A Reebok Fitness Experience, Part 2

Hey hey, happy Monday to you all! Did everyone have a great weekend? I know I did…especially because it included a whole lot of these two guys.

Love my boys. Smile

Here’s a quick recap of everything else that was happening this weekend…

And now, let’s finish up where we left off with Reebok!

After completing the WOD, we headed back and got ready for another training product presentation. By this point, my hunger was really starting to kick in, so I was incredibly thankful for the bags of trail mix they had available for us.


The presentation was held in yet another room that was filled with all sorts of new and upcoming products for 2013 (SO cute!!) so we couldn’t take too many photos. I did manage, however, to snag a photo of the wall full of travel workout cards.


The presentation itself included a ton of useful information on how various sneakers of theirs are designed, including the Real Flex Fusion TR and the CrossFit Nano 2.0.

The Real Flex Fusion TR, which is seen below, is a training shoe designed for natural movement with stability. I’ve used this shoe for everything from walking, to running, to strength training, and it really is a great shoe.

Our presenter explained how some of the multi-directional flex nodes on the bottom of this shoe have now been stretched (the black nodes) to allow for more natural motion as your run, jump and stretch.

The CrossFit Nano 2.0, seen below, is most often used for CrossFit, due to its low profile platform (not as much cushioning, lower to the ground). While I originally thought these shoes were really just for CrossFit, we learned that they are actually quite a versatile shoe, and are quite efficient for transitioning in workouts.

I had the chance to try on a pair while I was there and I must say that I really liked the feel of them. I’d be interested to try them out in a workout at some point (plus, they’re super cute!).

After the presentation, we split into two groups (guys and gals) for lunch and focus groups. The lunch spread was quite impressive, and included all sorts of paleo-friendly food items.


You guys know I’m not paleo, but this was one heck of a lunch! I filled up a salad with all sorts of veggies, chicken, and steak, and also included a sweet potato wedge and a paleo cookie on the side.


Everything was incredible, and I totally went back for another cookie. Winking smile

The focus group was probably one of my favorite parts of the day, because it allowed us to really share all of our honest feedback about the products, whether it be positive or negative. Most of us were in agreement on a lot of things (we love the thumbholes in the long sleeves…we like wider waistbands on pants…) and it was really cool to see how receptive they were and actually took all of our opinions into consideration.

After the focus group, we had one other running product discussion and then it was time to break for a group trail run. But since I’m not running these days, I stayed behind with a few others and had some fun browsing around in the Reebok store…so much fun!!!

As I mentioned yesterday, we were all given a bag filled with some goodies, so let me first share those with you…


My favorite out of these had to be the top. It was super flattering on, soft, cozy, and well…it even included more thumbholes. Winner.


Cody was all over that bag as soon as I unloaded it on Friday night. Winking smile


While I was in the store, I also made a few other purchases, thanks to a very generous gift card provided by Reebok.


For myself, I picked up a pair of these Heather Plush Pants, which are actually the same fleece pants as the black ones I received last month. I love them so much, I just had to get another pair!


I also bought myself this Versacool Speed Step Fleece Jacket, which I LOVE. Wore this all day yesterday, actually.


I also picked up a couple things for Jay – one he already got, but I’m saving the other for Christmas. Winking smile

WHEW! So there’s the rest of my recap from my day at Reebok on Friday. Honestly you guys, the place…the people…the products…I just love them all (and you know that I’d tell you if I felt otherwise). I am PUMPED about some of the things that they have in store for holiday 2012 and later in 2013…let’s just say that they’re going to have something for everyone.

I’ll finish up with a quick thank you to everyone who helped make our experience at Reebok a fun and successful ones; and to my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors, for making the day just that much more enjoyable!

Question for the Morning:

What sort of things do you look for in fitness apparel? (i.e., certain fabrics, waistbands, fits, length, etc…)