Weekend Highlights & Lucas’s Baptism {1/27}

Happy Monday to you all! After such a great weekend (much better than last weekend) I’m really sad to see it come to an end. Needless to say, getting up this morning for work was definitely not fun. But rather than dwell on the Monday blues, I’d much rather recap some highlights from the weekend!

Starting with a Friday night in with my two best boys. Take out Panera for the adults (BBQ Chicken salad + turkey chili…omg YUM) for the adults; peas + apples for the babe.


There wasn’t a whole lot more happening on Friday…pretty sure I was asleep not long after 9pm. No shame.

Saturday morning included an insane workout and I loved every. single. minute. of it.

I was recently sent this R.I.P.P.E.D. DVD to try out and WOW, it was crazy. It’s 48 minutes long and includes resistance, intervals, power, plyometrics, endurance, abs, and a cool down. I will definitely be doing this one again in the near future!

Oh, and post workout scrambled eggs + cheese + ketchup is always a highlight, too.


Later that afternoon, Jay had to go out for a little while so that meant Mommy & Lucas time. No complaining from this mama.


At one point, I grabbed myself a banana to snack on, but somebody else had other plans for it…


While we usually do purees with him, I have no problem with him trying out something like a banana in its regular form. As you can tell, he thoroughly enjoyed it for a while.

Sunday morning started out with a favorite…pancakes!

I was recently sent these flapJacked protein pancake mixes to try out and, honestly, I was a little skeptical about ‘em. Point being, I know plenty of you love your protein “pancakes” but I’m sorry…egg whites + protein powder + a banana (or something of the like) is not a pancake. It may look like one but it does not taste like one (at least not from what I’ve experienced!).


But anywho…I was thrilled when I discovered that this mix does not taste at all funky and they really DO taste like delicious pancakes. I topped mine with some Justin’s vanilla almond butter, banana slices, and a drizzle of maple syrup.


Another perk of ‘em? They kept me full for a good five hours, which was good since we had a busy afternoon…

It was Lucas’s baptism!



Lucas did absolutely amazing the entire time and was so calm and chill. Father Butler (who is actually my mom’s cousin) even wound up taking him for part of the service and he just hung out with him, taking it all in. It was totally one of those ‘proud mama’ moments.



Jay and I had my brother, Dan, and our cousin and BFF, Sarah, stand up with us as Lucas’s godparents, and it meant so much to us to have them there on his special day.


After the baptism, we invited the grandparents and godparents back to the house for some lunch, where we all feasted on lots of goodies. I made salad and BBQ Pulled Chicken with mini slider rolls; my mom made some baked ziti and kielbasa and pineapple.


Seriously…so much good food.

But, of course, we had to save room for dessert! Now you guys know (although it’s been quite a while) that I’m usually more of a cupcake baker), but I decided I really wanted to attempt to make my own cake for Lucas’s baptism.


So I made a scratch vanilla cake with strawberry filling, and my favorite vanilla buttercream frosting, and then I had a little fun with the decorations. Winking smile


Thankfully, it turned out delicious and everyone really seemed to enjoy it, so I was happy with that.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly low key and everyone just hung around for a couple of hours before calling it a day.


Oh, I love those boys. <3

So yeah, I’d say it was a pretty great, and pretty special weekend over here. Smile

How was your weekend?? Do anything fun?


  1. Carol T. says


    What a beautiful ceremony…. you are very blessed with your family and wonderful friends. The cake look great, would love to have a piece of it… you are one talented lady.

    Have a great week… try to stay warm. Us Upstate New Yorkers are getting snow again!!!

  2. says

    You should try the food nets – http://www.amazon.com/Munchkin-Pack-Fresh-Feeder-Colors/dp/B000GK5XY2

    We had these and put bananas in them all the time. You can also put other fruit in them, but we did not really try too much.

    Beautiful photos at the baptism – a friend of mine took photos of ours with my camera and though the focusing click was the camera taking a photo. It was not so we did not get a lot of photos from his baptism. Oops.
    I love your dress!
    Ash Z @ Ash’s Right Direction recently posted..Weekend Shenanigans

  3. Amanda says

    I LOVE those flapjacked pancakes! I’m not usually a protein pancake fan either but these do it for me.

    Sweet pictures. :)

  4. says

    Glad this weekend was much better then last weekend. You’re truely blessed with such a sweet baby, he’s Gods angel. The cake looked professional, great job. I hear bananas are good for babies who are teething, b/c they like to rub their gums with it. Plus it’s good for them so it’s a win win!
    Melissa @ for love and travel recently posted..Crockpot Orange Chicken

  5. says

    The workout sounds reaaaally good! The cake looks delicious and your little guy did so well on the baptism, that’s definitively a highlight!
    My hoghlight was to experience my first vegetarian bbq that went really good 😀 Have a nive week!
    Jess recently posted..My First Vegetarian BBQ

  6. Andrea says

    Looks beautiful, great job with the cake!

    And Sarah if you check these comments you look beautiful, it was great catching up with you Saturday night…. Like I said, you’re quite a celeb in my eyes being on this blog!

    Courtney – I obnoxiously asked Sarah questions about you when I recognized her from your blog at a party Sat night…. She had such nice things to say, what a great friend! 

    • Sarah says

      Hi Andrea,

      Courtney texted me to look at the comments! Thank you for your sweet message!!! I actually was telling Courtney about you yesterday and how nice you are! It was great seeing you on Saturday and hope to see you again at the next Pinkel party!

  7. says

    Aww he likes banana just like mommy!!! And your hair looks beautiful!!! I had the blessing to visit Arizona because my in laws are there right now~had an amazing surprise 60th for my mother in law and lots of time with family. Y
    Thank goodness our little one (7mobths) has been doing well! 😀 pheww
    Ellie recently posted..Armpit Target Circuit Vlog+Thinking out Loud

    • Courtney says

      I’d definitely say different, although it does incorporate some sections (power, plyometrics) that are similar to T25. This one also has a section that incorporates weights, and the overall formal is just a bit different (and longer in length).

  8. says

    oh what a fun weekend indeed! I love protein pancakes that are made with egg whites, oatmeal and bananas. They are delicious city!

    You son is delicious! I can’t believe how fast the time passes. My daughter was that little what felt like a second ago and now she is 14 months and can mumble something that sounds like banana. Enjoy every second of it!
    Sanaz@Run for Cake recently posted..Weekend wedding recap

  9. Nicole says

    GREAT job with the cake! You have quite a talent!! :)

    Love the pic. at the end of all the dudes just chillin on the couch. Too cute!

    Hope you survive the week ahead! It’s Superbowl weekend comin’ up – I hope you have some fun planned!! 😀

  10. says

    Great job on the cake and little Lucas looks so precious especially in his happy baby photo! And it looks like we have a young nanner lover on our hands, adorable. I will keep that RIPPED DVD in mind. It’s always hard for me to find a DVD that gives me a really intense workout.

  11. Nala says

    Congratulations on Lucas’s Baptism! I’m glad he was good boy, I think maybe he was just fascinated with what was going on. I love his baptism outfit – very cute. My weekend was pretty cool I got to do my first 5K ever – the Hot Chocolate Race and it was exhilarating!

    • Courtney says

      Sort of…it’s a cable knit onesie I found on Amazon! About half the price of the other suits we were looking at…they’re SO expensive!


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