Burger & Beer

After a long, sun-filled afternoon spent on the beach, we all decided there was only one way to come back and recuperate…


With some frozen drinks, of course! My parents may have forgotten the cups, but the hotel had us covered. And they also made sure not to forget the fancy umbrellas!


Now I know I’m on vacation. Winking smile


After enjoying our frozen beverages and showering up, we all decided to head out for dinner at the 11th Street Taphouse Bar & Grille.


One of the main things that caught my attention for this place, after perusing through the Visitors Guide and getting a few recommendations from Twitter, was the extensive draft beer menu.


While Jay decided on a big ‘ol Blue moon, I opted for a pint of their seasonal special draft beer, Nude Beach.


I must say, this beer was great. It was light, with a slight hint of citrus and wheat and, well, I obviously loved it.


I was also loving the sweet patio spot we scored…talk about a great view on a beautiful night.


Oh, woops. Sorry, I meant this view. Winking smile


Oh alright, that was mean. I’m just kidding. Smile

Besides…I am, in fact, spending the week with my two favorite guys ever (which was also brought to my attention tonight…while Cody is still my favorite, he is not a man…he is a feline. So don’t worry Dad, you haven’t lost your spot.)


Me & Mom


To start, we decided to get some wings to share. I’m usually not huge on wings, but hey, I’m on vacation. I’ll give ‘em a go. I tried two of the Honey BBQ wings (pictured left) and I enjoyed the sauce so much, that I asked if I could get it on my burger.


Yep. Tonight was definitely a beer & burger kinda night. Hey…you only live once aaaaand I also rode on that darn bike this morning, so I earned it. Winking smile

I ordered just a simple burger with provolone cheese, which came with a side of fries that totally knocked my socks off.


Holy cow, they were amazing.


And the burger, while rather large, was quite delish…especially with the added honey BBQ sauce.


Hello, vacation.

Since most of us didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night with driving down here, I’m pretty sure tonight is going to be an early one. Besides, I’d rather wake up early to enjoy the gorgeous day that’s supposed to be on tap tomorrow!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend so far!

**And to my lovely friends running the Boilermaker tomorrow (Heather, Jen, Eileen, Liz, and anyone else I’m forgetting…), I wish you all the BEST of luck! I’ll be thinking of you…and make sure to have a beer for me after crossing that finish line. Smile