Why I Work Out With Soup Cans

I just love trying out new workouts…especially when the kick my butt in unexpected ways!


A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from the folks at Barre3, inviting me to try out their newly launched online program, mybarre3. If you’ve never heard of a barre class before, it’s basically a combination of yoga, Pilates, ballet barre work and some other balancing work which is said to help lengthen and strengthen the entire body.

At the time, I hadn’t yet come up with the June Yoga Challenge, but now that I’m fully immersed in that, I knew I had to give these online videos a shot.

Since my new laptop is HDMI capable(?) I was able to hook it up to our regular TV, which was great.

I then got all of my equipment ready: yoga mat, Core Ball, and…soup cans?


Yes, my friends. I worked out with soup cans today. Jay happened to stop home quickly this morning from work and one of his first, immediate responses was, “why are there soup cans on the floor in the living room?”

Well, that would be because they were the closest things to 1-pound weights I could quickly find before starting the workout.


It’s recommended for women to use 1-2 pound dumbbells with the barre workout videos, and the lightest pair I own are 5lbs, so I figured this would do. They weren’t quite a pound, but they worked in a pinch. As Jay said, “improvise, adapt, and overcome.” Winking smile

As for my workouts of choice today, I chose (1) 30 minute + (1) 10 minute routine (I love the fact that they offer different lengths: 10, 30, 40, and 60 minute options):

Both of the videos were challenging in their own way; the 30-minute video had my legs and butt screaming. Seriously. The burn was almost as bad as that class I took back in February.

I’m really curious to try out some of the other videos now and see what they’re all about!


Once I finished killing my backside, I showered up and put together a little lunch, which was enjoyed al fresco today.


This meal was put together in no time, thanks to a couple little freezer friends of mine.


I paired a crumbled Boca burger with the white bean/yellow carrot/spinach mixture and topped it all with some crumbled feta.


Done in less than five minutes, and delicious to boot.


Gotta love that!

Question for the Afternoon:

What are some different ways that you’ve adapted a workout that may be considered “unconventional?” (i.e., soup cans!)