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Hi friends! I have a fun little post to share with you today…I recently teamed up with Fab to bring you a little roundup of some of my favorite kitchen products found on Fab.

So what is Fab? Well, it’s a design-curated shop, featuring unique, modern, quirky, and quality design products. They offer a wide range of designer items that can fit the tastes of a wide range of people, which is really easy to see basically after just looking at the home page. There’s SO much cute stuff!

But today, I decided to really just focus on one room of the home…the kitchen. So here’s a look at some of my favorites I was able to find on Fab.

1. Macaron Baking Set – I have a lot of people ask me what I use to decorate my cupcakes (even though I haven’t made any in quite a while now) and this kit is almost identical to the one that I own. I love it!

2. Stuffed Pancake Pan – I mean, really. Who doesn’t love pancakes? And if they’re stuffed? Gimme gimme gimme. This would be perfect for a nice weekend breakfast.

3. Groovy Popsicle Molds – All summer long, I told myself I was going to search for and purchase popsicle molds so I could make some of the adorable and delicious looking ones I was seeing all over Pinterest. Guess who never bought her popsicle molds though? Well, that is, until now…

4. Gelato Ice Cream Cups – It’s no secret to you guys…I like my ice cream and frozen treats. I love the fun, bright color on these cups (they come in other colors too), making my ice cream eating even that much more fabulous.

5. Nest Measuring Cups – I’m all about saving space in the kitchen, so having a set of measuring cups that can fit right in one another is perfect. And again, loving on the bright colors.

6. Porcelain Ramekin Set – I actually use ramekins for SO much in the kitchen. Sometimes, they’re the perfect dessert cup. Other times, they’re perfect for cooking and baking. They really are super versatile and probably one of my more commonly used items in the ol’ kitchen.

7. Table Grill – I can’t tell you guys how often we use our tabletop grill. Although ours is slightly different from this one, it’s definitely a lifesaver for those nights when we need something cooked up quick. I love how this grill has both the grill side AND a griddle section…pancakes and turkey bacon, anyone?

8. The Good The Bad PB 2 Pack – Whenever there’s a “food” section on a website, I’m immediately drawn to it. What can I say? But THIS mix? Wow…caramel corn drenched with a blend of white chocolate and peanut butter, tossed with peanuts, cashews, and pretzels, drizzled with white chocolate, and lightly dusted with sea salt flakes. Sign. Me. UP.


Fab’s Smile Guarantee also helps make shopping easy…

  • Free returns always
  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Price match within 14 days
  • If you’re not happy with it, they’ll return it. No questions asked.

You can register for a free account with Fab and receive updates for Fab’s newest sales. Oh, and as a heads up…the Kitchen and Tabletop Clearance is going on this week on Fab, so be sure to check it out!

Disclaimer: This post is in partnership with Fab.


  1. Sara says

    Fab needs to spread out their sponsored posts amongst bloggers. This is like the 5th one from a blogger I’ve read about their kitchen stuff in a week. Reaaalllly getting old. And fake. :/

    • Carrie says

      Agreed. Also, don’t bloggers have to note where there’s an affiliate link so readers know that they are putting credit/money back in the bloggers pocket?

      • Courtney says

        You’re totally right Carrie. There’s supposed to be a disclaimer at the bottom of my post but I must have erased it out of my latest draft. Thank you so much for mentioning that…going to add that now.

    • Courtney says

      That’s really disappointing to read. I didn’t realize here were so many other posts going up at the same time. Otherwise I would have reconsidered the offer because, I agree, I’m not a fan of when a bunch of bloggers promote the same thing at the same time. Thanks so much for being honest…it’s appreciated!

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