Dan’s birthday

A Very Important Shout Out

by Courtney on December 14, 2011


Before I get into anything about my morning, I have a very important shout out to give, for a very important person. SOMEbody is getting old today, turning the ripe old age of 24… Last year, I got all sorts of sappy on him, so this year I think I’ll just keep it simple. He’s […]


23 Years Ago…

by Courtney on December 14, 2010


Man, I am a lucky girl! I got to have another delicious, home-cooked meal tonight, courtesy of mi Madre! Homemade chicken parm + shells with homemade sauce. Mmmm mmm GOOD. Tonight’s dinner wasn’t just any dinner though…today is actually a very important day for somebody special in my life! It’s my brother’s BIRTHDAY!!! I can’t […]