Signs of Summer

This morning’s BodyPump class was so great!!  Before leaving, I quick grabbed 1/2 an Arnold Sandwich thin spread with a yummy smear of Maple PB.  YUM!

The instructor decided to mix up some of the tracks, so we got to do some oldies but goodies.  Some of my faves were “Summer of ’69” for the squat track, and “Right Round” for chest. :)  I love when the switch up the tracks, not only because the new music gets me pumped (no pun intended, ;) ) but the routine is totally different too.  Before class, I also did a quick 15 minutes on the elliptical while catching up on my Self magazine.

After Pump, I stopped and picked up some iced coffees for me & hubby from my FAVORITE place, Flavour Cafe.  I’m telling you, BEST coffee around here! :-D

I went with a new, “summery” flavor today – Blueberry.  It was surprisingly VERY blueberry-ish, but in a good way. ;)  I really liked it!  I got Jay mudslide, which I knew was one of his faves.  He was pleasantly surprised when he got it.

I was in charge of breakfast and Jay requested an omelet, but I really wasn’t in the mood for eggs this morning, so it was another His & Hers meal.  However, in the end, I wish I had his breakfast…

Rewind back to my decision to make…protein pancakes.  I’ve seen them around the blog world before from Julie & Gina, and they always look and sound SO tasty, so I figured I’d give it a shot.  To me, it’s hard to have a pancake “substitute” but I was willing to expand my horizons.

Well, my recipe was not that great, and my horizons were not happily expanded…

I was limited in ingredients & time, so I wanted one that would be quick and easy.  Mine was a combo of cottage cheese, egg whites, & chocolate whey protein powder.

I think part 1 of my problem is that I do not own an immersion blender (*NOTE TO SELF: Purchase this at Macy’s with your gift card, STAT!) so things didn’t get as “happy” as I’d have liked.

Part 2 was that they were way too liquidy for me…if I’m having pancakes, I like ‘em light and puffy! :-D

I was feelin’ pretty skeptical from the minute they hit the griddle, but I hate wasting food, so I kept going with it and decided to make the most of ‘em.  I topped them off with some sliced banana, a drizzle of sugar-free maple syrup, and a tiny blob of PB.

Needless to say, I’m not going to bother giving you measurements because I probably won’t be making these again…I guess I just don’t have the “protein pancake touch” – either that, or I just need to find the right recipe! ;)

After my ho-hum breakfast, it was time to help Jay outside – today was “Uncover the Pool” day!!  YIPPEE!!! 8-)  Summer is actually on its way!  It’s pretty much one of my first, and favorite, signs that summer is actually on its way.  Some other signs of summer for me:

-the ice cream truck’s tunes in the background

-softball starting


-allergies (BOO!)

-the sound of fans humming throughout the whole house

We had a little friend to greet us once we pulled the cover back…hello froggy!

It’s always a little nerve-racking to see what it’s going to look like once you pull that cover back.  Luckily, things are looking in tip-top shape!  I can deal with a few leaves & frogs. ;)

I LOVE having this pool!  In case you missed it before, the house that Jay and I bought last month (and are living in now) is actually my grandparents old house.  So I have been coming to this house all my life.  One of my favorite memories of this place was when my parents, brother, and I would come to visit Grandma & Grandpa on weekends.  During the summer, we would be out by the pool ALL DAY – my brother and I would do our diving & cannonball contests, and we were basically water-logged by when it was finally time to leave.  Usually the only way you could get us out was to lure us with food – and one of favorite snacks was (ready for this?) ring bologna!  My Grandpa would sit and cut it into little slices and we’d top it with Ritz crackers.  It was SO GOOD back then :-D

So of course, it’s such a privilege to be able to have this pool with so many memories and call it “ours” now. :)

While we were out working on things, somebody was feeling a little bit neglected and was being QUITE noisy…

“C’mon, Mom.  Just let me play with the frogs…”

“I know I can escape somehow!”

He’s such a stinkin’ cutie! :-D

SO, I have 2 questions for you all today!

1. What are YOUR favorite signs of summer??

2. Do you  have a protein pancake recipe that you would recommend?? :)