Foods I’m Loving Lately

I know I mentioned this previously, but lately, food has not been front and center in my mind. Nope…I guess having a (almost 4 week old?!?) newborn at home will do that to ya.

Depending on the day, my eats may not look all that exciting or healthy, but I do try my best everyday to maintain an adequate calorie intake, incorporate some color, and try to meet all of the various food groups. So even though food really isn’t my top priority these days, there are still some different things that I’ve been loving (when I get a chance to eat them).

For the past two mornings, I’ve been lovin’ me some Love Grown Foods super oats, topped with sliced bananas and almond butter.


In case you hadn’t already heard, Love Grown recently launched two new varieties of super oats and I will say that they are delicious. For a while during pregnancy there, oats just really didn’t appeal to me, but after having them the past two days, I am more than happy to have them back!

Peanut butter is another love lately but, well, that’s no secret.


For snacks, anything that’s quick to grab is a-okay in my book, and trail mix has definitely been a go-to.


I recently had the opportunity to make my own “custom mix” of trail mix from, which is actually just a few almonds and chocolate chips shy of being demolished.


For lunches and mid-afternoon snacks, there’s been a few days where I have thoroughly enjoyed a major favorite of mine, which has been off my radar for WAY too long…smoothies!


While I do have some smoothie favorites in my collection, I recently branched out a bit and tried some new ones which have all totally rocked my world. The smoothie bowl above was loaded with fresh blueberries (as if the color didn’t already give that away), but the smoothie below was even more incredible, thanks to one ingredient. Can you guess what it is?


Well if you guessed peanut butter, then you’re correct. ;)

That smoothie was sort of like a pb & j, with pb, vanilla protein powder, and fresh strawberries being the star ingredients. It was delicious, but there was another one I made with peanut butter and some cocoa powder and honestly, it tasted just like a chocolate peanut butter milkshake. It. Was. Incredible.

On Tuesday, believe it or not, I actually found the time to bake. I know, go figure, right?

I had some ripe bananas that needed to be used up so I used a slightly altered version of this banana bread recipe to make ourselves a loaf.


I’ve been enjoying at least one piece a day since and I must say that it is definitely a winner of a recipe!


So, so good. Especially when topped with a little butter or, surprise surprise, peanut butter. ;)

When it comes to after-dinner treats, I’ve been all over the board. Some days, I need something with more substance so I’ll have a mug of cereal or something like that. But for days when I really just want something a little sweet, I’ve been enjoying fruit bars, just like these Fruttare ones.


I recently had the opportunity to try out a few varieties of these fruit bars and I am loving them! The strawberry and milk ones are a bit different and creamier than the average fruit bars, so those are great for a change to switch things up a bit.


But I think my favorite are just the regular ol’ fruit bars. My particular grocery store didn’t have too many flavors besides strawberry, but I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for the mango and orange varieties. I’d be willing to bet that they’re scrumptious.


You guys know how much I love my sweet treats! And if you want a chance to try them out for yourself, just leave a comment on this post to try to win a free coupon for Fruttare! Any comment you leave will enter you to win! I’ll choose the winner tomorrow, along with the Reebok Nano giveaway….good luck!

Content provided in partnership with Fruttare.

So what kinds of foods have YOU been loving lately? Anything seasonal? Any good recipes you’ve come across? If they’re easy and require little time, feel free to share. ;)