Fun Facts Friday {2/7}

1. There’s nothing like the feeling of a fresh grocery shop and loading up on lots of fruits and veggies. It took me almost two weeks to make it grocery shopping so by the time I went yesterday, we were definitely in need of quite a bit of produce.


2. Over the past four days, I’ve ran 7 miles (4 on Tuesday, 3 yesterday) and done two T25 workouts. I am feeling on top of the world! But holy sore calves…seriously, the calves. Yikes.

3. This week I decided to try one of those mesh feeder things with Lucas. I put in some honeydew melon, not sure whether or not he’d take to it…but he looooooved it! I have never seen a piece of honeydew melon dissolve so quickly. 😉


4. We had special visitors last night…Joe, Kate, and baby Samantha!


Samantha is just over a month old and is SUCH a little peanut next to our big guy. It’s crazy to think he was ever that small… ::tear::


Those two are gonna be best buds some day (that is, if their daddies have anything to say about it!).

5. This weekend, Jay and I are going to start looking around and planning for the total remodel of our bathroom. Ever since we moved into our house (over 5 years ago?!) we’ve had grand plans of totally redoing the kitchen (which is DONE!) and getting rid of our lovely sea foam green tub and toilet (oh grandma and grandpa, what were you guys thinking back then?!). I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am for this!

6. I listened to Dr. Oz this morning on KISS FM on my way into work. I always find him fascinating because he just seems like such a wealth of knowledge…but damn him for telling me that carbs are the enemy. That probably means he wouldn’t approve of the takeout we all had for dinner last night…


7. Jay shared this recipe with me yesterday for Apple Pie Fries.

Yes, apple pie fries. Are you kidding me?!? And they actually don’t seem that difficult to make either. I’m totally intrigued.

8. Thanks to everyone who entered the Name Bubbles Giveaway! The luck winner is: Entry #33, Amanda!

Amanda – I’m having this baby and would LOVE to have these before I send him/her off to daycare. I’d have to see what I’m having before I customize it, but i LOVE how different they all look!

9. Do you guys celebrate Valentine’s Day? It’s not really our thing to go all elaborate and spend a bunch of money on overpriced flowers and whatnot. We do, however, usually like to do something special at home like dinner, champagne, and dessert. I’ll have to see what we can come up with this year.

10. Ten points to anyone who can guess what beverage I’m currently sipping on right now. 😉

Happy FRIDAY, friends! Have a great day and a fabulous weekend.



  1. says

    I’m going to guess some sort of DD coffee?! I think your favorite is a caramel something, but I don’t exactly remember. 😉

    Yay for a bathroom remodel! Home projects are so fun to me.

    We don’t go all out for Valentine’s Day either. We typically do something similar to you guys – nice dinner at home with no crazy gifts. This year won’t be any different, and I don’t mind one bit!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..Bits & Pieces of Ashley: The Crock Pot

  2. laura says

    After learning of the dangers of bad carbs such as wheat, flour, gluten, ect., I thought my life was over but I’ve been grain free for a year now and I haven’t felt better! I added in a lot of healthy fats such as coconut oil, grass fed butter and animal fat and I can honestly say that I don’t miss the breads.
    On another note, hubby and I celebrate Valentines Day at home as well. We used to go out to eat but since having children, we’d rather spend it at home with them

  3. says

    HAHAH carbs is the enemy. I love carbs! I’ve been told I need to give it up but it is just SO difficult.
    Good luck with the remodel for the bathroom. Remodeling can be very stressful but it really is fun and you get to make it how YOU want it!
    Little Lucas and his new best friend are so cute together! Yay for baby play dates :)

  4. says

    Sore calves are SO painful! I went to this sculpting class once and we did like a million calf raises and by the next day, my calves were so bad, I could barely walk. It was like that for 3 days. Ouch!

    Aw, baby Samantha is so adorable! She does look so tiny next to Lucas!

    House remodels are so much fun! We just remodeled our kitchen. It took longer than expected, but was so worth it!
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted..NuNaturals Giveaway WINNERS

  5. says

    I’m a firm believer in celebrating everyone you love on Valentine’s Day, NOT just your SO (Bad experiences with melodramatic people in college. YIKES!). I’m currently single, but living with family, so we’re going to do something we haven’t done since I was a kid for V-Day: Chez Martin. A themed dinner and a movie. I found a recipe for Sour Cream Red Velvet Bundt Cake with Chocolate and Vanilla Glazes on, that I want to make, so now we’re trying to iron out the rest of the details. :)
    And I’m guessing you’re going with that new caramel latte thing from Starbucks, which I really need to try. Maybe tomorrow, since I have to work. :)
    Beks recently posted..All I can think about

  6. says

    Yay on the workouts and your takeout looks amazing! I say you only live once and you might as well eat the food you like (in moderation). It seems like you have been eating really healthy, lots of fruits and veggies so I think you are fine.

    Question, do you ever have pelvic pain after running? I had my baby back in June and sometimes after longer runs or fast runs I experience a little pelvic pain the next day. I read an interesting article about your pelvis after childbirth and I was curious to see if another running mama experienced this pain.

    Here is the article incase anyone is interested.

    – Lauren
    Lauren recently posted..What’s Going On

    • Courtney says

      Now that you mention it, I actually did notice that I had some a few months post-partum, but I don’t experience that anymore.

  7. Stacey M. says

    Have to agree with you … there’s nothing more refreshing than stocking up on fresh produce. It just makes you want to eat better which is always an awesome feeling.

    Great job on the workout front … looks like you’re getting back into a fitness routine pretty well and I can imagine how difficult that must be with a young child. I’ve been hitting the gym all week and my body is just *tired* now. For some reason, I always think I need to push myself to my absolute limit EVERY time I go there … no wonder I’m just done with it by Thursday night.

    YES to the bathroom redesign, and LOL to the sea-foam tub! I’m so glad we don’t live in that era anymore – I mean, how awful a color for a bathtub?! Anyway, good luck on your remodel – I know how time-consuming and (sometimes) costly these things can be, but it’s sooooo nice when it’s complete. I’d love to redo both of my bathrooms but I know how much it will take out of me (with respect to energy and money)!

    Have a great weekend Courtney!

  8. Michele says

    Mesh feeders are amazing. When my niece was teething, we would give her frozen fruits in the mesh feeder. She LOVED it.

  9. says

    I’m not the biggest fan of Dr. Oz – he’s too quick to promote ‘the next big thing’ in fat loss, and I’m sorry , but I don’t think that raspberry ketones or green tea pills or whatever crazy things he likes to promote are going to make some sort of miraculous difference. And I’m a huge believer in bio-individuality, so I don’t agree with stating that everyone should restrict carbs – some people do better on a low carb diet, for others it’s pure misery (I’m in the latter group, for sure).
    Sam @ Better With Sprinkles recently posted..Five Things Friday 02/07/14.

  10. says

    Carbsss are bad for who? for Dr. Oz, oh I guess he misses the fun of bread, and pastas! Personally I know we need carbs, proteins and fats, everything in balance. Besides, after a workout, for example, your muscles need more carbs than protein! They are the source of energy of our body. Ok I won’t get my personal trainer out, and I’m not Dr. Oz, but basically carbs are good for everyone, sure it depends on what type of carbs you are eating;)

    Oh and that dinner just made me hungry!! 😉
    Jess @dearhealthyness recently posted..Positive Thoughts

  11. says

    Lucas is so adorable!! Keith and I want to redo our kitchen so badly but then we figured we’d just move! Ha! So we’re getting that process started.

  12. says

    Carbalicious! :) Everything in balance right, you only live once sure! I’m not big in to Valentines especially seen as I’m single at the moment but if some hunk decided they wanted to wine and dine me I wouldn’t say no! So cool your friend just had a baby too! The kiddo’s will be besties !

  13. says

    I was going to say wine until I realized you posted this in the morning bahaha & its Coffee friday so Im going to go with some form of DD? & I think Dr.Oz is cray-zay for saying carbs are the enemy; even if they were you can bet Im still going to eat them!
    Lyric recently posted..Crab and Halibut Dip

  14. says

    Ugh. Dr. Oz. I think he is a great doctor, but I am not a fan of his. I think he wants you to think he’s a wealth of knowledge, but he’s not and there have been more than a few times that he’s just wrong. The only thing I can imagine he was saying about carbs being bad is maybe because they’ve found is that processed, high-sugar type carbs may drive cancer cells.

    But seriously. He did a segment on how your knees age. Need I say more?
    Stephanie @ Whole Health Dork recently posted..Friday Favorite: Greatist’s Parcel Box + Mini Giveaway

  15. Nala-S says

    Congratulations on your workouts this week!! It is a good feeling when you get some in =) Those apple fries look delicious – I can’t wait to try them!

  16. kristina says

    i gave up carbs when i went PALEO a year and half ago..and its rare that i crave them…chocolate on the other hand..

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