Frugal, Yes. Dangerous, Definitely.

Not gonna lie…I’m a weeee bit excited about dinner tonight.

I just finished doing a bunch of prep work so by the time our guests arrive, all I’ll have to do is throw it in the oven. I swear, that is like, the best way to entertain in my book.


Do you guys recognize what’s up there on the left?? Ooooo boy, am I excited for later. Smile


Of course, I managed to forget one item at the store yesterday so I had to head back out again this afternoon. Thank goodness I did though because, my gosh, it is a beautiful day out there today.


But good lord that’s a lot of leaves.


Blech. I hate raking leaves. <—And I forgot how funny the end of that post was. Winking smile

As far as eats go around here today, I’ve been doing a whole lot of snacking…thanks to my decision to make some homemade trail mix.

Why. Do. I. Do. This. To. Myself.?


While I was at Target yesterday, I was *this close* to buying a bag but then I kept thinking, “well, I have those at home, and those, and…” so I nixed the purchase and decided to make my own. Frugal, yes. Dangerous, definitely.

I used a bag of mixed nuts that came in one of my bags from this month’s Nature Box, some extra almonds and cashews, a mini bag of pistachios (which I found lying around randomly in the pantry), dried cranberries, raisins, and some Love Grown Foods granola. It’s suuuuper good you guys. Super good.

Luckily, I have managed to throw a few other nutrients in there other than mixed nuts and dried fruit.


This afternoon I made a “salad without the lettuce,” (aka, a bowl of veggies) with a mini cucumber, grape tomatoes, baby carrots, avocado, feta cheese, and hummus. Sort of random but it tasted great.

I also snacked on another one of Chelsey’s granola bars while putting together tonight’s dinner. Mannnn, these things are good!


Now I’ve got to finish up cleaning a bit around the house and change out of these cozies before our friends arrive.

Catch ya later, gators!

Surprise Visitors

Man, surprises are happening all over the place – I love it!

First we had Kathryn’s big surprise last night; now today, Jay and I were lucky enough to get some surprise visitors…


Mi familia! Open-mouthed smile

Turns out, they actually came at pretty much the perfect time, on the perfect day, because I was just taking dinner out of the oven when they arrived, and I had more than enough to feed everyone. YAY for dinner guests!


Earlier today, I was skimming through some of my dinner recipes to try and get an idea on what to make for dinner. Originally, I thought it’d be a good idea to make a bigger meal that would give us plenty of leftovers for during the week so I went with an old favorite, the Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole. Even though we don’t have any leftovers, I’m still totally glad I made it.


On the side, we had some fresh garlic steamed green beans, but since there wasn’t enough of those for everyone, I quickly cooked up a can of peas.


My family loves their peas…and their casseroles, too. Smile


We all ate in the living room since our kitchen table is a little too tiny (yeah, Thanksgiving will be interesting…) and even had it a full family-affair once Cody decided to come and grace us with his presence.


He was obviously totally annoyed by tonight’s surprise company. Winking smile


Shortly after dinner, it was time to dig into dessert which I have been waiting alllll afternoon for. Oh yes, there was a little baking happening in the kitchen today…

cranberry apple crisp

I have been craving my favorite Apple Crisp recipe ever since I last posted about it, so today was finally the day to make it happen. I switched things up a bit by adding in about 3/4 of a bag of fresh cranberries to my original recipe to make for a decadent Cranberry Apple Crisp.


And of course, you can’t have apple crisp without a little vanilla ice cream on top now, am I right?


I am in my glory right now.

Question for the Evening:

Did you have any surprises of your own this weekend?