Life Lately (with a Newborn)

Well, as expected, I’ve been a bit preoccupied the past couple of days! Being a new mom is a busy, busy job, absolutely my top priority, and is just incredible.

I cannot even begin to express the joy and happiness that our new little Lucas brings us.


The day after Lucas was born.

So what has life been like lately? Well, there’s a whole lot of adjusting and learning, plenty of laughs, plenty of tears (hello, hormones), plenty of second guessing, and PLENTY of sitting and just staring at this little face.


There’s diaper and onesie changes galore, leaky boobs (hey, it’s the truth…and it’s umm, interesting!, meals eaten mindlessly and so many generous, wonderful visitors.

Cody is still not quite sure what to think of the little guy and it cracks us up.

As the days have gone on, he seems to make is way just a little bit closer each day. At first, anytime Lucas so much as moved a finger, Cody would jump back with his tail huge, getting all skittish. Now, he’s starting to get pretty curious about whatever this new “thing” is in his territory.

I love it.

So yes, things around here are busy, a little hectic and are nothing short of absolutely wonderful. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to express just how amazing it feels to be a mom, and honestly, most of the time it still doesn’t even seem real.


But then I just get one look at this face and I realize, it’s definitely real.


And we are just so, so blessed. Smile