in October! :)

  232. Krista N. says

    Great giveaway! I’m the same in that I never buy “nice” sunglasses, just cheap $5-10 pairs that break super easily!

  233. Sara says

    I got a huge scratch down one of my lenses :( Needless to say, I am looking for a new pair! I love sunglasses – as long as they fit my face and look cute :)

  234. Lauren S says

    Like you, I had always bought inexpensive sunglasses knowing I would loose them. I was shopping one day and fell in love with a pair of Kate Spade sunglasses-I splurged and bought them! I was so careful with those glasses and had them for 3 years before losing them in the ocean on our honeymoon:(

  235. says

    I love sunglasses! I had trouble wearing them after no longer being able to wear contacts because of severe dry eye. After getting Lasek this summer I all about stocking up my supply of sunglasses again… if only I had the budget to do so! I’d love to win a pair. Happy Mexico to you!

  236. Jenny says

    I love sunglasses, but I almost always buy $10 pairs. The last pair of nice (over $100) sunglasses I bought was in 2006!

  237. Beth says

    I love sunglasses. I also get the cheapo ones, but would love a nice pair like these. So many great styles on that site!!

  238. Jamie says

    Love sunglasses- I live in Cali so they are a staple and an accessory to any outfit! My favorite are probably my RAY BANS (classic!) or my beautiful Tom Fords!

  239. Bethany says

    I love sunglasses, but I can never bring myself to buy a nice pair. So they always end up breaking super fast. It would be great to have a nice pair of sunglasses!

  240. Laura H says

    I love sunglasses. I love to wear them when I ride the bus so people can’t see my eyes. My husband always tells me sunglasses look too big on me. I do have a small face but whatever, I will keep on wearing them!!

  241. Caitlin says

    I have always had a sunglasses dilemma. I always break the cheapo pairs, and then just keep buying more cheapo pairs (probably hundreds of dollars worth ha). Maybe if I had nice ones, they would not break and I would take better care of them!

  242. says

    I’m on the search for a nice pair of sunglasses so it’d be perfect timing to win, especially with spring and summer right around the corner! I always break mine so I’m like you and never spend more than $15 for a pair.

  243. Heather says

    I lost my last pair of sunglasses in a tragic public bathroom incident. I went to flush with my foot and the sunglasses fell off my shirt and down the drain. Needless to say, I need a new pair.

  244. says

    I used to always buy the cheapies and lost them, broke them, etc. Then I bought “nicer” ones at $75 and took care of those, THEN bought nice nice ones :)

  245. says

    Good sunglasses are sometimes hard to find! I like the big ones, but I hate looking like a scary bug, haha. They can get pricey too, so I would love to win this giveaway!

  246. Caitlin F. says

    I’ve had the same pair of Kate Spade sunglasses for 3 years. While I love still love them, I’m thinkin it’s about time for some new ones.

  247. says

    LOVE sunglasses! Cant live without em in spring and summer. I like having two good pairs – wire aviator style ones (tory burch – swoon!!) and i love black thicker/plastic type frames too that are more fashionable then function :) great giveaway !

  248. April V says

    Out of about 20 pair I’ve ever owned, I only have found about 2 or 3 of the “perfect pair”. I’m all about the cheapies too, but would love to own a pair that actually cost OVER $20! :)

  249. Ashley says

    My eyes are sooo sensitive, sunglasses are a must for me all the time! I love aviators but I always get cheapy Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe ones that I don’t mind losing. I’d love a pair that are durable yet fashionable.

  250. Julie says

    I live in sunglasses ALL summer long! I’ve never owned a decent pair though, because I cannot manage to hold onto them longer than a couple of weeks!

  251. Kayla says

    Love sunglasses so much! I am the same way though… I have never owned a pair of sunglasses more expensive than the $15 Target ones.

  252. Erin says

    I love these glasses. I live in CA (’nuff said) so I need to wear sunglasses all year round. Can’t leave the house without them!

  253. Tori L says

    I’m definitely in need of a new pair! Mine broke over a year ago and I’ve been too lazy to buy new ones since…

  254. Sierra says

    I have an Addiction to expensive sunglasses! ( I blame my mom who has a bigger checkbook) AND I just lost my Christian diors last weekend :( this would be perfect timing to help fuel my addiction!!

  255. says

    I lost mt faaaaavorite favorite pair of sunglasses.. Ray Ban’s aviators, a few months ago. I had them for years, they had been on SO many vacations with me, formed to my face, perfect color, I just loved them! NO other sunglasses look right on me. I have no idea what happened, I just went in my purse one day to get them and they were gone! Case and all. :( I was so bummed, I bought another similar pair, they don’t make that exact pair anymore, but it’s not the same. Waa!

  256. says

    Aaaaaaahhhh, I’ve been making courage (read: trying not to feel guitly to spend the rent money for a pair of sunglasses) to buy some for a few months now, winning this giveaway would be such a treaaaat!

  257. Julie W says

    When I was a teen, I thought I was so cool when I got my first pair of Ray-Bans. But I sat on them the first week I got them, and they broke. :-( I haven’t spent more than $20 or $30 on a pair since. These look really cool though! Super trendy!

  258. Ashley says

    I adore sunglasses but have only better cheap ones from Marshalls or TJ Maxx! I could use a new pair for this summer!

  259. Stephanie S. says

    I’ve never owned an expensive pair of sunglasses either! Although it seems like summer might never come (I live in Ohio), I know I would appreciate these in a few months!

  260. Leah T says

    OOOH! I love sunglasses, but I’ve never splurged on a pair. I go for the cheap brands and A LOT of them :) This would be great to win!

  261. Michelle says

    I love so many of them! And I’m just like you…too afraid to buy sunglasses more than $15. These would be such a treat…I love your Dior ones!

  262. Alexandra C says

    I love sunglasses! I wear them pretty much every single day as it gets super sunny where I live on the beach in Florida! Great giveaway thanks Courtney!

  263. Sylvia Lopez says

    I love wearing sunglasses! I think they are the perfect complement to any style. It’s a shame I don’t get to wear them that often with this gloomy British weather..

  264. Lydia says

    I love sunglasses and pretty much can’t live without them year round! This would be so nice to win because as a new mom who stays at home, I never buy myself anything nice anymore, and certainly not nice sunglasses like this! I really like the ones you bought.

  265. Claire Smith says

    I can never hold on to a pair of cheapo shades very long. It would be nice to finally have a high-quality pair!