Fun Facts Friday {11/28}

1. Happy Black Friday to you all! Just in case I wasn’t aware, opening up my inbox would have quickly solved that. Holy email overload.

2. I did not, nor do I plan on partaking in any Black Friday shopping. Call me crazy, but I just don’t get that rush from being stampeded by a bunch of huge crowds at the crack of dawn. Granted, I was still up at the crack of dawn, since a certain someone had quite the #2 blow out…but then he let us sleep in until 8:30 this morning. Eight freakin thirty. Halleluiah.

3. Lucas turned four months on Wednesday. How is that possible?


Consensus is that he’s starting to get my eyes. And if there’s anyone who would like to agree with that, then I will love you forever. I’m hoping to put together his monthly recap sometime this weekend while it’s still fresh in the ol’ noggin.

4. For those of you who may be looking for some handmade gifts to give for Christmas (or just for yourself!), I’ve got to tell you about my friend, Nancy. She just started here own site, njg designs, selling beautiful, hand-knit women and men’s scarfs, gloves, socks, blankets, baby clothes and special occasion items.

And from now through Cyber Monday, she’s having a special Black Friday deal, so be sure to check it out.

5. To all of my friends here in the U.S., Happy belated Thanksgiving! And to those of you who celebrate, Happy Hanukkah to you, too! Or should I say, Happy Thansgivukkah? I hope you all had a wonderful day filled with family and friends, and all sorts of delicious food.

6. Our Thanksgiving was just awesome. Honestly, I was sort of worried with Lucas being out all day and becoming a cranky pants, but he did so, so great.



I’ll be sure to give a full recap on Monday when I’ve got a little more time.

7. FYI: I still have no heard from the winners of both the Reebok Custom Shoe Giveaway AND the Custom Ornament Giveaway. Be sure to check out the linked posts here to see whether or not it was you!

8. Today’s Fun Facts is a short one since both Jay and I are off and today is the day to put up the Christmas tree! I can’t wait to see Lucas’s face once it’s all lit up. Smile

Have a wonderful day and a great weekend, everyone!


  1. says

    I will not be shopping on Black Friday either! I have no desire whatsoever to fight the crowds. I’d much rather do my shopping online. So much easier that way! So glad you all had a nice Thanksgiving! I can’t believe it’s already over. The day flew by so quickly!

    Have a great weekend!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..Drool Worthy Pins #4

  2. says

    I am definitely not a black Friday person – online shopping is alright that day, but going into the stores is just madness! Way too stressful and crazy for me haha!

    He is totally getting your eyes!! You both have obvious almond-shaped eyes that are so gorgeous (and handsome too 😉 ).
    Heather @ Health, Happiness, and Hope recently posted..Just What I Needed

  3. Jennifer Rowe says

    I know what you mean about Black Friday – this year, I am sticking to online deals!!

    I also just sent you an email about the ornament (I hadn’t realized that I won – I’m so excited-this is the first giveaway I’ve ever one and the ornament will be so special to our family!!).

  4. says

    Love the family pic! So sweet :)
    I’m with you (and apparently all the other commenters) regarding Black Friday. Not my thing. I’d rather pay a little more money and shop in peace then deal with the mayhem. I was actually reading on the news about some ridiculous fist fights and human trampling that happened on Friday morning in the States and it honestly makes me sick. Seems so wrong that people can go from being thankful one day to threatening someone’s life over a $20 blender.
    Have a wonderful weekend putting up your tree and getting into the Christmas spirit! It will be our first Christmas with our little guy as well, and I am so excited for it :)
    Kelly @ Femme Fitale recently posted..November Favourites

  5. Amy says

    Hello Courtney,
    Oh, My Goodness!! I guess I am the winner of the Reebok Custom Shoe Giveaway!! I have been out for about a week (visiting family) and JUST now am getting caught up on my Blogs! I’m SO SORRY that it took me forever to respond to you!


    I’m recently going through some financial strains, and will use all I have to purchase things for friends/family, but had planned on scrimping more on myself for the past 2 months (getting things that I only REALLY need for myself). Well, my current pair of running shoes have holes in them, but were still “decent” for cushioning/stability, but I’ve been “risking it” a bit b/c I know that worn-out shoes can spell foreboding injuries.

    So, I’m super excited I won this Gift Card!

    Here is my email address…

    Let me know what I need to do (do you snail mail it to me, or email it to me)?

    Thank you so much!

  6. says

    Your little guy is just the cutest! I agree, he’s definitely starting to look like the both of you – especially the eyes! At first he looked completely like his dad…I wonder who he’ll look like 4 months from now? 😉

    It sounds like you three had a wonderful holiday!
    Olivia @ Liv Lives Life recently posted..Thanksgiving Survey

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